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Meaning of “Jesus knocking on the Door” | What does it mean in Bible

This article will explain the meaning of Jesus knocking on the door. We will explain the meaning and explanation of the phrase and what the Bible says about the phrase.

Jesus knocking on the door 

For about any of the times you have heard an altar call, or even an extended invitation, the preacher or even the speaker quoted Revelation 3:20 and said or implied that it was God or Jesus knocking on that door of the sinner’s heart. All they had to do to be saved was to open the door of the singer’s heart, and all they had even to do to be saved was to open the door and let the Lord in?

If you were actually brought up in a church like me, you will probably not count how many of the times you have heard about that appeal. But did you know that the picture usually presented in connection with Revelation 3:20 is not even the picture the verse is depicting at all the time?

When Jesus was knocking on the door of a sinner’s heart, one must first follow three fundamental rules to interpret scripture rightfully. The first rule is also context. The second rule is also context, And the third rule is context. The Bible can be made to say and mean anything when the verses or passages are just taken out of their context. Such has been the case with this Revelation 3:20.

An excellent rule of thumb is just establishing the context is to make sure you just read what comes before and what comes after the particular verse or the passage. Then, find out how the passage fits in a very native discourse about the surrounding verses or the passages.

Then just read the whole chapter and find out how it fits it. Then just read the whole book, then look at the section of the Bible it is also contained within, and then find out how it fits in the Bible as just a whole. Now, usually, you will not have to read the whole Bible to find out how it fits in the Bible to find the correct context for one verse or the passage.

You can also usually find out just by reading the surrounding verses and maybe the chapter. Also, no verse or passage stands all just by itself. To properly find the intended and actual meanings, you need to find the context.

Just with that in mind, Revelation 3:20 is just a part of the latter that was actually written to the church’s angel at the Laodicea. This particular church was mediocre in its service and devotion. They were also lukewarm in between; they were not cold and not warm. By the way, I have heard that the particular part of the passages preached just to imply that the Lord wanted them hot as opened to the cold, but that is not actually what the passage is just saying.

The city of Laodicea had just no natural water source. Water had also to be piped in either from the hot springs of Hierapolis, which is just six miles to the north or from the cold streams Colosse, which is 10 miles to the east. When the hot piped water arrived from Hierapolis, it was also not warm to drink. Thus, the people knew precisely what was meant by the wish that they were very cold and hot because they always knew first-hand how useless and nauseating luke warmness was?

Now we are not going to deal with the whole passage because it is not the purpose of this post. But you should notice the verse just before our passage; the Lord also said that those whom I love I reprove and discipline, so be zealous and repent—in these two verses immediately following which the Lord said.


The one who conquers, I will always grant him to sit with me on my throne, as I also conquered and just sat down with my father just on his throne. Let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches who have an ear. So, we can also gather just from the context. The Lord loves them. The Lord is also speaking to the church people, encouraging them to be jealous and may repent of their luke warmness.

Therefore just in this context, there is also no doubt that the door of really an unsaved sinners heart, but then rather the Lord is also knocking on the door in verse 20, is also not the door of really an unsaved sinners heart, but rather the Lord is just knocking on the door of the church of Laodicea, seeking to gain an entrance and also fellowship. Because of their perceived self-sufficiency, they also felt no real need for the Lord and what he had to offer.


In this article, we have explained in detail what the meaning is if Jesus is knocking on your door. However, we recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results to get your best knowledge.