Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

If you’re having trouble with Dark Cloud 2 and want to get through the game without reloading every time, a walkthrough will come in handy. A walkthrough will tell you where to find items and the locations of trophies. It will also take you through every level to finish each chapter. Finally, it will show you how to find all of the trophies that are out there so you can earn them all.


In Dark Cloud 2, you have several choices for upgrading your weapon. Using Synth Spheres will help you boost the stats of your weapons, and you can also find other types of weapons to use. Those that are made from gems can also be upgraded. If you want to ensure that your weapon is the best possible, you can also find rare finds in dungeons. Here is how to find these weapons.

You will also need to collect coins to improve your weapons. While some coins are required for advancement, some add lovely goodies to your arsenal. You can also add coins to your weapons to give them special powers. These coins are obtained naturally during gameplay, but you can also buy them if you have trouble locating them. There are a few other things you can do with your coins. Check out our Dark Cloud 2 trophy guide to see how to earn the highest amount of coins in the game.

The best weapons for Monica are her swords and armbands. Those are great for melee combat, and they are also great for combos. However, you’ll need to be careful when choosing your weapon. Dark Cloud 2 gives you more options, and it will be easier for you to choose the right one. You can convert your existing weapons into new ones, but there are some weaknesses. If you’re unsure what to use, you should check out the lore to learn what you should keep and upgrade.

If you have a low-end weapon, you can use it to level it quickly by using Synth Spheres. You can even make your weapon more robust by using the Synth Spheres. Remember that you must use Synth Spheres regularly to get a good Synthesis Crystal. You can also use your Synth Sphere to create a Drill Wrench. You can also build a Synthesis Crystal that gives you a variety of abilities.


There are several ways to get Gems in Dark Cloud 2. Some are found in treasure chests inside dungeons; others are obtained on back floors. Sometimes, you can find a gym if you’ve altered your past. You can even use it to attach weapons to yourself or your enemies. But remember to use this item wisely! It takes up one space and adds special abilities. For example, you can use Gems to get better weapon attributes.

In Dark Cloud 2, players can use Gems to upgrade their weapons. They can also get these items by completing dungeons. Gems can also be used to buy new weapons. One of the most essential weapon types in Dark Cloud 2 is the hammer. This weapon has many variations, and different bonuses and weaknesses are available. One weapon has unique abilities that enhance its defense. A player can even equip it with an elemental hammer to enhance its defense.

Inventions are another excellent way to get Gems in Dark Cloud 2. The game allows you to build various valuable items, such as weapons and flashlights. Other useful items include cameras, radios, and even rare objects. For example, cameras can be very useful in battles and help you take better pictures of your enemies. If you want to find a way to create more of these valuable items, use the invention guide.

Using a guide can help you earn Gems in Dark Cloud 2. A good guide will explain how to obtain every trophy and make it through the game. A Dark Cloud 2 walkthrough is the best way to maximize your chances of success in the game. A guide will also explain how to find the items in each level and how to complete each chapter. You can find a guide for Dark Cloud 2 on the developer’s website.

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If you’re having trouble with Dark Cloud 2 and want to know how to get all of the trophies and complete the chapters, a Dark Cloud 2 walkthrough can help. It will explain what to do, but it will also show you where to find all of the items and complete each chapter. These guides are available on the developers’ websites. If you’re having trouble, you can also read our Dark Cloud 2 review to see how we played the game and how we did it.

In Dark Cloud 2, there are three primary inventions. You can make any of these items from everyday materials, rare items, and other valuable items. A flashlight, a camera, and a radio are all excellent options in battle. A camera, for example, will capture more pictures and enable you to take better pictures of your enemies. By collecting enough of these items, you can improve your camera, which will make it more useful.

The game is full of surprises. In addition to solving puzzles, you can make your life easier by inventing your equipment. For example, you can make a camera that will record everything you see in the dark cloud dungeons. The camera is an advantageous invention that can save your life and make the game more enjoyable. And it’s easy to make these tools with a Dark Cloud 2 walkthrough!

In Dark Cloud 2, players can use gems to upgrade their weapons. Those gems can be obtained by completing dungeons or by purchasing them later. In addition to upgrading your weapons, you can also buy new ones using gems. This will help you have a more incredible arsenal of weapons. In addition to upgrading your weapons, you can also buy new ones, such as the elemental hammer.