Can You Apply House Paint On Car?

Can You Apply House Paint On Car?

Can You Apply House Paint On Car?

All types of paints can be used to paint your car, including finger paints. This article will explain how you can apply house paint to your car. 

Of course, you can always paint your car with house paint. But then, it is not the recommended product for this particular task; the results can be very disastrous. There are also so many stories about the people who painted their cars with the house paints. These should never mislead you into trying such on a car that you will love and treasure. 

The first thing you can be so assured of not getting from the house paint is a very appealing finish. The second mistake that you can make is to use a brush. This will leave the brush marks all over the vehicle and look terrible. 

And as if that is not enough, house paint would not bond to the metal, and it will just peel off quickly. So all your efforts and the money are used on supplies that will go down the drain. 

Why Should I Not Paint My Car With House Paint?

The very first reason is also undeniable. House paint is always meant to be used on houses, which is the case with car paint. Even though both are paints and they can not be used interchangeably. 

House paint, because it is not formulated to bond with the metal and the automotive lacquer, would not stand a chance against the extreme temperatures. And that is why the house paint peels much faster when it is applied on metallic surfaces. 

Getting an even gloss with the help of house paint on the car is nearly impossible, even for professional surfaces. Even for professional detailers, getting an even gloss with the house paint on a car is nearly impossible. 

However, should you ever go ahead and paint a car with the house paint, prepare yourself to repaint the car regularly because it will always fade after a short duration of time, even if you apply some clear coat. 

There aren’t any big reasons why you should use the house paint on a car and not unless you will not care about it to look or whether it will hold up or not. If you plan on selling the car, the least you can do is be honest with the buyer. Anyway, no professional in the auto industry who is in the right mind will advise you to use the house paint on a car. 

What Type of Finish Can I Get From The House Paint

A very glossy finish on the car can never be obtained from the house paint. Quality of car paint is the only product that will be able to give you that. 

A couple of DIY enthusiasts have in the past had so much success with the powder coat primer and water-based paints when it comes to getting an even finish on the car. However, water-based paints are a recipe for corrosion, and is that a risk you are willing to take? 

Can I Use House Paint On Art Cars? 

If you do own an art car, this is a very thought that has crossed your mind severally. And even though you can use the house paint to make decorations on an art car, you can be assured that it would not last for that long. 

You will have to touch it up every couple of months, which is not worth your time, especially when you consider that there are affordable car paints out there that will last for much longer and look better on your car. House paint is not ideal for art cars because the finish would not look aesthetically pleasing. 

Is House Paint Compatible With The Car Paint? 

If you plan on preceding the sanding process or prep work and diving straight into painting the house paint on your car, you will have an enormous disaster. House paint is not that compatible with car paint. 

Have you ever gotten some latex paint that spilled on your car? Do you remember how terrible that was? That is exactly what will happen to your vehicle. To be on the very safe side, do not mix these two. And for future references, when painting a car, the prep work, which entails the removal of the old paint, is crucial. Never skip this step. 

House Paint Vs. Car Paint 

Because these two products are carefully created for many different surfaces, we will not compare the individual features. Instead, we will compare the what-ifs should one decide to use either the car or house paint on the vehicle. 

We all know that all the paints have the same role in enhancing the looks of the items, be it the cars or houses. Because of the nature of these two surfaces, the paint which is used on either has to be composed to adhere to that particular material. 

And as you will already know, you can not use them interchangeably. So, here are the main differences between these two types of paint and how each will react with the cars’ metal surfaces. 

1) The first difference relates to the paints’ adhesiveness. If labeled as car paints, all paints will adhere to the metal. House paint, on the other hand, is not formulated to adhere to metal, and that is why it peels off after some months. 

2) The first big difference will relate to the adhesiveness of both the paints. All the paints that are labeled as car paints will adhere to the metal. House paint, on the other hand, is not formulated to adhere to the metal, and that is why it peels off after some months. 

3) House paint is much thicker than car paint. This is why the house paint will give off a much denser finish, even with the one coat. Car paint will require several coats for you to notice a glossier finish. 

Here is where the main differences come in. The thicker the paint, the heavier it will be, and adding unnecessary weight to your car only lowers gas mileage and will strain the engine. 

Will A Roller Make House Paint Look Better On A Car? 

Earlier, we tried to dismiss the idea of using a brush when using house paint on a car. So, does that mean a roller can give you a much better finish with fewer marks? A roller will work wonders when you are painting the walls. Unfortunately, the same can not be said for cars. 

Unlike the straight walls, car surfaces are very curved, with many edges. So you will need an accurate hand and a very keen eye to avoid marks when painting. A foam brush can help give a much better finish. But if you use the brush, the paint job would not be very close to protection, and you will need to do lots of sanding. 

Final Verdict 

In this article, we have discussed whether you can use house paint on car paint. We recommend you research your own to get the best results.