Trails in the Sky Walkthrough

Trails in the Sky Walkthrough

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Trails in the Sky Walkthrough

The first thing you need to know about Trails in the Sky is its quest system. While some of the tasks you have to complete are linear and easy to do on your own, others require the assistance of others. To help you with this, a Trails in the Sky walkthrough can be of great benefit. The walkthrough covers every job and quest in the game, from the prologue quests that follow the adventures of Estelle and Joshua to the main story.


Among the hundreds of minor characters in Trails in the Sky is Aldan, a photographer whose obsession is the airships of the Bose International Port. It is essential to know where to find Aldan because you can move between different regions by using menus. Fortunately, a comprehensive walkthrough is available for this game, which will help you find the character you’re looking for.

The Trails game series began with The Legend of Heroes, released in 2004. Until the 2010s, the games were exclusively released in Asian markets. Xseed Games handled the English localization until NIS America took over the localization duties in 2019. Falcom originally conceived the game series as part of its mission to create a narrative that would last for decades. Critics have praised the series for its worldbuilding and characters. As of 2021, the games had sold over six million copies worldwide.


The first chapter of Trails in the Sky FC is set in a small town called Rolent, which functions as a microcosm of the enormous continent of Liberal. Though considered a backwater, Rolent seeps the culture and ideas of Liberal into small-town life. In this way, the player can become acquainted with the world and its ideas before moving on to the more extensive world.

In addition to the main storyline, Trails in the Sky FC uses worldbuilding techniques to make their worlds seem more alive. While the game is not set in an entirely realistic world, it uses assets that are widely available in other games. For example, it is possible to talk to people in far-off villages while traveling through a distant part of the world. Although this may not seem like much, it adds a lot of depth to the worldbuilding.

Another aspect that sets this series apart from other JRPGs is its worldbuilding. This series is known for building on previous games, and Trails FC doesn’t disappoint. Despite its low-key approach, the game is an excellent JRPG in its own right. Its worldbuilding is an essential part of the Trails series, so you’ll likely enjoy this game if you’re a fan of the franchise.

The second area of importance in Trails in the Sky FC is history. While the game has several important historical events, you may want to think about how the world grew through these critical moments. The Hundred Days War, for instance, gave rise to the first orbital revolution. This event is also a big deal in Trails in the Sky FC. It helped the kingdom’s people develop their identity and ultimately crafted a sense of place within the Kingdom of Liberal.

The game is also rich in storylines in addition to the worldbuilding in Trails in the Sky. The player will encounter new characters and environments in the game. The game’s plot will connect with the previous ones but will also tell a standalone story in the world. While Trails in the Sky is a great game, it isn’t without flaws. 

Despite its unique worldbuilding, Trails in the Sky can be considered a disappointment for players looking for a high-quality RPG.

Another major flaw of Trails games is their overly detailed character models. This is particularly apparent in Cold Steel IV, which has excellent localization. While the NPCs are largely voiced, the game still suffers from the same problems as other anime-styled JRPGs. The characters look fantastic, but the environments are unappealing to those who aren’t familiar with the genre.


The gameplay is one of the best parts of this game. Although the game was originally released for Microsoft Windows in Japan, it was later ported to the PlayStation Portable. Falcom sold the rights to the game to Xseed Games in 2006, but the game was not released until 2011 in North America. Unfortunately, several technical problems meant that the game was never fully translated and localized, but the game has been remastered for the PlayStation Vita.

The characters in this game are well-written and likable. Both Estelle and Joshua have exciting personalities that are relatable to the player. Estelle is a problematic character, but fans eventually came to like her. Joshua, meanwhile, is a complex character who can make fans cheer for him or wish for his death. Although the game is action-oriented, there are still several very touching scenes.

The game is also full of sidequests. There are several to choose from, including cooking and crafting. There are also several quests that you can do to enhance your character. It is easy to get wrapped up in action with the soundtrack and sidequests. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a tough work day. 

Once you’ve unlocked all the sidequests, you’ll be ready for the next adventure. In addition to the story, players can fight with their characters and interact with NPCs. Eight playable characters rotate in and out of the party. Each town in Trails in the Sky has a named NPC, allowing them to develop their character traits and relationships. While many JRPGs feature nameless NPCs, Trails takes a unique approach. If you enjoy this genre, you’ll be happy to know that the combat in Trails in the Sky is just as fun as the story!

Trails in the Sky’s combat system is straightforward but offers tactical depth. In addition to the usual rogue-like combat system, each character in the game can access Arts and Crafts. Essential positioning can be automated using the attack command, which allows you to spam attacks and dispatch weaker foes. When you’re faced with more powerful foes, more robust options will be available to you.

The gameplay in Trails in the Sky is turn-based. Each character has a blue and orange gauge corresponding to mana and spells in combat. These spells buff the party and debuff enemies. On the other hand, crafts are character-specific skills that can be performed on the fly but require much crafting experience. If you’re new to this genre, it may take some time to hang it.