A Night In Barcelona Yuri On Ice

A Night In Barcelona Yuri On Ice

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A Night In Barcelona Yuri On Ice

We have a lot of getting famous nowadays because now people of every age find these anime movies and cartoons quite interesting. They get attached to these anime affective, attractive, dashing, and captivating characters. One of those anime is the Yuri on ice which is also famous among people. Its primary genre is figure skating. Yuri in ice is a Japanese television series. The anime director and writer are Sayo Yamamoto art is produced by MAPPA.

 Tadashi Hiramatsu has designed the characters so amazingly that it keeps the viewers attached to them. The anime revolves around three characters Yuri Katsuki(a Russian figure skater), Victor Nikiforov(Russian figure skating champion and Yuri. K’s idol), and Yuri Plisetsky(a Russian skater). It shows their relationships. Victor acts as their coach of Yuri. K.

Yuri On Ice

The series is named Yuri on ice because two Yuri compete with one another in the story. Both are participating in the same thing, figure skating, so that can be why it is called Yuri on ice. Creators could call it Yaoi because the importance is not given to stereotypes but the support genre and the subplot is the romance between two men. It tells us about the childhood anxieties of the protagonist Yuri. P and the way he faces his shortfalls.

A night in Barcelona, Yuri on ice

As we know that it is about the person’s skater journey and how he faces all the ups and downs in that profession. This is a BL anime in which Yuri (the protagonist) loses hope after being defeated by one of the supporters and returns to his village. He mimics victor in a video that goes viral and the top-notch aces to be his coach as he can see Yuri. K’s hidden talent.

In addition to the support, the story takes a new way to the relationship between Yuri and Victor( the coach). Here, Yuri’s skating dream goes twisted and disordered when it intermingles with their relationship, and he initially feels distracted. This anime is called the best BL anime because of its excellently designed attractive characters, their storylines, and their dreams. So it’s the mashup of competition and love.

Ranked one of the Best BL Anime

The story remains fascinating and breathtaking with every step and scene. When the Yuri loses all his hopes after going dead in the challenge, he feels like he should never have chosen this way and is fully discouraged and embarrassed.

After the night, his morning of fortune rises when one of the top-notch Russian skaters gets to watch his viral web-based video. With this, Yuri’s life takes a U-turn, and his future starts going up. Victor not only pulls Yuri’s inner potential out but gives him a new meaning in life. In this way, Yuri starts growing both physically and mentally. Before victor’s entry, Yuri used to remain in the dark shadows of his uncertainties and anxieties. Victor assists Yuri to get over his fears and makes him believe in himself more than anyone else. Yuri starts getting happy and feels confident. His skating skill was polished by victor which he found in him at first sight.

After getting fame and progressing in the skating dream, he faces contention from many people and experiences an immense load, especially from the most potent contenders. The story gets a new twist with the entry of Yuri’s most potent adversary. The strange and noteworthy thing is that he comes with the same name as Yuri. His name is Yuri Pilestsky whose dashing entry makes viewers more interested and attached to the story. He is a juvenile skating expert. He has an arrogant, aggressive, and ruthless personality.

Yuri. Pilestsky has the best tutors, making him the perfect professional in skating. He doesn’t even think that someone can even stand in competition with him. He has a sharp eye for victory and a progressive nature, so he won’t just stay there for the same title again and again.


We have noted different types of conflicts in the Yuri on ice. These include physical matches for instance skating competitions and inner contests including Yuri’s anxiety and depression. Besides this, we have some other conflicts, which are societal, not in the anime but the battle it is raising.


As we learn about homosexual relationships in the anime, it is pretty acceptable but what about the real world? We can see how normal it is for everyone when Yuri and Victor get engaged and married. But different critics have raised questions about the love of two men or homosexuality. They believe it can alter the minds of the generation watching these anime because they don’t accept the relationship.

The positive remarks and reviews are also in large number. They believe that it is not only a romantic relationship but interracial also. It relates to all the self-esteem issues most youngsters feel and how love of beloved ones helps them get over it.

Different Elements 

Another unique thing about this anime is being mashup of different elements. These elements include issues of identity crises, tough competition as a supports anime, Romantic anime, comedy anime, slice of life, and light ecchi anime. Some of its fans believe that these different characteristics make this anime unique and exciting.

 On the other hand, some critics, having different types of nature somehow make it Problematic. Moreover, the most praised characteristic of anime is being perfect in animation. Its proper camera movement and suitable atmosphere design make it unique.

Wrap up

After collecting all the features and attributes of the Yuri on ice, it is not wrong to say that it can entertain the viewers of different tastes as it covers distinct elements. Again, it depends on the person’s perspective for the way he views it.