How to get dalaran hearthstone in World of Warcraft

How to get dalaran hearthstone in World of Warcraft

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How to get dalaran hearthstone in World of Warcraft | Step by Step Guide

The Dalaran Hearthstone is a high-level quest award in World of Warcraft that allows players to link what they like. Dalaran’s legion uses it as a backup Hearthstone. It’s one of the many necessary Hearthstones for World of Warcraft players. In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to get Dalaran Hearthstone.

To obtain the Dalaran Hearthstone in World of Warcraft, players must complete the quest In the Blink of an Eye.

Players must first complete a few introductory quests and interact with NPCs. You will achieve the search as mentioned earlier for the Dalaran Hearthstone if you follow.

To obtain the Dalaran Hearthstone, players must acquire the Broken Shore option “Fight the Legion” from the Hero’s Call Board in Stormwind or the Warchief’s Command Board in Orgrimmar.

If players take up Fight the Legion, they will obtain a quest called “The Legion Returns” (Alliance/Horde). Depending on whether you were on the alliance and spoke with Recruiter Lee at Stormwind Harbor or Holgar Stormaxe in the Dranosh’ar Blockade.

As mentioned earlier, you will be given to skip the introductory questline when speaking with any of the NPCs. You’ll be prompted to turn in the last quest, “In the Blink of an Eye,” if you do this. You will receive your Dalaran Hearthstone after completing the mission and turning it in.

The Rise of Shadows expansion included a single-player game mode called the Dalaran Heist. On May 16, 2019, five weeks after the expansion’s release, the method was published.

The Dalaran Heist follows the same format as previous single-player campaigns but includes elements from Adventures. There are five chapters in the game mode, each with eight bosses. The first chapter can be downloaded for free. Additional chapters cost 700 gold or USD 6.99 each, or you can unlock the entire voyage for USD 19.99.

For reaching the fifth boss of each chapter, the player receives three Rise of Shadows card packs and a Golden Classic pack for completing all five wings, for a total of 16 card packs.

Players will receive a collectible golden Zayle, Shadow Cloak, and two unique card backs if they complete all five chapters on normal or Heroic difficulties.

  • To finish the Dalaran Heist, you must defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty.
  • The player takes on the character of nine heroes, each of whom has a deck of ten cards.
  • When selecting a hero, the player can assign a Hero Power and a starting deck. Various conditions must be accomplished between games to access new Hero Powers, and a certain number of bosses must be killed to unlock new starting decks.
  • The unlocks for regular and heroic modes are kept distinct.
  • The player begins with ten health and gains 5 for each boss killed, up to 45 for the final boss.
  • It is always the player who is the first to depart. The opponent does not receive the Coin. In rounds 6 and 7, the boss has one mana crystal, two mana crystals in round 7, and three mana crystals in round 8.
  • The player is dealt three three-card bundles after each round. (See below for a list) The gamer has access to only one of these three packs. It allows the player to increase the size of their deck in lockstep with the bosses.
  • If a game ends in a tie, the player can repeat the round instead of starting the run.
  • Each chapter starts with a twist that adds a new condition. In Anomaly Mode, a random Twist will be applied.
  • The player receives a Passive buff between rounds 1 and 5, which is randomly picked from a pool of three passive buffs. (See below for a list)
  • These passives have a one-time effect on the player that lasts the entire run. Because some buffs are applied at the start of the game, they will not influence cards added to your hand or deck later in the game.
  • After rounds 3 and 7, the player receives a Treasure card, which is picked at random from a pool of Treasure cards. (See below for a list) These are compelling cards with low mana costs.
  • Between rounds 3-4 and 5-6, the player will face a Friendly Encounter. The player can pay “gold” to improve the design of their deck in various ways during this part, such as adding or removing minions or granting them a permanent advantage.


  • Each chapter of the adventure has its Twist that affects the game.
  • Coin-Filled Coffers: (Chapter 1) The opponent always has a 0/3 Cache of Cash in play when the game begins. Two Coins are added to each player’s hand when a card is destroyed.
  • Imprisoned Minions (Chapter 2): The game begins with each player having a Violet Prison. The jails are abandoned, and each is home to a different minion. As mentioned earlier, after several turns equal to the minion’s mana cost, the prison will be replaced with the minion. The minion cannot attack the turn it is summoned unless it has Rush or Charge.
  • Clogged Streets: (Chapter 3) Each player starts the game with three Carts: a Dessert Cart, one of which is a Fish Cart, one of which is a Meat Cart, and one of which is a Fruit Cart. Because they’re dormant, they can’t be removed. Their primary purpose is to take, with each player having a maximum of four minions on the board at any given time.
  • All minions’ health and attack have been swapped (Chapter 4)
  • Four More Face-to-Face Meetings: (Chapter 5) There are four more bosses in the fifth chapter, increasing the number of bosses to twelve. The final four bosses are the same for each run. The player selects a Treasure card after rounds 8-11.

The Anomaly’s Mode

Anomaly Mode is activated after the player has finished all five chapters of The Dalaran Heist. To activate each chapter, click the button above the “Start” button.

Anomaly Mode adds a new twist to the selected branch. Before choosing a chapter, the Twist is rolled and can be examined.


 The Dalaran Hearthstone is a high-level quest award in World of Warcraft that allows players to link. Dalaran’s legion uses it as a backup Hearthstone. It’s one of the many necessary Hearthstones for World of Warcraft players.