How to Cure a Burnt Tongue – Life Hacks

How to Heal a Burnt Tongue From Coffee

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How to Cure a Burnt Tongue – Life Hacks

For Quick Pain Relief of a Burned Tongue, use Cold Water or Milk. If you have a scorched tongue right away, rinse your mouth thoroughly with cold water. Ice to Instantly Cool a Burned Tongue. A scorched tongue can be instantly soothed by sucking on an ice cube or an ice pop. Burnt Tongue Sugar Remedy. Yogurt and Flax Seeds to Soothe a Burned Tongue.

Besides using toothpaste, you can try various home remedies, including applying aloe vera or honey to the affected area. Other effective home remedies include mint, honey, and vegetable glycerin. If you have a burnt tongue, these home remedies are a must-read. You’ll be glad you did when you see how these simple tricks can help you eliminate the discomfort.

Aloe Vera

Try applying raw aloe vera gel to the affected area to treat a burnt tongue. This remedy is effective because it soothes the burnt tongue and contains soothing properties. You can do this several times a day to get the desired result. You can also apply sugar or yogurt since they both contain soothing properties and help to reduce the pain and swelling. Aloe Vera, on the other hand, can prevent further damage to the tissues of your tongue.

Another home remedy for treating a burnt tongue is to apply sugar or powder sugar to the burnt area. You can either sprinkle the sugar on the affected area or apply the gel directly from the plant. Either of these remedies will give you the desired results. It is an excellent way to soothe the burnt area and keep it healthy. Moreover, you can also try aloe vera mouthwash.

Applying the gel to the burnt area can help reduce the time it takes to heal. Aloe is a natural healer, so you will feel comfortable immediately after applying it. Other methods include applying ice to the area, but don’t lick it! Another solution is to apply yogurt to the burned area. Yogurt has antibacterial properties and is also helpful in reducing the inflammation and pain associated with a burnt tongue.

How to Cure a Burnt Tongue - Life Hacks


There are several home remedies for burns, and honey is one of the most effective. In particular, honey is an excellent choice for burning tongues because of its antibacterial properties. It also works as a natural anti-inflammatory, helping the skin heal faster. It also relieves pain and swelling, effectively treating burnt tongues. Listed below are some of the most effective home remedies for burnt tongues.

First, you should refrain from eating or drinking anything that contains sugar. Instead, try eating foods high in dairy content, such as yogurt. The cooling effect of milk products is suitable for burnt tongues. Second, you can chew on a piece of mint or a spoonful of honey for relief. Afterward, drink lots of water to flush away all the toxins. Honey cures burnt tongues effectively. If you are unsure of the best remedy for your burnt tongue, consult a medical professional to determine what is the best treatment for your condition.

A teaspoon of sugar may relieve your burning tongue pain if you’re lucky. A teaspoonful of sugar can quickly soothe the pain and is also an excellent natural antiseptic. Drinking warm salt water several times daily can help the burn heal faster. While sugar is not suitable for your teeth, it is also delicious and soothing. Furthermore, honey is widely used in many countries as an antibacterial agent and for its healing power.


To help relieve the burning sensation on your tongue, you can apply mint toothpaste. Mint contains menthol, which numbs the burnt area and reduces inflammation. It also has antibacterial properties. Mint toothpaste should be applied to the affected area for a few minutes and then rinsed with cold water. Alternatively, you can chew mint gum or drink excellent mint tea. Both mint tea and mint gum contain soothing and cooling properties that work well for this purpose.

Another effective treatment for a burned tongue is putting sugar on the affected area. The sugar will relieve the pain by improving the taste. You can also use mint chewing gum to relieve the pain. While this treatment is simple, it should not be done by people with diabetes. People with diabetes should also avoid sugar, which can spike blood sugar levels. However, this natural remedy can be applied at home and works well for many.

Apart from applying raw aloe vera directly to the burnt area, you can also apply a few drops of honey to the affected area. Aloe vera helps heal damaged cells, soothe pain, and reduce swelling. Mint toothpaste is also another excellent remedy. Besides mint, you can also consume yogurt as it contains enzymes and good bacteria. This will help you recover from the burn faster and reduce your pain.

Vegetable glycerin

The vegetable glycerin in your mouth will help soothe the burned tissues and make your tongue moist, helping it heal quickly. You can apply this glycerin to your tongue after spitting out the hot food and then rinse with cool water. A vitamin E capsule may also be applied to the burnt tongue to soothe it and speed up the healing process.

Several studies have also suggested using honey as a natural cure for the burnt tongue. In particular, honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying a spoonful to the affected area can help ease the pain and reduce inflammation. However, you should never give this remedy to a child under the age of one year, as honey can contain toxic spores that cause infant botulism. Lastly, you can try aloe vera as a natural cure for a burnt tongue. This is a popular home remedy that has cooling and soothing effects on the damaged tissues in the tongue.

Another home remedy for a burnt tongue is drinking ice-cold water. Drinking or eating hot food may be uncomfortable, but cold water can relieve the pain and soothe the affected areas. Drinking cold liquids can also help, as they reduce the affected area’s temperature and keep your mouth hydrated. This will also help your tongue heal faster. If you are unsure whether this home remedy will work for you, consult a physician.

Ice cold water

The best cure for a burnt tongue is to try to cool it down as fast as possible. Ice chips or cold water are excellent options. Ice chips can help prevent the pain by stopping the heat from penetrating the tongue’s tissue. Cold water can also provide relief by increasing saliva production in the mouth. Saliva helps protect and heal the burned tissues of the tongue.

Another effective remedy is to numb the burnt area by putting a piece of ice on it. This will help numb the area and reduce swelling. Moreover, cold foods can help reduce pain and swelling. In addition, they also help in recovery time. In case of extreme burning of the tongue, it is recommended to swish with ice cold water. This will help the burned tongue to heal in a matter of a few days.

Besides ice chips, a mouthwash that contains honey is another effective remedy for a burning tongue. It contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce pain and swelling. However, this remedy is not safe for children below the age of twelve. Alternatively, you can try eating yogurt, a fermented milk product with cooling and soothing properties. If you do not like the taste of ice, try consuming a bit of cold yogurt instead.


Drinking a glass of milk or yogurt after eating may help ease a burnt tongue, as the cooling effect is practical for sore spots. Other remedies for burning the tongue include drinking a salt water rinse, which may reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and soothe the affected area. Be sure to consult a doctor before using any nutritional supplements. The same goes for using an over-the-counter pain reliever.

The best way to cure a burnt tongue is to avoid smoking or consuming irritants until the inflammation disappears. Drinking milk products is helpful because they coat the affected area, providing additional relief. Most burnt tongues go away in 10 to 14 days as new cells replace old ones. If the burnt tongue is a symptom of an infection, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

The cold water will soothe the burned area, so avoid eating spicy or ultra-acidic foods. Hot food and soft drinks may scratch the burned tissues, which is why cold water is an excellent remedy. Also, try to sip a glass of water after eating to remove any stuck food debris. You can also try sucking on a popsicle or eating a cold yogurt. If none of these options work, try consuming ice cubes instead.