Warcraft III – Where to Go After You Kill a Blood Starved Beast

Warcraft III - Where to Go After You Kill a Blood Starved Beast

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Warcraft III – Where to Go After You Kill a Blood Starved Beast

Simply use a left or right dodge, sneak up behind him, and strike with precise blows or charged R2 assaults. Simply hide behind a pillar to heal in peace if the beast attacks you. The Blood-Starved Beast mutates around a third of the way through the boss battle in Bloodborne.

If you haven’t yet played the game, you might wonder where to go after killing a blood-starved beast. If so, keep reading to find out more. This article will discuss the Rook and Raven, The Grand Market, and The Healing Church. Each of these locations will help you defeat the boss. You can also learn more about them from our review!

The Rook and Raven

The Blood-starved Beast is an optional boss fight in Warcraft III. However, it is crucial to complete the battle so that you can access the Hypogean Gaol and Pthumeru Chalices. This creature jumps around and focuses primarily on frontal and rear attacks. This makes killing easy if you focus on using your best DPS skills and positioning.

The Grand Market

You can kill the Blood-starved Beast in the Grand Market, but you must get close to it. You can’t just use the Charge Attack on it, as it’s moving around a lot. Instead, you can use Antidotes and Blood Vials to stave off its attacks. But this can get tricky, so you need to know how to deal with it.

Warcraft III - Where to Go After You Kill a Blood Starved Beast

First, you must kill the Blood-starved Beast, which is guarding this area. Once you have killed him, you’ll receive praise from the boss. It will make you more aggressive, and it will also emit a poison cloud. This is why you need to take extra precautions to deal with it. However, you should keep a few things in mind before you attack the Beast.

You’ll find the item near a statue. The statue will shield you from the fire and a nearby enemy. Once you kill it, you’ll have to face the Blood-starved Beast boss. Once you’re done, you can move on to the next area. Just follow the clues because the Blood-starved Beast’s location changes.

The Healing Church

Using a lift at the Cathedral Ward lamp area will bring you to the door to The Healing Church. To open it, you must kill the Blood-Starved Beast first. Then, after killing it, use your Gatling gun to clear out any other Huntsman who are now in wheelchairs or equipped with rifles. Once inside, you’ll find dew items and a Mad Man’s Knowledge.

Once you’ve defeated the Blood-Starved Beast, the door to The Healing Church Workshop will unlock. To open it, you need the key, which can be found in Yahar’gul. After defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider, the key will unlock the door. You can reach The Healing Church Workshop from the Cathedral Ward. After crossing the bridge, you’ll encounter shooters and a single enemy.

The Blood-Starved Beast is one of the most common creatures in the game, and it can be found in most of the Chalice Dungeons. However, their lore is quite complex and mysterious. They may have become lost in the crumbling dens, tunnels, and halls. This is the reason they have an unquenchable thirst for blood. You’ll need to ensure you’re not the only one suffering from this disease.

The Healing Church Workshop is located in the lower Cathedral Ward. To enter, go through the right doorway. The door is locked, but you’ll need the key later on. Once you’ve obtained the key, you can access the Workshop. The Workshop contains a chest. There’s no way to get to it unless you have a key. So, make sure you have it handy before you start working!

Warcraft III - Where to Go After You Kill a Blood Starved Beast

The Blood-starved Beast is a challenging enemy. You can expect it to attack with its hands, as well as with its charged R2 attacks. Be sure to stack up on antidotes and poison resistance. This monster is best fought with an aggressive playstyle in the first phase and a slow and steady one in the second. When you face it, make sure you use the environment to heal yourself.

The first phase is one of the most dangerous for the Blood-starved Beast. Its movements are slow, and the aggression level is low. Therefore, use the most extended weapon that you have. Avoid its attacks with quick steps or circling them. If the Beast catches you, its Slow & Fast Combo can clip you before it finishes. Also, if you have fast weapons, use the Visceral Attack. The only problem is that you should be confident with timing, as interrupting a Blood-starved Beast’s attacks later can be risky.