Is meditation, watching tv, or gaming a hobby?

Is meditation, watching tv, or gaming a hobby?

Is meditation, watching tv, and gaming a hobby?

Yes, meditation, watching tv, and gaming are beneficial hobbies for us. Meditation relaxes the body and focuses the mind. Regularity in meditation brings clarity to mind. It also makes someone more conscious of everything. Watching tv is a form of relaxing your mind and body. It is the most common type of hobby in modern society. Playing and enjoying games in your free time soothes your nerves and makes your time enjoyable. Therefore, We can say meditation, watching tv, and playing games are hobbies. You can do it in your free time for pleasure and enjoyment.

How meditation, watching tv, and gaming a hobby are beneficial for us?

Observing the same daily routine for a long time makes a man’s mind dull, boring, and exhaustible. And the tired mind is unable to absorb any new information. Therefore, it is necessary to refresh the mind with engaging activities like playing games and watching tv. It is crucial as the refreshed mind has more room to get more knowledge and information. Meditation, watching tv, and gaming are considered effective hobbies in relaxing someone’s mind and body.

Meditation as a hobby:

Closing eyes and lying are forms of meditation. You can do meditation to innovate new ideas and focus on one thing. This hobby increases your thinking capacity, and you get the true meaning of life. When you meditate, it gives you happiness, increases your learning ability, and provides inner peace. Through practicing meditation, you will develop clarity in your ideas. Life becomes beautiful, meaningful, worthy, and peaceful.

Focusing on one thing can bring amazing results. And you will know to convert all the unwanted things into positive. This hobby is known as the journey of discovering yourself. Take a guide technique to learn meditation if you are a beginner. But try to start this hobby by yourself.

Scientific Benefits of meditation:

Researches show that the hobby of meditation decreases the stress-causing hormone cortisol. A decrease in cortisol reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. It also decreases the risk of heart diseases and lowers blood pressure. Meditation increases the awareness and consciousness of your actions. As a result, you can break your bad habits.

Watching TV as a hobby:

An everyday activity of people that they do is watching tv. Televisions are made for fun and entertainment. One must take this hobby to refresh his mind and make leisure time pleasant. Watching tv can increase your knowledge about the world and the environment around you. You can learn anything through watching tv. Moreover, it is the source of knowledge about every country’s history, economics, and culture. Televisions are means of fun, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Watching television gives you access to everything which you like. It also increases your imagination ability to make different ideas. Children can get learning skills and life lessons by watching television. Researches show that watching television reduces stress by decreasing the level of cortisol.

Gaming as a hobby:

Gaming is generally a form of playing video games. It is a fantastic hobby that helps you to self-improve. Gaming includes games such as solo or multiplayer games online and offline games. It is a passion rather than a hobby people do in their free time to entertain themselves. Some people earn money through gaming; gaming is not a hobby. Around three billion people are involved in gaming as casual gamers.

Moreover, Researches show that gaming increases man’s problem-solving abilities. It also reduces stress and depression. People that play video games are usually good at social skills. They build good relations with other people in daily life activities. Gaming teaches a man how to remove his mistakes. On the other hand, they become more confident and persistent towards achieving their goals. Decision making abilities become more accurate and faster.

Tips to make gaming a hobby:

Some People consider gaming wasting of time. But many kids make this hobby to entertain themselves. And if you think that you can make gaming a hobby, you should follow a few tips.

There are various options for a variety of games. However, Choose the game type you are interested in and afford that game. As a beginner, if you have pc and laptop, then install games for free. But if you have extra cash and want to make a long-term hobby, you should invest money in games like Xbox, Play Station, and Nintendo.

How do meditation, watching tv, and gaming a hobby?

Meditation is a surprising hobby that brings the next level of relaxation. The more regularity you show in meditation, the more you become perfect in clearing the mind. As a result, you focus on one thing. Do meditation regularly, especially twice a week. Some people take long sessions on meditation, while some take an interest in taking two shorter sessions in a day. Mantra sound is a meditation style or thought. People practice this style in the morning and evening for 15 to 20 minutes each time.

Television is a source of recreation for many people to do in their spare time. It becomes a hobby for those who prefer to live in their homes, especially homemakers. When you are stressed, turn on the television and watch something you like. It will help you to remove the stress from your mind.


It is concluded that anything you want to do in the free time that brings you happiness is called a hobby. And one must avail the opportunity of doing meditation, watching tv, and gaming as a hobby. Everybody has his hobby according to his interest and taste. Meditation, gaming, and watching tv are not professions, but they are the source of joy, peace, and entertainment.

In short, if you are looking for a perfect hobby, you must try one of these three hobbies. Meditation will give you spiritual satisfaction, watching television will relax your mind. And gaming will increase your problem solving skills and social interactions. But don’t do all these things whole a day and try to make sure that you have proper time for these hobbies.