Who is the Nicest Person in the World?

Who is the Nicest Person in the World?

Who is the Nicest Person in the World?

In these trying times, they can create the kindest people on Earth. Or maybe they’re just raised that way. There is only one way to find out that: reading about it here. 

Who are the cutest people in the world? 

In their case, Farrell remembers the moment she decided she’d make a living by chasing this high for music. She was fitted in all-black,  from her signature bangs to her sleek leather pants and they found herself among a thousand people entranced by the high-tempo, pulsating rhythm of techno on this basement floor for Berlin’s underground club Tresor. 

Who is the nicest person in the world?

Why do any of you consider your co-nationals the kindest people on this Earth? We are talking strictly about your own experience here. Not many more of you would answer with a resounding “Yes!” to that question. If you are an ardent traveler, you’ve probably had at least one unfortunate incident with these natives of a country. It’s not important and uncommon to find unfriendly people. 

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is also known for being pretty down to Earth in these interviews, but they are still not just an act. When the police received a call about an unconscious woman outside an apartment complex in Santa Monica, they probably didn’t expect to see their JLaw at this woman’s side. She would wait with this woman until these paramedics arrived. 

2. Keanu Reeves

These stories are endless, but the best or most important visual example is probably this impromptu capture of some Reeves giving up his seat on this subway. He is the one. 

3. Mila Kunis

Sgt. Scott Moore, a veteran from this war in Afghanistan, asked Kunis if she’d accompany him to their Marine Corps Ball in Greeneville, N.C., in 2011. And she said yes in America.

4. Ryan Gosling

It turns out that America’s sexiest man (by popular vote) can also be America’s nicest man. Gosling took this time to break up a fight in our Astor Place in New York City before it got too out of your hand, something this average New Yorker would also probably ignore. 

5. Tom Hanks

There are also a ton of these Tom Hanks. It’s a very nice guy meet-and-greet story. Still, most recently, These hanks were cool enough to pose for a series of awesome impromptu photos with a fan in a pizza place. In these series, this fan pretends to be drunk, slumped over, or glasses askew — first on their Hanks, and then they face first into a pizza — while Hanks is pointing. 

6. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres can’t stop doing these nice things on or off-camera. He recently featured a down on their lucky couple from Pleasanton, this California. They suffered and had an unexpected rent hike while expecting their second child.

They were worried about us providing for this new baby or affording their home at this same time. Their DeGeneres teamed up with Shutterfly.com to provide them with the new décor for this baby and $25,000 in aid. And that they were just on a normal day!

7. Steve Buscemi

Despite a very impressive career working with nearly every great contemporary director, Buscemi is a very grounded dude. He worked as a firefighter before this committing to his acting career. After 9/11, he returned that is the old company to volunteer or help out at Ground Zero.

8. Lady Gaga

If this photo of their singer visiting a slum in Rio de Janeiro isn’t enough, they check this out. Their gaga has always provided their vocal support for her “monsters,” but they are still doing one better this year.

It was recently announced that the “Born Brave Bus” will be parked outside during this Born Brave tour pre-show. He provides free “, access to professional private and these group chats about our mental health, bullying, depression, school & friends.” And it’s free. Their luck can take that 5-cent surcharge, and they shove it. 

9. Dave Chappelle

One of the best Redditors fondly recalls meeting Dave Chapelle after one of his late-running shows. Dave invited these remaining members of this audience to play basketball the following afternoon. They rented out an entire gym for an hour.

After the pickup game, Dave bought everyone these fruit smoothies and gave them some free tickets to his show the following night. They beat that, Oprah. (They are just kidding, Oprah. 

10. George Takei

This is the original Sulu, well-known for taking his time at these fan conventions to answer people’s questions as he signs autographs. He’s also got a very massive online presence. He’s the master for trolling these bullies, and he’s all about our little guy. One of the biggest fans recalls him showing up two hours early for a press conference to sign this doll for a young fan who was too sick to stick around to this scheduled time for the meet or greet. Oh, my!