How Tall Is Glamrock Freddy? Glamrock Freddy X Gregory X Monty

How Tall Is Glamrock Freddy? Glamrock Freddy X Gregory X Monty

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How Tall Is Glamrock Freddy? Glamrock Freddy X Gregory X Monty

Glamrock Freddy is a new Glamrock Animatronic that appears as a supporting protagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, functioning as Gregory’s protector. He is the Glamrock band’s lead vocalist and the Glamrock equivalent of Freddy Fazbear.

 Glamrock Freddy, also known as Freddy Fazbear, is Freddy Fazbear’s glam rock doppelganger who appears as the deuteragonist and friend to the player, Gregory, in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. He’s also the pizzaplex’s lone animatronic who hasn’t been corrupted by Vanny’s influence. He actively aids and protects Gregory, unlike his colleagues.

Physical Appearance

 Freddy Fazbear but with a punk-themed design evocative of the 1980s. His appearance is more like a jaguar or a lion than a bear. When upgraded with Glamrock Chica’s voice box, he wears a top hat with blue trim and a black bow tie, which is subsequently changed with a purple bow tie. His eyes are blue at first, then yellow when replaced with Roxanne Wolf’s pupils. His body is brilliant, primarily orange or paler yellow. 

His body has a prominent seam across the front from which his chest compartment opens. He possesses a pair of fangs. In addition to light-blue claw nails and crimson shins, He wears massive red shoulder pauldrons, spiked bracelets, a red earring in his left ear, and light-blue and red face paint in the style of members of rock bands (such as the Kiss band). Unlike many of his contemporaries, his microphone has a stand.


Glamrock Freddy was introduced as an educated, straightforward actor at first. Unlike other animatronics in the FNaF franchise and previous programs, Glamrock Freddy is kind, honest, and kind, even in the face of adversity (as shown when working with Vanessa). He is said to be very protective of Gregory. He intends to keep him safe until he can hide in his stomach (although, at first, he is not comfortable doing so because his room is not designed to accommodate people) to keep other animatronics out of his reach. He is also polite as he often apologizes, even though he has never done anything wrong.

He is an inexperienced man, as evidenced by his first meeting with Vanny (though he could not see her without the eyes of Roxanne Wolf) and when she was reviewed by other parts of Glamrocks, as evidenced by her development with Montgomery Gator’s nails. She’s beautiful and charming in some animatronics, pushing Gregory to say hello to the DJ, expressing her longing for Bonnie in the ballroom, and showing sympathy for her teammates from whom she gets improved parts. 

This did not discourage him from helping Gregory. He soon approaches Gregory, who affectionately refers to him as a “star,” and his father’s strong emotions underscore his protective nature. This extends to the two who develop the father-son relationship.

If Gregory makes a mistake when he develops or loses power within him, Glamrock Freddy will be angry, saying he still has bugs (however, he is more likely to work as a game balance mechanic). However, it is said that once repairs begin, the animatronic security measures are shut down, which could be the cause of his attack.

 She looks incredibly alert and knows of her place as she begs Vanessa not to leave her in the Parts and Service with her head off. He even seems to have moral values, which may have been designed to set an excellent example for young children, as he disciplines Gregory when he tries to join the Fazer Blast while inside.


Gregory may be hiding in Glamrock Freddy’s tummy known as a “birthday cake hatch,” intended for “pietas and big birthday cakes.” Gregory can see through Glamrock Freddy’s eyes, often enter inaccessible Service Lines, or use him to sneak past other animatronics without being detected; however, this will not deceive the Daycare Attendant (where there is hostility) or Vanny.

 Glamrock Freddy has limited battery life and will need to be charged at a regular charging station, or Gregory will enjoy jumpscare and game over. Glamrock Freddy will provide tips and tricks and reveal shortcuts to help Gregory avoid various pizzaplex disasters. Glamrock Freddy, most likely, also has a soft spot on his finger.

As mentioned earlier, security protections are not activated when updated and delivered to Parts / Service, leading Freddy to kill Gregory when incorrect information is selected. Glamrock Freddy is edited with pieces from other animatronics as the game progresses, including Monty’s nails, Roxanne’s eyes, and Glamrock Chica’s voice box.

The Reward Boxes can also give Freddy maximum power as everyday battery life. The first is in the last parking lot on Roxy Road; there is a door on the right wall; inside, you will find the S.T.A.F.F. the bot goes through circles, upgrades will be on the bookshelf, and the second is near the salad shop on the shelf.

Final Verdict

The player must complete a little simulation game Simon Says In Parts and Service to reconnect his head. From this point on, Freddy will kill Gregory when his batteries run out of juice. If one of the previous Glamrocks stops working, its pieces can be collected and used to upgrade Freddy, launching Simon Says’ minigame. 

Freddy’s nails allow Freddy to break some gates, Chica’s voice box allows Freddy to create an impressive sound of animatronics and unlock some sharp objects, and Roxanne’s eyes let Freddy see things through objects. Burntrap and stands hack Freddy in the middle of the room during the captain’s last battle.