What muscle does a rowing machine work? Muscle Gain workouts

What muscle does a rowing machine work? Muscle Gain workouts

Muscle Gain workouts| What muscle does a rowing machine work?

You can target more than one muscle with the rowing machine. It is a beneficial machine that activates the upper body, lower body, and core muscles simultaneously. Many beginners and even advanced athletes ask what muscle group a rowing machine works; I will try to answer this article.

What muscle does a rowing machine target?

A rowing machine is beneficial and safe also. You can target different muscle groups at once by using a rowing machine. Moreover, it is a complete fitness device. It covers 90% of the body’s muscles. Now you can imagine its importance. Also, it is one of the most powerful cardio machines. A rowing machine is a must-have in every gym. Without it, it will not complete your gym or workout.

Why to use a rowing machine?

Rowing machine has the following benefits:

  1. Burns Calories
  2. Safe to use
  3. Easy handling
  4. Strengthens your bones.
  5. Good for every fitness level
  6. Targets all major muscles

A Complete workout

If you ask to find out which is the best fitness machine, you will likely get the “rower” answer. It activates 90% of the muscles in the body. Moreover, it has a unique and attractive design.

  • The handle helps to activate your arms and shoulders.
  • Legs muscles activate through the sliding seat.
  • Helps to burn fat fast.

You get amazing results by using a rowing machine. It will make your back, abs, and arms stronger. Moreover, it firms your glutes and chest muscle also. The rowing machine activates a lot of muscles that no other machine does.

1.      Deltoids Muscles

A rowing machine activates the shoulder muscle connecting the humerus.

2.      Triceps Muscles

 This machine activates the triceps muscles. People who use rowing machines regularly have bigger triceps. When you pull the handle towards you, your triceps start with many other muscles. In addition, your triceps will get bigger and lean also.

3.      Biceps Muscles

By using a rowing machine, your biceps activate automatically. You do not have to do separate exercises for the biceps if you regularly use a rowing machine. When you pull the handle towards your chest, your biceps activate simultaneously. So, by using this machine, your biceps will get better also.

4.      Pectoral Muscles

 A rowing machine works many muscles, and also the pectoral muscles. You can use the machine to work on your pectoral muscles also.

5.      The Glutes

 The rowing machine engages the glutes continuously through the movement on the machine.

6.      The Quadriceps

 You can activate your quadriceps by bending your knees and returning back to the starting position.

7.      The Hamstrings

 Your hamstrings between your knees and hips make you push your body backward to pull the oars. Moreover, people with huge hamstrings are regular users of the rowing machine.

8.      The Calves

The calves also activate when using a rowing machine. Moreover, they work to restrain movement when you bend the knees.

Back muscles:

If you have weak back muscles, the rowing machine is for you. Moreover, many professionals with attractive back muscles have regularly used the rowing machine. A study shows that athletes with weak back muscles have improved their back muscles using a rowing machine. In addition, the human back has a lot of muscles, and you can train all of these muscles by using this machine. Trainers and coaches in the gym recommend rowing machines for athletes who want to make their back muscles grow.

The latissimus dorsi

 It controls the extension of the arms and release of the handles.

The Trapezius Muscles

These muscles enable you to pull the oars. Moreover, they control the shoulder blades.

The Rhomboids Muscles

It supports the trapezius.

9.       Abdominal area

It oblique strengthens the body.

Abdominal muscles assist the body, so you can lean forward and straighten backward.

Cardio, bodybuilding, and more

You can now see that the rowing machine works on multiple muscle groups. Moreover, it is also an ideal device for cardio training, and also it improves the heart and respiratory system. In addition, by working so many different muscles, you can burn 300-400 calories per hour, and even up to 800 at high intensity. However, the person below 14 should avoid this machine as it can injure them.

In addition, if you want to lose weight and fat, you must consider this particular machine. The rower can also remove the flabby areas at the top of the thighs. Moreover, it helps prevent back pain, reduces stress, and improves flexibility.

Should you use a rowing machine daily?

For fast and maximum results, you must train on it regularly. Moreover, you will see great results in a few weeks if you do so. Consider doing two weekly sessions. It will shape your body in just no time.

Additional notes

Rowing machines are great devices and easy to use. Moreover, they do not stress the joints and are suitable for pregnant and overweight people. Remember that it will take a little time to learn how to use the machine. I suggest you do 2 or 3 sessions with a coach if you are a beginner.

Rowing is the complete body workout

Rowing machines cover almost the entire body. Most gym trainers and bodybuilders say that they do rowing if they don’t have proper time to work out. However, they train the full body in just a few minutes. Moreover, rowing is among the few exercises that give a full-body workout.

What muscles does rowing work?

  • The Catch

It is the beginning in which the seat is slid forward, and you get close to the front of the machine. You have to bend your knees up close to the chest. Hold your arms straight, shoulder-width apart. The catch position targets triceps, trapezius, lower back, calves, and hamstrings.

  • The Drive

The drive is the second phase. You have to push off the foot until your legs are almost straight. Then use your core to swing your body in an upright position. Then pull the handle back using your legs, arms, and shoulders. The drive engages a wide range of muscles such as the upper body muscles, deltoids, biceps, and forearms.


The rowing machine works on more than one muscle group. If you want to do a complete body workout in just no time, you should try the rowing machine. Many athletes recommend using this machine for great results. Athletes with weak upper and lower bodies should use this machine. Moreover, being an athlete, I have regularly used this machine, and I got great results.