Never Have I Ever Questions For Girls

Never Have I Ever Questions For Girls

Never Have I Ever Questions For Girls

Never Have I Ever is one of those games that is easy to learn but fun, especially for kids! Check out this special Never Have I Ever Questions for Girls edition to keep those girls giggling all night!

We all know how much fun never having I ever have questions is, whether you’re playing with your BFFs, family, or significant other. Although, it is occasionally difficult to come up with new and exciting questions at times, so we’ve rounded up our favorite never have I ever questions that the girls will love!

Whether you want to get drunk on girly cocktails or get some revenge on your bachelorette party guests, these questions will keep things exciting and fun! So grab some of your besties (and maybe an ice-cold cocktail), and get ready to have a fantastic time!

What are Never Have I Ever Questions?

Never have I ever asked questions that are a great way to get to know someone, especially if you’re looking for a fun and flirty way to break the ice.

They may be used to start a conversation or to learn more about someone who interests you. Plus, they’re just plain fun!

To play, each person takes turns asking a question starting with Never have I ever…, and everyone who has done the thing mentioned in the question must take a drink.

If it’s not their turn to ask a question, they pass. Once all the players are out of drinks (i.e., everyone has taken at least one drink), there is no penalty for answering a question incorrectly.

Here are some examples:

  • How many boys did you kiss before dating your current boyfriend?
  • Never have I ever played strip poker 
  • Never have I ever eaten an entire sleeve of Oreos in one sitting
  • Never have I ever tried making a mixed CD for my crush
  • Never have I ever had the talk with my parents about sex

Rules to play Never have I ever questions for girls

  • At the start of the game, each boy or girl is given ten pieces of candy.
  • The child celebrating their birthday in the next turn will begin the game by saying something they have never said before.
  • If any player claims to have done so, they must eat a piece of candy.
  • The game continues with the next player making another statement that they never made before.
  • The game is over when there is only one piece of candy left. That particular player has won!
  • All the girls should sit in a circle.
  • One person starts by saying Never have I ever… followed by something they haven’t done.
  • Every girl who has done that thing has to take a drink.
  • The game continues until everyone is drunk or everyone has had their turn.
  • If someone asks, have you ever? You don’t need to answer, but you can’t ask anyone else if they’ve done it yet.
  • Whoever doesn’t get caught drinking when someone else says never have I ever goes next. Don’t be afraid to be daring!
  • You can also add new rules like Never have I ever danced with a stranger or Never have I ever given my number to someone at the bar.
  • Eventually, before continuing with this enjoyable game, ensure that all of your friends are playing safely and using a designated driver.

The Rule of Ten Fingers

If you don’t have any candy, it is a fun game to play. You can raise your hands instead of giving candy to everyone.

In addition, instead of eating a piece of candy, you must place your finger down. If you have all of your fingers down, you are no longer a member of the team.

How to Play Never Have I Ever?

To appeal to children, the same game is played in various ways. In most cases, such items are also used with which children are familiar.

Some examples are:

Balloon Fight Regulations

Each player is given ten balloons; whenever you make a statement, you must throw one of your water balloons at someone. You must exercise extreme caution when selecting the balloon and playing the game.

Ream Rule: Double or Nothing

The above type of game requires some strategy and planning. A first rule still stands: if a complaint is made, and anyone has done so, they will eat candy. If both players on the opposing team have done that, they must eat two pieces of candy.

To play Never Have I Ever, you only need a group of friends and some drinks. Start by going around the circle and taking turns making statements about things you’ve never done.

For instance, Never have I ever been to Europe. If anyone in the group has done the thing you’ve mentioned, they have to drink.

The game continues until everyone has had a turn. There are also some fun variations that you can try. One variation is that if someone in the group wants to make a statement, they must finish their drink before doing so.

Another variation is that if someone makes a statement that no one else in the group has done, they don’t have to take a drink. Still, the person who made the statement does (e.g., Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.)

It’s important to note that every question must be answered with Never have I ever or Yes, I have.

If you’re playing with a lot of people and there’s a long line waiting to answer questions, another way to speed up the process is only to let people answer if they haven’t yet.

Please ensure not to forget the first rule of Never Have I Ever: Every question must be answered with Never have I ever or Yes, I have. Otherwise, it’s considered cheating.

The Complete List of Never Have I Ever Questions (Girls Edition)

Here is a complete list of never have I ever questions, both dirty and clean, that are perfect for learning more about the girl you like.

  1. Never have I ever used to have a single night stand.
  2. Never have I ever kissed a girl.
  3. Never have I ever traveled to a strip joint.
  4. Never have I ever had an orga*m.
  5. Never have I ever Having a date in public.
  6. Never have I ever watched po*n.
  7. I have never been with a girl 10+ years older than me.
  8. Never have I ever cheated on someone else.
  9. Never have I ever got together with someone at work or school.
  10. Never have I ever done drugs (marijuana, cocaine, heroin).
  11. Never have I ever given a guy or*l sex.
  12. Never have I ever When I was drunk or high, I used to play spin the bottle.
  13. I never stole something from somebody’s house while asleep or passed out.
  14. Never have I ever had anal sex with someone.
  15. Never have I ever danced naked in front of my bedroom mirror.
  16. Never have I stripped down to nothing but my underwear at a party.
  17. Never have I ever sexted with someone other than my partner before having them meet me in person.
  18. Never have I ever tried bondage sex with someone before meeting them face-to-face for the first time.
  19. Never have I ever masturbated using any object other than my fingers or hand.
  20. Never have I ever thrown up after drinking too much alcohol without knowing what caused it.
  21. I never wore sexy lingerie beneath my clothes while out in public without telling anyone where we were going beforehand.
  22. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.
  23. Never have I ever taken sexy pictures of myself by myself.
  24. Never have I ever sent a nude picture of myself to someone over text message or email before meeting them in person for the first time.
  25. Never have I secretly recorded myself during sexual activity as an insurance policy against getting dumped if things don’t go well for whatever reason.
  26. Never have I ever paid someone to sleep with me.
  27. Never have I ever slept with my boss or teacher.
  28. Never have I been paid for sex (or agreed to be paid) by someone other than my significant other while dating them.
  29. I have never had sex with someone whose name starts with the J.
  30. Never have I ever called someone Daddy during intercourse.
  31. I never told my significant other how many people I’ve slept with before they asked me point blank.
  32. Never have I ever dated two people at once while not breaking off contact between either of them until it ended either way–whether by my choice or theirs–which means that they didn’t know about each other until then, and there wasn’t anything official between us, to begin with.

5 ways to use never have I ever with boyfriend/girlfriend

  1. To spice up date night, ask your partner some naughty never have I ever questions.
  2. Want to get to know your new boo better? Use never have I ever as an icebreaker with some innocent questions.
  3. Got a group of friends together for a girls’ night in? Break the ice with some funny never have I ever questions.
  4. Bored on a road trip? To pass the time, play a rousing game of never have I ever.
  5. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, never have I ever is always a fun game to play!


Looking for some fun and flirty, never have I ever asked a girl questions? You’re in the right place! These questions will indeed flow the conversation and help you get to know each other better. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!