Can you dispel temple of the gods 5e in dnd?

temple of the gods 5e

Are you able to dispel temple of the god 5e?

The temple of gods 5e is constructed of opaque magic energy extending to the Ethereal Plane, thereby preventing the ethereal flow to the temple’s interior. Nothing can pass through outside the exterior of the temple. It isn’t able to be dispelled with dispel magic, and the antimagic field isn’t able to affect it.

Is ‘Temple of the gods’ among the most powerful non-PVP spells you can play?

Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion isn’t an indefinite spell. Suppose you cast the temple of gods for one year. It remains an extremely magical and slightly magical place that cannot be removed except for heavy magic or a demo group that can allow inside or out.

The temple will shine into existence on the surface that you can view within the range. The temple has to be within an unoccupied space with a maximum of 120 feet each. The temple will remain until the spell is over. The temple is dedicated to any god, pantheon, or philosophical concept is depicted by the holy sign employed during the casting. You are the sole judge of the appearance of the temple. The inside is enclosed by walls, floors, and a roof. It is with one door giving access to the inside and any number of windows you want. Only you and the creatures you choose to cast the spell can move the door or shut it.

The interior of the temple is an open area with an altar or idol at the end. The temple is yours to decide if it is lit and whether the illumination is bright and dim. The scent of burning incense is constant inside, and the temperature remains pleasant.

The temple will be able to ward off the kinds of creatures you pick when casting this spell. Select one or one or more of the following categories: celestials and elementals, fiends, feys, or undead. If one of these creatures of the selected kind attempts to enter the temple, it has to make the Charisma save. In the event of a missed save, it is unable to enter the temple for 24 hours. However, suppose the creature is allowed to be inside the temple. The magic there blocks the creature’s ability to enter. Every time it rolls any attack rolls, ability check, or a saving roll within the temple. It has to roll a d4 before subtracting the number of dice it rolls from the roll of d20.

Furthermore, the sensors generated by divination spells won’t appear in the temple, and the creatures inside aren’t able to be targeted by divination spells.

In addition, suppose a creature inside the temple recovers hit points after the 1st level spell or greater. The creature gains additional hit points that equal the ability to calculate your Wisdom multiplier (minimum one hit point).

The temple is constructed of invisible magical forces that reach into the Ethereal Plane, blocking travel by ethereal energy to the temple’s interior. There is no way for physical travel to traverse outside the exterior of the temple. It’s impossible to dispel it with dispel magic, and the antimagic field cannot affect it. Disintegrate spells destroy the temple immediately.

Temple of the gods 5e dnd spell details

A spell from Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

  • School: Conjuration
  • Level: 7
  • Casting time: 1 Hour
  • Range: 120 feet
  • Components: V, S, M (a holy symbol worth at least 5 gp)
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Casting this spell on the same spot each day for the rest of your life will make this effect last for a year.
  • Page: 167 of The Xanathar’s Guide To Everything
  • A Cleric spell

What is the size the temple of gods 5E?

It is 120 feet. This spell prepared a huge temple of pure magical energy that covered up to 120 feet (37 meters) on one side. The temple was summoned anywhere there was no visible space within a radius from 120 to.

Applying this spell to the same spot daily for a whole year makes the effect last for a year.” Although this may seem normal, it’s casting it at the same spot for a whole year to make it permanent is what makes this spell interesting. Although most campaigns don’t have this long duration, a full year of downtime is still affordable, especially in the case of 1825 dollars for a temple with the largest area of 1728000 feet tall. The spell is superior to its counterpart, the Mighty Fortress spell, because of the cost alone. Most people aren’t able to afford the 25500 dollars needed to purchase 51 500gp diamonds. Five gp for a holy symbol per day isn’t going to be too difficult to manage.

Can I use the magic spell Temple of the Gods 5e on the Ethereal Plane?

It is theoretically impossible. You can ask your D.M. He might make it feasible to do, but there’s a problem. D&D is an exception-based game.

Specific beats General (PHB 7.7)

There must be an established rule of thumb to make the exceptionality of something. An area where people can walk and walk (explicitly) without having any ground to walk on is extraordinary. The rule of thumb is that the Ethereal’s Border Ethereal is a mirror image of the pertinent plane:

The “shores,” called the Border Ethereal, overlap the Material Plane and the Inner Planes. Every point on these planes corresponds to a location in the Ethereal Plane.

(DMG Page 48)

What exactly is a”location?

 To have a “corresponding location,” there must be ground in that area. Since the plane originated, it includes the ground (the Material Plane, Feywild, Shadowfell, Elemental Planes all have ground).

Also, Nothing within the DMG description of the Ethereal Plane or Border Ethereal says that there isn’t any ground in the Ethereal Plane. Since there isn’t a specific rule for removing land from the Ethereal Plane, it is ground.

That is the first line of the spell. A temple is created when you cause it to appear to be a glimmer on the surface that is visible within your range. The possible “problem” of the spell to be used could be this one ( emphasis mine)

The temple is constructed of opaque magic forces that reach beyond the Ethereal Plane so that ethereal energy cannot enter the temple’s interior. Suppose you do not allow the temple to appear in front of you. You will not be in a position to enter the Ethereal Temple even if you’re in the Ethereal Plane. The only way to gain access to your temple is to return to the plane bordering it and then go to a location inside the temple and use “Etherealness” again, or “Plane Shift.”