Never Have I Ever Questions Funny

Never Have I Ever Questions Funny

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Never Have I Ever Questions Funny

Then you’ll want to check out this amusing Never Have I Ever Questions list! All of these questions are guaranteed to make you laugh, or at the very least make you laugh once someone explains why they did what they did!

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Funny Never Have I Ever questions are a great way to get people laughing and having a good time! You could perhaps play a game with friends these days, via manuscript, and via FaceTime.

I love how there is a perfect set of Never Have I Ever Questions for whoever we are playing with! We’ve compiled a list of 100 Funny Never Have I Ever Questions to get you laughing and sharing a few of your secrets, which will no longer be secrets after you play!

The List Of Funny Never Have I Ever

  1. Never have I ever aspired to be one of the Kardashians.
  2. Never have I ever lost a wager.
  3. Never have I ever eavesdropped on my neighborhood.
  4. Never have I ever accidentally wore my shirt inside out in public.
  5. Never have I ever eaten dog or cat food.
  6. Never have I ever walked barefoot through dog poop.
  7. Never have I ever belched the alphabet.
  8. Never have I ever watched SpongeBob SquarePants.
  9. Never have I ever done karaoke before.
  10. Never have I ever really liked a Justin Bieber song.
  11. Never have I ever originally crapped in a bottle.
  12. Never have I ever eaten food that I knew was someone else’s.
  13. Never have I ever wept while watching a Sony pictures film.
  14. Never have I ever damaged a bone in my life.
  15. Never have I ever finished a handstand with only one hand.
  16. Never have I ever witnessed anyone picking their nose.
  17. Never have I ever actually laughed that I pooped.
  18. Never have I ever “organised” myself by cramming everything into a closet.
  19. Never have I ever not use a forged ID before.
  20. Never have I ever scammed on such a test.
  21. Never have I ever started opening a push door.
  22. Never have I ever kissed someone and kept it a secret.
  23. Never have I ever seen the “Gangnam Style” music video.
  24. Never have I ever previously snatched the wrong person’s hand.
  25. Never have I ever called my girlfriend or boyfriend by the wrong name.
  26. I never farted in an elevator while pretending it wasn’t me.
  27. I never did anything so bad in public that I still cringe thinking about it.
  28. Never have I ever only shown one occurrence of Gilmore Girls.
  29. Never have I ever kissed anyone in public.
  30. Never have I ever fallen in love with someone on social media.
  31. I have never used a dating website.
  32. Never have I ever been electrocuted.
  33. Never have I ever stolen anything from a store.
  34. Never have I ever pretended to know a stranger.
  35. Never have I ever fought in public before.
  36. I never said, “I love you,” without feeling it.
  37. Never have I ever shared my utensils with my dog.
  38. Never have I ever pretended to be dressed in my pajamas.
  39. Never have I ever skipped a bill before.
  40. Never have I ever been chased by a dog.
  41. Never have I ever danced in my living room.
  42. Never have I ever danced in a bar before.
  43. Never have I ever been scared of myself in the mirror.
  44. Never have I ever had to go to court.
  45. Never have I ever dressed up as a monster.
  46. Never have I ever dressed up as a clown for Halloween.
  47. Never have I ever sung in the shower.
  48. Never have I ever crashed a wedding.
  49. I’ve never put tooth paste just below a desk before.
  50. I’ve never decided to walk in after a family member using the bathroom.
  51. I’ve not yet been arrested previously.
  52. I’ve never accused farts on either an animal.
  53. I’ve never begun kissing upwards of one person in a period of 24 hours.
  54. Never have I ever initially rejected a kiss.
  55. Never have I ever attempted to read upside down.
  56. Never have I ever tried to sneak in anywhere.
  57. Never have I ever probably hoped to be a Hogwarts student.
  58. Never have I ever come to regret giving a gift.
  59. Never have I ever told lies to my parents regarding where I was.
  60. Never have I ever not been in a fight before.
  61. Never have I ever had a dream about zombies chasing me.
  62. I have never been afraid of snakes in the middle of the night before.
  63. Never have I ever climbed in or out of a window.
  64. Never have I ever used the restroom in complete darkness.
  65. Never have I ever been scared of snakes in the house at night.
  66. Never have I ever wet the bed after the age of 18.
  67. Never have I pretended to laugh at a joke I didn’t get.
  68. I never laughed so hard as an adult that I peed my pants.
  69. Never have I ever kissed my best friend.
  70. Never have I ever screamed while having a spider on me.
  71. Never have I ever been afraid of clowns.
  72. Never have I ever gotten on the wrong bus.
  73. I never pretended to be sick to stay at home and do whatever I wanted.
  74. Never have I ever snooped through someone else’s belongings.
  75. Never have I ever snooped through someone else’s text messages.
  76. Never have I ever eaten food that had fallen on the floor.
  77. Never have I ever squirted water through a gap in my teeth.
  78. I have never tried out for a part as an extra in a movie.
  79. Never have I ever walked on the train tracks.
  80. Never have I ever made a duck face while taking a selfie.
  81. Never have I ever wanted to be on a reality television show.
  82. Never have I ever secretly wished to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette.
  83. Never have I ever slipped and fallen.
  84. I have never looked up my name to see what comes up.
  85. Never have I ever spent an entire night sleeping outside.
  86. I never forgot to get off a bus, train, or plane when I should have.
  87. Never have I ever missed a flight.
  88. Never have I ever ridden a mechanical bull.
  89. Never have I ever been afraid of strange noises at night.
  90. Never have I ever deceived my closest buddy.
  91. Never have I ever a crush on even a professor.
  92. Never have I ever smooched an animal before.
  93. Never have I ever seated in the shower.
  94. Never have I ever admitted to lying about my age.
  95. Never have I ever actually gone while watching a movie.
  96. Never have I ever managed to skip brushing my teeth for more than three days.
  97. Never have I ever gone two days without changing my underwear.
  98. Never have I ever gone four days without showering.
  99. I never deleted a message so that someone wouldn’t see it.
  100. I never lied during this game; I’ve done it before.

How to Play

For millennia, people have used drinking games to spice up their gatherings. And while the drinking game “never have I ever” is well-known, alcohol is not required.

However, we do recommend it. Except for the alcohol, this game is suitable for all ages.

The first player begins by saying something they have never done before, “Never have I ever.”

Anyone who has performed the action that the first player describes must drink. The game moves around the circle, with the next person making a statement.

When you’re not drinking, you put down a finger instead of taking a sip of your drink whenever you do something that another player hasn’t.

The winner is whoever has the most fingers up at the end. Of course, you can play with fewer fingers if you prefer.

  • First and foremost, you’ll require your preferred beverage. We recommend a cheap beer or a weak cocktail. This way, you won’t get too sloshed.
  • Then, each player takes turns going around the room and saying things they’ve never done before.
  • Finally, you’ve opened a can of worms that can’t be closed. But this game doesn’t need to explain yourself because you’ll rarely be the odd man.

For a game centered on things no one has done, you will learn a lot about things everyone else has done.

Keep in mind that you can use creative strategies to win while playing.

Do you know if a friend studied abroad for a semester? Go ahead and take advantage of that when you’re playing with them.

But be cautious! Because the more you drink, the more vulnerable you may become.

What is the Never Have I Ever rule?

If you’ve never played it before, the idea is simple. Each person raises a hand (or two) and takes turns sharing a statement about something they’ve never done while saying, “Never have I ever…” They put their finger down if anyone has acted.

  1. Form a circle with at least 5 players. The game is usually played with at least five people. You can use fewer than five, but it’s usually less fun! Sit in a circle so that you can see everyone’s hands.
  2. Each participant has ten fingers in front of them. You can either rest your hands on the floor or hold them up. In any case, everyone starts with ten chances.
  3. The first player says something they’ve never done before. You can ask someone to go first or play rock, paper, scissors to decide. The first player says, “Never have I ever…” before revealing something outrageous they haven’t done. It’s best if the player believes it’s something that other people have done.
  4. If you did what the first player said, put one finger down. Players who haven’t done it yet should raise all of their fingers.
  5. Continue to the next person in the circle. Circulate the circle clockwise, with the person on the first player’s left taking the next turn. The next player does something they’ve never done before. Players who have done it put their fingers down, while those who haven’t keep them up.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be ready to play in any situation now that you know how to play and have some good suggestions to help you out. Just remember to drink responsibly and enjoy yourself. After all, it’s just a game, regardless of the scandalous revelations.