What is the Meaning of “We Will all Laugh at Gilded Butterflies”

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What is the Meaning of “We Will all Laugh at Gilded Butterflies” | Meaning of English Phrases

In this article, we will explain the meaning of “we will all laugh at gilded butterflies.”

Meaning of the “we will all laugh at Gilded Butterflies.”

“We will all laugh at the gilded butterflies” comes from “King Lear” by Willam Shakespeare. The phrase “gilded butterflies” refers to the pretentious courtiers in the quote.In his speech during the play’s final scene, King Lear also makes this statement when he and his daughter Cordelia are actually being led to prison. 


During one of his speeches, King Lear envisions their future as a fantasy in which he and his daughter live together like the birds in the cage. In this fantasy, they will also hear about what is happening in the world but are entirely unaffected by it.

What Shakespeare meant by “gilded butterflies.”

Shakespeare had never actually said, “We all have laugh at gilded butterflies.”But in King Lear, he says, “…tell old tales, and laugh At the gilded butterflies,…” In this one quote, a gilded butterfly also refers to something that looks so nice but is, in reality, a bit rubbish.

To gild something is just to plate it in the gold. Do this a butterfly, and it also might look so lovely, but it will also no longer will be able to fly, and you will have to waste your gold. The phrase “We all will laugh at gilded butterflies” is not written by Shakespeare. It’s a tattoo on Megan Fox’s body.

The plot of King Lear

For those who had never studied King Lear when you were at school, allow me just to give you a very good outline. Understanding the plot of the play could help you also understand the gilded butterflies.

King Lear is just saying, so he will divide his Kingdom up for his daughters. However, when they actually start undermining his authority, he will go insane. The play also may see him go from a very stable king to a nutter.

“Gilded butterflies” in context

The kind also said the term “gilded butterflies” when one of his daughters decides to join forces with him to fight against her other sisters. However, the two of them also risked spending the rest of their life in jail.

King Lear is also saying that he is happy to die in the prison as it will enable him to spend his last final days with his daughter. Should the two be behind the bars, he intends to spend the time gossiping about the nonsense and the laughing “gilded butterflies,” things that people may just fight over but aren’t actually that much good.

Examples of Gilded Butterflies 

Even though Shakespeare lived for a very long time ago, more “gilded butterflies” are more than before. So things might look very nice but are a bit too rubbish.

When there is a new phone, people can riot to be the first to get it. But these phones may often last a matter of just months before they need the repairing. A lot of the food we may see in my pictures looks incredible. But, in reality. Taste bland. Some of the people may also be very attractive. But to talk to them, and they have the personality of a brick.

Why Megan Fox has “gilded butterflies” tattooed on her

If Shakespear never has said, “we all,” why do the people still do so? It is all just because of an actress known as Megan Fox. She is also a very famous actress, known for being the type of women men are really into.

It could also be argued that Megan Fox has helped revive an old Shakesperian phrase. Perhaps Megan is also interested in Shakespeare and may decide to get that tattoo because she had found it to be something she can strongly relate to. I can also imagine in her industry, there are plenty of gilded butterflies.

Alternatives to “Glided Butterflies.”

Of course, there are many ways of talking about things that may look very nice but are very rubbish. Here are a couple of the ones that we use most often. Which includes “you can’t polish a turd.” Of course, you can also do your best to make something seem good, but there is no point if it is super rubbish.

“Putting lipstick on a pig” Clearly, whoever just came up with this kind of phrase thinks that pigs are very ugly. However, he is also saying that when you try to make something terrible seems reasonable, it has the same impact as putting the lipstick on a pig. A polished turn and a pig with the lipstick on might look very nice, but there is still a turd and a pig.

Will “Gilded butterflies catch on?”

If many of the Shakespeare phrases are now just used by us, the question is raised of “will it catch on?”. Indeed if it was ever going to catch on later, it had several hundred years. Even being tattooed onto one of the hottest people on the planet surely would make it catch on. But alas, it just hasn’t.

Perhaps maybe in the future, more people will start to develop an interest in Shakespeare, and some of his lesser-known phrases will also become much popular. But only time will tell the truth.

Does Megan Fox and Shakespeare agree on “gilded butterflies”

I have never thought I would be doing these things, but I also want to compare Megan Fox to Shakespeare. In Shakespeare’s version of the quote, he has only talked about king Lear and his daughter, implying Lear had few others’ wisdom.

While most people would live there trying to obtain riches, he and his daughter were the only ones who knew the truth. However, Mr. Fox also uses the term “We all.”So she is implying that laughing at the gilded butterflies is something we all mostly do, and it is also exclusively for the people such as the kings.

Final words 

In this article, we have explained the meaning of “We all laugh at the gilded butterflies.”We have also explained what Shakespeare meant by that. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.