How To Keep Birds From Building Nests? Home remidies and essential oils

How To Keep Birds From Building Nests? Home remidies and essential oils

How To Keep Birds From Building Nests? Best Home remidies and essential oils.

The effective way to prevent the activity of birds is to be proactive. That means you should install effective and humane bird repellents before the birds arrive at your porch. There are some effective home remidies and essential oils to do it. Let us explore.

Effective Home Hacks To Keep Birds Away

The first step to prevent the activity of birds is to clean the nesting area and birds dropping. Nesting birds are attracted by their debris or scent, which you can find in their nesting area. Use a good quality disinfectant or cleaning agent to sanitize the nesting area before the installation of birds control products. Meanwhile, it is illegal to kill birds or destroy the nest of some bird species. You should choose the safest methods to control the bird’s activity. You can use any natural repellents that can deter birds away from your property. 

Methods To Prevent Birds From Building Nests | Home remidies

Here are a lot of methods from which you can safely prevent the activity of birds, but here we discuss some of them.

  • Install Flying Kite – A Bird Repellent

If you want to protect your porch from birds, you should install something that will scare birds from a distance. In this case, a bird repellent flying a kite is the best option. Set it up on a windy day; with such a strange and large flying kite standing to guard your porch, the befeathered pest will not risk flying close to it. However, this is an excellent option to keep birds away from your patio without installing anything on them. With this kite flying high above, birds will not pass over your property. Using this method, use a kite that is vividly colored, large, and reflects light. Large size makes it visible from a distance and makes birds think twice about approaching a more significant thing than them. 

Bright colors with high contrast are an excellent option. When this kite suddenly flashes to light from reflected sun rays can blind birds. You can use that kite with eye patterns that mimic predators, making it a massive bird of prey, a standing guard over your porch. 

  • Installation Of Birds Spikes 

Birds get tired of flying, and they want to rest on your balconies, ledges, fences, walls, or anything they can grip easily. If your home has many surfaces like these, you can expect many birds. If you want to protect these surfaces, there is a good option for birds roosting spikes. These spikes are easily installed on any surface on which birds can rest. 

These spikes come in segments with rods sticking out. Birds do not enjoy balancing themselves so that they will fly away. Installation of these spikes is easy. Just measure that surface where you want to install them and figure out how much space you need between the segments. The more space between the components, the more area you will cover with fewer segments. But that should not be too far. Otherwise, you will leave room for birds sitting. When you successfully install these spikes, there is a need for maintenance which consists of picking out the debris stuck in between the rods. 

  • Use Of Sonic Cannon

One of the ways to scare birds easily is the use of crack of a gunshot. But this practice is reduced now as stray bullets are dangerous. But there is an alternative with the same effect without accidentally hurting someone: the sonic cannon. 

It is a propane-powdered device that blasts blooming sounds at random. You can adjust the settings to how you want to sound. For example, if you go for a 1-10 minutes setting, the first two booms may be spaced a minute apart. The next one will be 4 minutes apart and after that 9 minutes later. This setting prevents birds from getting accustomed to booms due to regular intervals. The 130-decibels loud blasts are enough for birds to fly from up to 10 acres away. It is also a great choice to prevent birds’ nests because birds do not want to raise their young in dangerous or stressful conditions. 

  • Remove Food Sources

The best thing to remove the birds is to remove the source they are visiting your home. You need to know a little about your unwanted visitors. Identifying the birds must help you to make an idea of what they are after. Some species of avian are after plant materials like fruits and grains. Some species of avian are after plant materials like fruits and grains. Then follow the trail resultantly; you will find out where the food is coming from.

When you find out that birds visit your home for fruit trees, you can install netting to prevent them from birds. If they attract insects, you can use insecticides that are environmentally-friendly or electric zappers to get rid yourself of the pest. So, if the birds are attracted to rats, then secure your garbage that eventually prevents the movements of rats. 

  • Use Of Decoy

Birds would think that your property is a dangerous place to stay if you will use some decoy. The owl decoy works the best because owls are the public enemy for birds that usually infest homes. As owls can also fly, bird species are warriors than land animals predators. If you use these decoys to scare them, make sure they look like an actual owl. It is best to use that decoy that is 3D and colored realistic. 

A good feature will be a flashing red eye that mimics the physical appearance of a live owl during the night. Many owl decoys have a system that allows the creation of sudden, erratic movements. However, it uses battery power, wind, or solar power. A good owl decoy should move unpredictably to scare the birds away from your property. 

Essential oils to keep birds from building nests

Does Bird nests inside your home irritate you? Dont worry, these are some great essential oils. When it comes to Bird repellant essential oils, you have various choices for booting up a considerable stench for undesirable local birds. Let us discuss some of the most suitable essential oils for repelling birds away from your home:

  1. Citronella Oil
  2. Tea Tree Oil
  3. Cinnamon Oil
  4. Clove Oil
  5. Commercial Bird repellant oils
  6. Oregano Oil
  7. Peppermint oil
  8. Pine Oil
  9. Basil Oil

On top, these other food aromas will stop birds from returning to your property to nest:

  1. Red Chilli
  2. Cayenne Pepper
  3. Garlic
  4. Vinegar

How to Apply Essential Oils as a Bird Deterrent?

A targeted procedure will produce the best results in a space like a garden. Once you determine the areas where you have unwanted bird movement, you can topically use your essential oil of choosing one of these following ways:

  1. Cotton wool balls or rags drenched with a few drops of the essential oil
  2. Spray down the space with the essential oil solution diluted in white vinegar or vodka.
  3. It would be best to test with the concentration of essential oil that you utilise. 

Also, treat numerous areas of your house, so the unwanted birds obtain a clear message that your home is not their nest. Places you may apply your essential oil-based bird obstruction include:

  1. Beams
  2. Chimneys
  3. Ledges
  4. Roofs
  5. Small Openings
  6. Trees 
  7. Greenhouses and polytunnels
  8. Window Sill

Some birds, like seagulls, are adaptive and will endeavour to tolerate the conditions if you are not unrelenting with the repellent. 


It is good news that you can do many things to keep birds away. It can feel hopeless and tiresome when frightening with corrosive dropping and birds. But in this article, we provide you with information about effective methods to control the movement of birds and prevent them from building a nest. These are the simple ways to effectively and safely discourage the actions of birds.