Best Rowing Machine Workout For Beginners | Benefits & Weight Loss Mechanism

Best Rowing Machine Workout For Beginners | Benefits & Weight Loss Mechanism

Rowing Machine Workouts For Beginners

If you want to strengthen your body and be consistent like an athlete? Then you do not need to go to rowing competitions to achieve the perfect body. Instead, you can add a rowing exercise routine to your workout regimen. However, a rowing machine can easily be found in gyms and fitness centers but is considered accessory workout equipment. This article will give you detailed information on beginner’s workouts on rowing machines and what benefits they should get from it.

A Beginners Guide To The Rowing Machine

In this article, we discuss different workouts for beginners. All exercises that are explained here are easy to follow. Check out the single time, intervals and intensities.

1. 5 Minutes Rowing Workout For Beginners

It is a 5-minute workout that is easy and perfect for Beginners. So, exercising on the rowing machine is all about learning good techniques and slowly building up the intensity. 

Workout Detail

Total time: 15 minutes

Work time: 5 minutes

Intensity: UT2

Strokes: 310

Avg Rate: 21

Work rate: 22


It is an efficient workout for beginners. 

Firstly, you have to spend 5 minutes warming up by doing basic rowing drills. Secondly, you can take a short break and prepare for the workout.

Then, you have to row for 5 minutes at around 22 strokes per minute while focusing on good rowing techniques.

Finally, warm down your body with easy rowing and some light rowing stretches afterward.

2. 10 minutes rowing workout for beginners

It is an easy workout for beginners. You have to follow the intensity and techniques of each step to get the most from this beginner’s workout.

Workout Details

Total time: 20 minutes

Work time: 10 minutes

Intensity: UT2

Strokes: 420

Avg rate: 21

Work rate: 22


Firstly, spend 5 minutes warming up some basic rowing drills.

Secondly, take a short break and prepare yourself for the workout.

Then you have to row 10 minutes at around two strokes per minute.

Furthermore, keep the intensity of the machine around UT2, and the rate will not be more than 22 strokes per minute.

Lastly, warm down with easy rowing steps afterward. 

3. 7-Minute Pyramid Rowing Workout

You can do the 7-minute workout with a 3-1-3 minute rate change between 20 and 22 strokes per minute. So, this workout is perfect for beginners to learn the rate of changes.

Work Details

Total time: 17 min

Work time: 7 min

Intensity: UT2

Strokes: 352

Avg rate: 21

Work rate: 22


Firstly, take 5 minutes for warmup rowing drills. 

Now row for 3 minutes at around 22 strokes per min at UT2 intensity. 

Then you have to drop your intensity and stroke rate to 20 strokes per minute for 1 minute. 

Lastly, finish by warming down with some easy rowing steps. 

4. 5-Minute Rowing Pyramid Workout

This workout is great to start for beginners. So, if you are new to rowing and searching for some exciting exercise, you can check this out.

Work Details

Total time: 15 min

Work time: 5 min

Intensity: UT2/UT1

Strokes: 312

Avg rate: 22

Work rate: 23


Firstly, start with 5 minutes warming up steps.

Secondly, get ready for the short break to start the workout.

Start with a row for 2 minutes at around 22 strokes per minute at UT2 pace. 

Then increase your stroke rate to UT1 rowing pace for 1 minute. 

Lastly, again drop your rate back down for 2 minutes, maintaining the UT2 intensity.

Cool down yourself with easy rowing steps. 

5. 5-Minute Rowing Machine Workout For Beginners

This workout will give you the confidence for more challenging rowing workouts. However, you will learn how to change rate, intensity, and rhythm. 

Workout Details

Total time: 20 min

Work time: 5 min

Intensity: UT1

Strokes: 416

Avg rate: 22

Work rate: 23


Firstly, row for 10 minutes with some basic rowing warmup drills.

Secondly, take a rest and ready yourself for the workout.

Row for 2 minutes at around 22 strokes per min.

Then go for 24 strokes per min, maintaining the UT1 rowing intensity.

Lastly, warm down for 5 mins with light rowing and some stretching.

Weight Loss Mechanism

Here are some tips you should follow to maximize your weight loss efforts with the help of a rowing machine.

  • Focus On The Legs 

When you drive your legs into the heel-rest with each stroke, your big muscles will work more, making up your lower body like the glutes, which help burn more calories. Moreover, to get the best benefits of a rowing workout is, put your powerful leg muscles into use and feel the burn. 

  • Do Powerful Strokes At Regular Intervals

After your warmup will complete, mix in three sets of power strokes. These are explosive and fast strokes that will burn a ton of calories. In addition, try to do ten power strokes at a rate of 24 strokes per minute, then it should be followed by ten recovery strokes. Furthermore, then do a second set of 26 strokes per minute followed by another stroke of recovery stroke and a final set of 28 strokes per minute. 

  • Do Continual Training

HIIT style exercises will be a beneficial way to lose weight, slow and steady workouts are necessary to lose weight. However, working at 85% of your maximum heart rate for a long time can help you to burn calories. In addition, always use medium intensity rowing at a rate of 26 strokes per min for 8 to 10 min at a constant pace. 

  • Sit Taller

Sit tall as you can and avoid hunching or rounding your back. Additionally, lift your chest while sitting up tall. Stare out in front of you with your chin up, and don’t drop your head. In this way, your rowing workout will be more effective.

Benefits Of Rowing Machine

Every exercise machine comes with its benefits. The rowing machine is the most effective for anyone at any fitness level. However, here are some essential benefits of indoor rowing machines:

  • This machine will maximize your calorie-burning potential.
  • It will help you to build your muscles. 
  • This machine helps to protect your joints.
  • So, it will improve your balance.


If you are looking to lose weight, the rowing machine can help you. It is an excellent way to maintain your body shape, strengthening your muscles and cardiovascular system. Furthermore, It is all in one full-body workout. If you want to achieve weight loss and other fitness goals, the rowing machine is best. It will help you to burn your body fat.