Never Have I Ever Questions Clean

Never Have I Ever Questions Clean

Never Have I Ever Questions Clean

Never Have I Ever is a game in which players lower one finger each time another player lists a past behavior. This activity allows group members to get to know each other better in a fun and casual setting.

Such a Never Have I Ever Questions are ideal for just about any party or get-together. Whether playing with two or twenty people, these Never Have I Ever Questions will keep things interesting, fun, and entertaining!

Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

At my house, we have always been looking for new games to play to get to know one another and entertain ourselves. One of our favorites is this Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids set.

For hours, they keep the kids interested, laughing, and entertained! It’s great to have them on hand, especially if we’re going to be in the car for a long time.

After watching my kids play with the Never Have I Ever Questions one day, I realized this would be a great party game!

How To Play Never Have I Ever Questions

The clean Never Have I Ever Game has straightforward rules. You can distribute soda, bubble gum, or even just cards.

One person poses the questions. When you finish something, you take a sip of soda, pop a piece of bubble gum in your mouth, or hold up a sign that says, “I finished it!”

In this game, there are no winners or losers. It’s all good fun and a great way to meet new people!

Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever….

  1. Lied on a test.
  2. The bone has been broken.
  3. Met my hero
  4. I told a friend a lie.
  5. Fainted Been apprehended.
  6. Went surfing.
  7. Traveled out of state on my own.
  8. Looked up the meanings of text abbreviations on Google.
  9. While laughing peed my pants.
  10. Age was a lie.
  11. Worn mismatched shoes to work or school.
  12. The dog has chased you.
  13. We got into a brawl
  14. Someone was slapped
  15. Ingested spoiled food
  16. Gotten sick on a roller coaster.
  17. Seen you on TV.
  18. They cried for no apparent reason.
  19. Had a crush on a cartoon character.
  20. The school was skipped.
  21. Lied about being sick to get out of something.
  22. When I wasn’t getting food poisoning, I told a friend that their cooking was excellent.
  23. Lied during a job interview.
  24. Disregarded the 5-second rule.
  25. I snooped on my neighbors.
  26. Slipped in public.
  27. Created a TikTok video.
  28. I wasted hours watching amusing YouTube videos.
  29. Dropped a class.
  30. Braces were worn
  31. Stitches were obtained
  32. Went hunting.
  33. Within 24 hours, I failed a diet.
  34. Purposefully ate expired food.
  35. Gone bungee jumping.
  36. Laughed at someone else’s laugh.
  37. When no one was looking, I fed my dinner to the dog.
  38. Sneaked out of the house.
  39. Created a snow angel.
  40. Being trapped in an elevator
  41. At a theme park got stuck on a ride.
  42. I have been out of the country.
  43. Helicopter flight
  44. A crush was stalked
  45. Karaoke singing
  46. I spent more than 4 hours playing video games in one day.
  47. I got my finger stuck in a birthday cake.

Clean and Good Never Have I Ever Questions To Keep The Fun Going

Never have I ever…..

  1. I attempted to blame a sibling for something I did.
  2. I had an imaginary pal.
  3. After watching a scary movie, I stayed up all night.
  4. I ate a large pizza by myself and messed up my hair.
  5. I pretended to be the host of my cooking show.
  6. I was sick to my stomach from eating so much candy.
  7. As a teenager went trick-or-treating.
  8. Dozed off in the movie theatre.
  9. Outside food or drinks are brought into a movie theatre.
  10. Had a crush on a friend’s younger brother.
  11. Put on clothes backward and go unnoticed.
  12. I invented my language.
  13. Made some prank phone calls.
  14. Became dizzy and puked.
  15. I puked after seeing a friend puke.
  16. Drank milk directly from the jug
  17. Pranked a sibling while they were sleeping.
  18. I discovered a Christmas present before Christmas. I was sent to the principal’s office. I got straight A’s. I ate my pencil or pen.
  19. Passed notes in class after failing a subject
  20. Participated in a talent show
  21. I cried while watching a Disney movie.
  22. I visited Disney World and fell in love at first sight.
  23. Had a zombie nightmare.
  24. She videotaped me singing or dancing.
  25. I cried in public for no apparent reason.
  26. I snooped through someone’s phone without their permission.
  27. I have gotten a tattoo and several piercings.
  28. Gotten so sunburned I couldn’t put on a shirt.
  29. Played a joke with my parents.
  30. They interrogated someone while they were sleeping.
  31. Set fire to my or someone else’s hair on purpose
  32. Fell because I was more concerned with my phone than with where I was going.
  33. I sprained my ankle while walking and got into a fight while participating in a sport.
  34. I broke something at a friend’s house and didn’t tell them.
  35. Hurt me while attempting to impress someone cared about.
  36. To impress a crush, pretended to know a lot about something.
  37. Dated someone to make someone else jealous Worked with someone you despise deeply.
  38. Try to impress someone you despise.
  39. Snails eaten
  40. Alligator eaten
  41. I have been handcuffed for any reason.
  42. Read all of the Harry Potter books.
  43. I thought the movie was superior to the book.
  44. Spoke to me aloud in public.
  45. I have been seasick.
  46. Drank curdled milk by accident.
  47. We planted a tree.
  48. Won an Instagram contest.
  49. Won something on the radio.
  50. Have you been on TV or the radio?
  51. I once had a celebrity crush.
  52. I farted while pretending it wasn’t me.
  53. Stepped on something and broke/dislocated a toe.
  54. Peed in a swimming pool
  55. Done lip-syncing after challenging an animal to a fight
  56. I wished on a falling star.
  57. Done yoga.
  58. Went to a workout class.
  59. Took a cycling class.
  60. Possessed a gym membership
  61. Church abandoned
  62. Secretly wished for all of Bill Gates’s wealth.
  63. Wanted to be famous on Instagram
  64. Yelled YOLO and did something crazy
  65. In the rain, we danced.
  66. I said, “I love you,” when I didn’t mean it.
  67. For fun, I made faces at random strangers.
  68. Food was hidden in my bedroom.
  69. While sleeping, I rolled out of bed.
  70. I watched a TV show I was too old for and kissed a pet.
  71. You waved to a stranger in a crowd thinking they were someone you knew.
  72. Became disoriented in a department store.
  73. I sobbed after failing a test.
  74. Kept my report card hidden from my parents.
  75. They stepped in dog poop while wearing socks and drooled while sleeping.
  76. I wore dirty clothes to school or work and threw up because I overate.
  77. Pet was licked
  78. I was watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
  79. I sneezed in public, and snot came out of my nose.
  80. I secretly wore my mother’s or father’s clothes.
  81. Lied to my parents about everything. I purposefully flushed the toilet while someone was in the shower.
  82. Cheated in a board game and was yelled at in public.
  83. Without their knowledge, read a sibling’s journal or diary.
  84. They told me I was spoiled.
  85. I used my parent’s credit card to make an online purchase.
  86. A permanent marker was used to draw on someone.
  87. Lied about my academic performance.
  88. When I was in trouble, I hid.
  89. Got something stuck in my nose.
  90. Ignored a call from my parents or boss, Participated in a race
  91. Been fishing.
  92. I misplaced my wallet.
  93. Touch a snake
  94. I experienced an allergic reaction.
  95. I was locked out of my house.
  96. I canceled my plans so that I could stay at home and watch TV.
  97. In one day, I binge-watched an entire season of a show.
  98. We had a Lord of the Rings film marathon.
  99. Ate a bug
  100. Riding a skateboard
  101. Went horseback riding.
  102. Have you been in a food fight?
  103. Fell asleep in the sun and awoke sunburned.
  104. I completed the cinnamon challenge.
  105. Have you been in a hurricane, tornado, or tsunami?
  106. Pretended to speak with an accent
  107. Dinner was only ice cream.
  108. We are aspired to be movie stars.
  109. Snowball fight or been stung by a bee?
  110. You did an excellent job. April Fool’s joke
  111. Completed a Rubik’s cube
  112. I accidentally killed a plant.
  113. Shattered a mirror
  114. I have been in an ambulance.
  115. I called the cops.
  116. In a car accident?
  117. Out of rage, I punched a wall.
  118. Without my knowledge, I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe.
  119. I accidentally dialed someone’s number.
  120. Walked through a glass door.
  121. They chose a wedgie in public and then fell down the stairs in front of people.
  122. She invented a rumor.
  123. I practiced kissing my hand.
  124. She was gone more than three days without showering.
  125. Someone’s house was toilet papered.
  126. I spent the entire day in my pajamas and wore the same outfit multiple days.
  127. Shared food with a pet? Are you afraid of the dark?
  128. Monsters were believed to exist.
  129. A stuffed animal was named.
  130. I regretted sharing something on social media.
  131. I left a book on my nightstand.
  132. I talked to the wrong person thinking they were someone I knew.
  133. I ruined a surprise party by revealing the secret.
  134. I yelled at a family member.
  135. I have gone shopping with just one other person.
  136. I was gone on a blind date.
  137. In a physical fight.
  138. A library book was stolen.
  139. Cheated in a contest and lied on the game “Never Have I Ever.”

Now that you have over 160 Clean and sound, never have I ever questions about enjoying the laughs and getting to know each other on a different level!

Some clean Never Have I Ever questions for work?

Some examples of Clean Never Have I Ever questions for work are:

I worked in my pajamas all day.

I Played a joke on a coworker.

Created an app.

Worked in a strange or unusual job.

Founded a club.

Final Thoughts

Appropriately clean Never Have I Ever questions are not overly humiliating, and they avoid taboo subjects such as lawbreaking or adult entertainment.

The best game questions reveal extraordinary experiences and unusual facts, establish common ground, and inspire stories and debate. I hope you enjoyed today’s Never Have I Ever Questioned Clean list. Thank you for taking the time to read this!