The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Hidden locations and quests

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Hidden locations and quests

Skyrim Locations & Quests That Most Players Have Never Found

Some locations & quests in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim are so hidden, remote, and challenging to reach that even long-time players might end up missing them.

The world of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been around almost ten years. The game’s enormous open-world may have contributed to its longevity. Some players are only now discovering some of the secrets. Some locations in the game are so hidden and difficult to find that even experienced players might not see them.

The Skyrim map covers fifteen square miles of terrain in-game. It is home to more than 400 locations. Many factors can make it difficult to access a particular location. You could blame the remoteness of the area, its location on the outskirts. It is not marked on the map or that you can only access it through specific dialogue and quests.

Skyrim’s Pilgrim’s Trench 

Once you have reached Winterhold, players will head northwest on the map towards the Sea of Ghosts. The icy seas can be found with the marker for Pilgrim’s Trench, where you will find a Shrine to Talos and an abandoned camp belonging to the late Trius. There are four shipwrecks below the surface, each of which can be explored and offer loot and spells. This location is remote and far below the surface, which makes it difficult. Suppose you are not using a helm or potion of water breathing or simply choosing to be an Argonian at the beginning of the game. It will be impossible to dive to the necessary depths and treasure hunt without running out of oxygen.

The Chill is a Skyrim Location 

The Chill is a prison north of Sky temple Ruins for those who are not interested in committing crimes against Skyrim or her people. Skyrim’s most secretive secret is The Chill, which can be found in a completely unmarked area on the map. The entrance is a small, inconspicuous pile of rock and ice that blends in with the landscape. The Dragonborn will have to battle an adept Frost Atronach once inside the prison to steal the gold ore and other goods found on the decaying bodies throughout the dungeon.

 Giant’s Grove in Skyrim

Skyrim’s orc tribes hold secrets that players must uncover. The Giant’s Grove, a Skyrim quest-specific location, yields powerful and rare loot to determined players. First, the Dragonborn must investigate the events at Largashbur’s orcish stronghold. There they will find the clans of orcs fighting off a giant. How difficult the quest will be for players will depend on Ugor’s fate. Players will be allowed to enter the stronghold if she survives. However, if she is killed in combat with the giant, players will need to loot her body to unlock a new quest to gain their trust.

Once inside Largashbur, players meet chief Yamarz, who implores the Dragonborn’s help regaining his strength through a Daedric prince’s ritual to fend off the giants overrunning the orcs’ territory. After collecting the ingredients and completing this ritual, the player will join chief Yamarz for a treacherous dungeon climb through Fallowstone Cave that leads eventually to The Giant’s Grove. As a reward, Shagrol’s Warhammer is available here.

These hidden places are challenging to find and offer a wealth of loot and stunning scenic design. To discover all hidden secrets, completionists will have to search the entire world map. The Elder Scrolls VII: Skyrimmust is hidden.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | Hidden Quests

Many hidden quests can be overlooked due to all the DLC, dragon-slaying, and guilds of Skyrim. If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s time. If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s time.

It may seem like there isn’t much left for the level 80 character who has defeated Alduin, saved College of Winterhold, and completed the Dawnguard DLC and Dragonborn DLC. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Although there may be new caves to discover or radiant quests to complete for Tolfdir and Vex, these become routine after a while.

While following the main path in Skyrim is arguably the best way to tell the story, there are many more hidden quests that can be missed as they are more difficult to find. Skyrim’s longevity is more due to little things like secret mini-bosses and treasure hunts that can be improvised. These side quests are a way to spend time in the game and offer gifts that are worth looking into.

These quests do not require mods. However, some of them are only available in the DLC. Make sure you have the Dawnguard, or Dragonborn DLCs installed. This content is likely to be open to most Skyrim players. If not, they are great ways to extend your Skyrim experience.

Side Quests in Skyrim – Rise In The East 

These quests can be enjoyed without mods. However, the Skyrim Survival Mode mod will take you to the next level with its icy terrain and frigid northern water. This quest is the most overlooked in Skyrim. It can only be obtained in the East Empire Company offices at Windhelm, which many players have never been to. An Imperial named Orthus Endario asks the Dragonborn to steal a logbook. The following is a brawl between a pirate captain and a voyage into the Sea of Ghosts. Finally, the Dragonborn launches an assault on Japhet’s Folly off the coast of Winterhold. This quest is unique because of Japhet’s Folly. It’s one of the most rewarding things after defeating Skyrim.

Side Quests for Skyrim – Frostflow Abyss

The DLC locations house a vampire castle and the Soul Cairn. However, there are very few places on Skyrim that are genuinely frightening. Frostflow Abyss takes you to the Frostflow Lighthouse, located to the north, west Ironbind Barrow, and between Dawnstar & Winterhold. The interior of the lighthouse is disorganized at first glance. The basement is home to something sinister if you look closely at the journals.

Further exploration leads to a descent into the icy caverns below the lighthouse, where unwary players will find grisly blood trails as well as falmer ambushes. This quest reaffirms that poison resist antidotes should be available to Skyrim players. The expedition ends with a battle against an enormous Chaurus reaper. The investigation gives players a unique passive buff called Sailor’s Repose that grants a 10% permanent boost to all healing spells. This perk is beneficial for early-game players who want to invest in the Restoration skills tree.

Skyrim Side Quests: Unfathomable Depths

Unfathomable depths is another quest that grants a permanent passive. An Argonian woman called From-Deepest Fathoms can be found wandering around the Riften Docks, saying, “The memories.” They are too much for me. They must be taken away and returned to Avanchnzel.” She accepts if the player agrees to give a lexicon similar to that given to Septimus Signus to the Dragonborn before he entered Blackreach.

While that lexicon is pertinent to the Lovecraft-inspired Daedric Prince Hermaeous Mora quest, this one brought tragedy to From-Deepest-Fathoms and her friends as they explored Avanchnzel. The search leads the player through the ruin where her companions were slowly taken away and ended with a battle against the Dwarven Centurion. Returning the lexicon will reward you with an ability called Ancient Knowledge grants two passive bonuses. A 25% bonus to wear Dwarven Armor (which is on par with Daedric armor) and a permanent 15% increase in the speed at which the player can improve their Smithing skill. That is a great way to speed up an otherwise tedious process.

Side Quests of Skyrim Easily Forgotten – Arniel’s Endeavor

This quest is a deep dive into Dwemer’s history. The conclusion hint at Elder Scrolls 6 way to bring back the Dwemer. It’s not challenging to complete the quest since it can be initiated by simply speaking with Arniel (one of the wizards who lives at Winterhold College). This quest is on the top list because it requires a lot of traveling throughout the province and the rewards for completion are not great at first. Many players don’t want to take it on or even finish it. Because the Dragonborn must collect ten Dwemer cogs at the various ruins across Skyrim, the first stage of this quest can often drive players away. The quest does not include any accompanying quest markers. Additionally, the cogs can be difficult to find once collected.

The player then needs to carry a warped gem of their soul across the map. It heats them with an unusual spell called Arniel’s Convection. The Dragonborn must then retrieve the legendary dagger Keening. Although the dagger isn’t a huge prize, once Arniel has completed his experiment, the player will receive one of the most potent Conjuration spells in the game. Skyrim Arniel’s Shade. It costs nothing to cast the spell and summons Arniel’s ethereal ghost. Who casts Destruction spells. It is almost immune to all damage. Summoning Arniel is an excellent distraction in the most challenging fights of the game. Still, it’s not worth the effort to obtain the spell. That is the beauty of these side quests: claiming them early can make a huge difference in a player’s run. So did you miss out any location or quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?