The Way To Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother

The Way To Protect The Female Lead's Older Brother

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The Way To Protect The Female Lead’s Older Brother

The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother, also known as The Secretly Greatly, is a movie directed by Kim Sung-hoon and written by Ha Myung-hee.

It was released in 2013 and starred Hwang Jung-min, Kim Young-Kwang, Kang Ye-won, and Lee Yo-won. The film will primarily center on three men who work together on government missions that are kept secret from the public; they each have different tasks they must complete to protect their families and complete the assignments.

Character introduction

The female lead’s older brother was an outstanding medical student. He is determined to treat his patients with honesty and care.

He is a doctor who has a kind-hearted personality and was in love with one of his friends. The female lead lost her parents due to an accident that resulted in her younger sister falling into a coma.

She has been unable to cope since then because of their death. Her older brother supported her as she struggled through life while trying not to let others know how troubled she was by their deaths.

As time passed, she became more distant from everyone around her. However, when she meets Wang Qian (the male lead), he helps her regain hope for life again.

To protect him from harm, she hides away from him so that he will not be hurt if something happens to her again.

She also does everything she can to prevent herself from becoming too attached to him or anyone else. This is why it takes so long for them to realize their feelings for each other until it is almost too late.

After reading all three chapters, I have to say that it seems like an exciting movie.

The first chapter: Starts by introducing us to our main characters. The story begins with Lulu going out on a date with Wang Qian.

She keeps wondering what type of person he really is but finds out later that he is different than she expected him to be.

We are also introduced to Mei Ying, whose mother recently died, leaving her father alone and depressed about suddenly losing his wife and leaving behind two daughters.

To help care for her younger sister, Mei Ying works hard in school to become a doctor so that she can pay for their living expenses.

When we first meet her older brother (Mei-Ling), it becomes clear how much he cares for his little sister and misses their parents.

He is a kind-hearted doctor who does not want anyone else to suffer as they did when they lost their parents. He hopes one day his little sister will open up again after being closed off from everyone for a long time because of their death.

Second Chapter: In chapter 2, we get more insight into why Mei Ling has been acting differently since their parent’s death.

It is revealed that he was in love with his best friend, and when she died, he felt it was his fault because he did not do anything to save her life.

This is why he started working harder in school and became a doctor to help others who needed medical attention, like his friend.

He was hoping that one day if someone else needed help, they would be able to receive it from him as well.

Third Chapter: In chapter 3, we see how Lulu and Wang Qian try hard not to fall for each other but can’t seem to help themselves.

They both know it is wrong for them to feel like they do about each other because of their age difference, so they try to avoid being around one another.

However, it becomes clear that neither of them can stay away from one another any longer. The story ends with Mei Ling realizing what has happened between his sister and Wang Qian all along.

He confronts her about it, and she finally tells him everything she has been hiding since their parent’s death.

Things I liked about this movie

I liked how interesting it was! It wasn’t that I just wanted it, but I loved it. It had me glued to my seat for two and a half hours, which is very rare.

Usually, after about an hour or so of watching a movie, I start dozing off at some point. The plot in itself was exciting as well.

It makes you wonder what will happen next. Many layers and twists are involved, making me very eager to know what happens next and what is going on.

This alone kept me entertained throughout most of the movie. There were also many memorable parts, specifically towards the end when everything came together nicely and tied up any loose ends.

If anything, I would have liked to see more of these parts. However, if they added more scenes like these, it would have been way too long and would not have fit into a typical movie time frame (usually around 2-3 hours).

They did exactly what they needed to do without overdoing it and making it longer than necessary. Overall, all aspects of the film were done exceptionally well. Everything seemed perfect, from directing to acting and music choices.

Things I didn’t like about this movie

The female lead and her older brother are only related by their father. Their mother left them as children, so she is not a blood relative. The male lead also was raised in an orphanage since he was a child. 

They both went through tough times in life, so it was difficult for me to see them get together at first because I didn’t believe their connection.

There are many inappropriate scenes of sexual harassment between two co-workers that were wholly unnecessary and hurtful towards women.

Final Remarks

The movie is about two brothers and their love for each other, but sometimes it feels that they have a rivalry. The way they fight is fun, but sometimes it gets annoying.

I wouldn’t recommend bringing kids because there is sexual content in some parts of that movie. It had a good plot, but overall I give it 4/5 stars because of its inappropriate language.