How Did Hashirama Senju Die? Who killed him?

How Did Hashirama Senju Die?

Death Of Hashirama Senju explained

Out of all questions from the Naruto world, one that always pops up is how did Hashirama Senju die? Nobody is quite sure about the death of Hashirama Senju. It is believed that he died during or before the First Shinobi World War. According to his abilities, Kage-level, all types of nature, Wood Release, Sage, God of Shinobi, and the people he has defeated, that seems like a big stretch.

He was a member of a famed Senju clan. Hashirama Senju was an excitable man, and he loved to meet new people. Hashirama Senju is the first Hokage of the Leaf Village and a member of the famed Senju clan. Out of all the Hokage that gave their lives to save the village, only the death of Hashirama Senju remains a mystery. He was extremely powerful, and due to his unmatched power, he was hailed as the “God of Shinobi.” His aim in life is to achieve peace, but unfortunately, he couldn’t achieve this goal in his lifetime. Some fans think that he died during the fighting with Madara due to his injuries. On the other hand, some think he died in the battle, while others speculate that he was old, leading to his demise. There are many theories about the death of Hashirama and who exactly killed him. 

Self-Healing Ability Of Hashirama

Hashirama was popular for its unique ability to recover from any notable injuries, confirmed by Madara Uchiha. He revealed some comparisons between Hashiramaa and Tsunade’s regenerative powers. It could be the cause of Hashirama’s death. 

The cells in the body can divide a certain number of times; with this technique, such as Creation Rebirth, the cells divide rapidly. The reason behind the Creation of Rebirth is a forbidden Jutsu is that it reduces a person’s life. As Hashirama has the same ability and is active all the time, it drastically reduces the life span. He can turn this ability off, but the record reveals Hashirama’s regenerative abilities could stop. 

Facts About Hashirama Senju Death

There are many theories about how Hashirama Senju met his end. Some are ridiculous. On the other hand, some are logical. There is no single theory about his death. Still, many Naruto fans have different ideas about how he died. So have a look at all the facts about the death of Hashirama Senju.

Does Someone Kill Him In The Battle?

This theory is somehow true that Hashirama Senju died, which led to the First Great Ninja War. But it was not valid. It doesn’t matter how many people were against Hashirama Senju. He could easily defeat him with the help of his wood-style Jutsu. Remember, nobody was able to come close to Hashirama’s power at that time. 

The only threat was the Madara Uchiha – Hashirama defeated him and went into hiding. There was no way someone equal to stronger alone than the first Hokage at that time.

Did Hashirama Die Of Old Age?

The first Hokage Hashirama was 55-65 when he died. This age is not like old age for a shinobi, particularly for Hashirama, whose vital energy was unbeatable. According to the reports that he fell during the battle. They ultimately exposed this theory. It was further clarified when Hashirama brings back to life. He seemed younger than most people when he got back with his appearance during his death. Many years ago, Kishimoto released the Naruto data books. In these data books, he explained every character. His data book gives us a clear answer to how Hashirama Senju died.

Does His Self-Healing Jutsu Have Risks?

His self-healing Jutsu was one of its kind. He did not need any hand signs to activate his death healing Jutsu. His cells would divide, and he heals all injuries that he had. It does not matter what type of sickness and injuries he sustained. He always uses his self-healing Jutsu to heal himself.

But here is a twist, a cell that only divides a certain number of times. His self-healing Jutsu ironically damaged him. Each time he used his self-healing Jutsu, his life span shortened, and his cells could not divide anymore. Hashirama Senju was in that time when the battle was an everyday occurrence. So he had no choice except to use his Jutsu to keep him up and maintain the village’s peace. 

Did Hashirama Die In The Battle?

People suspect that Hashirama died through the theory that killing him in battle wasn’t far because that is what happened. As he was extremely sick and could hardly move, he fell during one of the battles that led to the First Great Ninja War. Because he overuses his self-healing Jutsu, he was run out of stamina. He named his brother, Tobirama the second Hokage just before death. 

Consequences Of Hashirama Death 

Even the strongest shinobi has some weaknesses. Despite performing the best in Naruto, Hashirama finally meets his end because of his illness eating him up from inside. But still, he achieved many great things in his lifetime. He ensured that the shinobi world was on the right track. 


Hashirama was one of the members of the famed Senju clan. Hashirama is one of the legendary ninjas in the Naruto world. He has many abilities on mastering the Wood Element and his ninjutsu, which he later called “God of Shinobi.” Hashirama is not only the Hokage but also the founder of the village. He is an idealist because he could sacrifice his life for peace between the Uchiha clan and Senju. There are various theories about his death. Some thought that he died during the battle. Others speculate that he died due to injuries fighting with Madara, while others believe he died due to old age. But there is no clear evidence about who exactly killed him.