How Tall Is Dr. Disrespect | Pop Smoke | Kai Cenat | Jack Skellington And Ronnie?


How Tall Is Dr. Disrespect | Pop Smoke | Kai Cenat | Jack Skellington And Ronnie?

Nowadays, we have a lot of animatic characters being famous among the majority of children. One of them is Glamrock Freddy casting a sharp influence on them. Children are finding it loveable in the shape of friends, guides, and father figures. Basically, Glamrock Freddy is the secondary protagonist of the free-roaming game “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach”. He is also known as Freddy Fazbear. Here Glamrock Freddy is acting as a singer but mainly as a protector of Gregory.

How Tall Is Glamrock Freddy?

Nowadays, we have a lot of animatic characters being famous among the majority of children. One of them is Glamrock Freddy casting a sharp influence on them. Children are finding it loveable in the shape of friends, guides, and father figures. Basically, Glamrock Freddy is the secondary protagonist of the free-roaming game “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach”. He is also known as Freddy Fazbear. Here Glamrock Freddy is acting as a singer but mainly as a protector of Gregory.

Although he is a part of animatronics, but has a caring, helping, and friendly nature towards Gregory. He misses bonnie just like humans. This type of personality is quite different from animatronics in the previous series.

So this wall is all about who the Glamrock is, now let’s talk about his amazing extraordinary body parts by which he protects Gregory till 6 am.

Body Structure.

First of all, the glam rock is in orange-brown having a top hat just like Freddy the toy. The face is painted with red and blue color. The bottom jaw is with a blue line. Coming towards his eyes which are lined by a thinner red outline. His teeth are just like real bears as they have Sharp cuspids. His eyes shows that he belongs to both Glamrocks and Roxy. His seldom red color of the eye is similar to other Glamrocks and yellowish shows similarity to the Roxy. His stomach plate holds a chest cavity which consists of a compartment.

This compartment is used for making Birthday cake hatches. As he crosses all the limits to save Gregory from other glam rocks, he does this sometimes with the help of this special compartment which is although uncomfortable for this but a life saver.

Heights of Glamrock, Gregory, and Monty.

According to some knowledgable and efficient players, the sizes of all these characters seem to vary but in actuality are having the same heights. According to them, it’s just because of the skill of taking photos that they look different but in reality, they are at the same heights but differ in their width and textures.

For a more detailed study let’s analyze their heights individually.


Gregory is the main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. Being a homeless kid, he gets trapped in Freddy’s Mega Pizzaplex. Gregory can’t get over all the animatronics unless he will be helped by the Glamrock. This is because their body size and height of Gregory are not big enough to fight.

 If we are trying to find out the possible height of the Glamrock Freddy, we must know about the height and age of Gregory first. We can see that Gregory is almost going to be a teenager but not yet. He is about 10 to 12 years old male so he can reach 5 feet.

But if we try to pay attention to the little details, Gregory’s description tells us that he is a short boy, so we can say that he must be having height of about 4.5 feet(137.16cm). This estimation is not exact but is according to the guesses. Moreover, the Glamrock Chest compartment saves Gregory a lot of times, we should know that Gregory’s total height bearly reaches the Glamrock’s compartment.

Glamrock Freddy.

To calculate Freddy’s height it is a good suggestion to analyze the height of Gregory and Vennessa. The reason behind this is not a comparison between the heights of Glamrock, Vennessa, and Gregory but between a mid-teen boy, a female, and the animatronics.

We concluded that Gregory is about 4.5 feet and we know about Glamrock’s larger size so it must be 1.35x – 1.525 taller than Gregory. This means his height reaches around 180 to 212cm. Now we are going to compare Vanessa’s height which is assumed as 170 to 180cm according to the height of a female. Normally a man is taller than a female and especially when it is about animatronics. Talking about feet Glamrock is about 6 feet and Vannessa Is about 5.7 to 5.10.

As we can see the differences between the heights of characters, we may think that there must be a valid reason behind these heights and body variations. There is a full story hidden behind these variations other than physical appearance. Glamrock is a fazbear’s version we should be able to assume his height by his physical features in the description, for instance, haunting and resembling like a jaguar or a lion, a microphone with a stand, and wearing an earring, etc.


The full name of Monty is Montegomery gator. He is an antagonist and a bassist by profession. Just like other glam rocks, monty is also a renewed version of Glamrocks of the 1980s. They are newly designed to make give them an aesthetic look. His star-shaped sun glass gives him a cool image. He is the most aggressive one as compared to the other glamrocks and keeps shouting at Gregory. He has a large hole in his chest and breakable shoulder pads.

Coming towards height, Monty’s behavior has a lot to do with his height because most of his actions depend on his amazing height which is more than Glamrock. For instance, we can see that he can break the gates and cannon quite easily.

Moreover, Human males if heightened, are taken as handsome so are a little bit egoistic. The same egoistic nature is seen in Monty by his own words when he says, ” How can I lose, I’m so handsome!”. Monty runs faster than other glamrocks and can’t be killed by even a Fazer Blaster. Because of Monty’s taller height, it becomes difficult for a player to avoid Monty while shooting. According to other characters’ height, we have assumed that the money must have a height of about 6.2 to 6.5.


Doctor disrespect is the one who got fame just by dancing and by simply getting up in WWE style. Why is that? Why this trivial action gets him so much popularity?. It is simply because he is not like normal human beings. The things which him different are his extraordinary and shocking height. He is much taller than other human beings and to compare, we need to run to the further details.

 We can find out his real height by giving attention to the picture of Dr disrespect and MMA fighter Johnson. The difference was astonishing between them even the Dr looked like a giant in front of all other normal heightened human beings. Because of his amazing height, he played basketball also. A normal heightened person can’t sit continuously for hours but it is again quite shocking to see Dr respect sitting so easily and comfortably for many hours.

So this means Dr. Respect must behaving heights of about 6 feet and 8 inches which is staggering. This makes him get a lot of fame just by getting up in the shows.

Pop Smoke.

Pop Smoke was an American rapper who died at the age of 20. As Pop goes too soon, people talk about his life, physical appearance, his height, and other related searches. Pop Smoke was murdered in the Hollywood Hills house by two suspects. The murderers shot him inhumanly. He was shot three times according to the woman who was threatened by murderers when they held a gun on her head.

If we talk about his appearance, he weighs 59 kg. He was 5 feet and 5 inches tall and his feet were 4’11 long. His height was quite normal according to his age. As he was just 20, there were chances that he could go taller. In centimeters, his height is calculated as 165cm.

 Pop had been worth $2 million before his death. His musical carrier was blooming day by day. In 2018, he started his carrier and joined UK drill producers and rappers. Pop’s single “Welcome to the party” got him popularity. Moreover, he got his name from his grandmother’s name and his nickname smocco.

Kai Cenat.

Kai Center is the one that got popularity on Instagram. He is an Instagram star who got fame. by posting interesting and enjoyable stuff on Instagram. He started posting pictures and videos on his Instagram in back 2016 and gained many of his followers by posting short videos based on memes. This daily life and meme-based funny short videos have helped him get more than 2 million followers. So we can say that he is a social media star who bloomed at the young age of 20. He didn’t open up many details about his family and ethnicity.

Coming to the height, he was about 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs about 70 kg. As both kai and Pop have somehow the same height at the age of 20, it shows the normal height of 20 years old males. His eyes color are light brown and having blond. He is a fitness freak as he is a gym nut. This also made him get this good height. At the age of 20 and 5.8, he is a tall boy. This makes his body look muscular and athletic which attracts a lot of followers all over the world. In addition to this, he has charming, influencing, and captivating personality which adds up much to what he gets.

Jack Skellington.

Jack Skellington is the character and main protagonist of the movie ” The Nightmare Before Christmas”. As the name shows he is a zombie who is whole skeletal like. He is the head of the Halloween town. Jack in the following movie is a Halloween patron compared to Santa Claus.

As the jack is already a skeleton, means that he is immortal because nothing can harm him even if he takes off his body parts quite easily.

Now let’s compare him to Santa. Santa’s height is 5 feet seven inches which is good but in comparing himself he Jack, Santa cannot reach even his legs. It’s because jack’s height is 11 feet and his legs are 7 feet long. This shows how scary and cylindrical it looks. Because of his this much tallness, he can cross houses quite easily. Any flame, explosion, or fire can’t harm. him as he can survive at 1200°.

Jack can run faster than Oogie Boogie even if we talk about the pumpkin king, we conclude that he can run as fast as him. He finds it easy and peaceful to kill anybody harshly in any way he wants.

Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie is a renowned American bodybuilder. He is a professional retired bodybuilder. He kept winning the title for Mr. Olympia for eight years consecutively. It is not wrong to say that Ronnie is one of the two greatest bodybuilders in the world. He does extraordinarily heavy workouts which makes his body rigid, tough, and strong.

His weight is about 130 to 135 kg. His height is 5 feet 10 inches which is quite good for males. It is 1.8 in meters and 180 in centimeters. His arms are 61cm and his legs are 91cm. His intense workout has done a lot to his body. This has given him many titles and rewards. These titles include Mr.Texas, Canada Pro cup, Mr.Olympia, and many more.

He is now 58 years old in 2022 but extreme workout has done a lot of negative things to his body. He almost got paralyzed because of a heavyweight of cages and screws. He is having surgeries and learning how to walk again. As he is recovering, trying his best not to get his muscles atrophied by still hitting the gym.

Final Verdict 

After having a deeper look at all the characters whether they are animatic, real, or gym professionals, we have come to know that the normal height of the majority of males is 5 feet 6 to 8 inches. Nowadays, it is rare to get more than 6 feet in height for males. So among all these, the most heightened character was Jack Skellington who shows his horrific nature, and the second one is monty who efficiently makes use of his height.