Never Have I Ever Questions For Virgins

Never Have I Ever Questions For Virgins

Never Have I Ever Questions For Virgins

Never Have I Ever Questioned a virgin. It is common for gatherings and parties to include fun and exciting games that allow people to get to know one another better while providing entertainment.

Among the many games available, the most popular is the ‘Never Have I Ever game, which allows you to learn about your peers or friends in a novel way.

If you’re looking to start your own never have I ever game night with friends, you may wonder what questions to ask to test your knowledge of each other. Your friends never have I ever experienced this.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best 49 never have I ever questions for virgins and some story-like questions with short explanations so you can start your own game immediately.

What Exactly Is the “Never Have I Ever” Game?

‘Never Have I Ever,’ also known as ‘Ten Fingers’ or ‘I’ve Never,’ is a game in which players ask each other questions about things they haven’t done before during their turn.

It’s usually played in a drinking contest, with the other players who have done the specific thing having to drink.

However, suppose the game involves children or teenagers under 18. In that case, you could play the version without alcohol, in which the players fold their fingers to count the scores instead.

How to Play the ‘Never Have I Ever Game As previously stated, the Never Have I Ever game has simple rules: players are required to write down experiences they’ve never had or have had previously in turn.

Players who have completed the specified experience must take a sip or a shot of alcohol. If no other players are involved, the person who reported the incident must drink.

Is the game played with someone who does not or cannot drink? There’s no need to be concerned because you can replace drinks by counting your fingers.

To increase the enjoyment, if only one person has done or encountered the problem, they must flesh out the details of the question.

Like other games, you can change the questions or statements to make them more appropriate for the players or the audience.

The key to making this game more exciting is to alternate between mundane and shocking activities, as long as the goal is to become acquainted with the other players.

It’s bound to surprise people by demonstrating how something as simple as changing a tire or even participating in a talent show can produce an intriguing story or anecdote that no one was aware of or even considered.

Meanwhile, a more perplexing encounter may result in insightful discussions and questions, which may change your perspective on your personal life.

There still are numerous ideas for this game available on various websites. This Never Have I Ever game will keep your guests entertained for hours.

Just keep in mind to keep it appropriate and appropriate for the type of team of players. Remember that this is just a game.

Finally, there’s no need to push it too far because the drinking version may be far more complex than you anticipated.

Before going to the main list, please look at a story like Never have I ever questions for virgins with possible short explanations for making your mind to the main questions.

Never have I ever… kissed someone at a party

Most people have probably kissed someone at a party at some point in their lives. But what about those who haven’t? For them, kissing someone at a party would be a new and exciting experience.

Never have I ever… slept with something like a random man

Never have I ever slept with something like a foreigner. It’s not that I’m opposed to the idea; it’s just that it hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe it’s because I’m too shy, or maybe I’ve never been in the right place at the right time. Whatever the reason, making out with a stranger is something that I haven’t done yet.

Never have I ever… had sex with multiple people

You’ve probably had sex with zero people if you’re a virgin. But that doesn’t mean you haven’t thought about it!

Maybe you’ve even fantasized about what it would be like to have sex with multiple partners. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, these never have I ever questions for virgins will help you explore your sexuality in a fun and safe way.

Never have I ever… been told that my body looks like it belongs in porn

I remember the first time someone told me my body looked like it belonged in porn. I was so embarrassed and didn’t know how to react.

Thankfully, my friends were there to support me, and we all had a good laugh about it. But it did make me feel self-conscious for a long time afterward.

Whenever I saw that person, I would wonder if they were thinking about my body and comparing it to porn stars.

Never have I eaten out at a public place while they ate, too

If you’re a virgin, there’s a chance you’ve never had the opportunity to eat out in a public place while someone else ate. Maybe you’ve been too shy or haven’t had the chance. But if you have, it’s a pretty fun experience.

Never have I ever… On my very first date, I slept with another person

I know that some people are more comfortable with sex than others, but for me, sex is something that I only want to share with someone special.

That’s why I’ve never had sex on the first date. I want to get to know someone first and see if there’s a real connection before we take things to the next level.

Never have I said I love you to someone before having sex with them

In the heat of the moment, it can be easy to say things you don’t mean. If you’ve never had sex before, you might not be ready to say I love you.

This is perfectly normal and doesn’t mean you’re a terrible person. Simply be authentic with both you and your partner about your emotional responses and move according to your own pace.

Never have I ever… pleasured myself without anyone else around

There’s something special about being able to pleasure yourself without anyone else. It’s a private moment you get to share with yourself and can be incredibly accessible.

Never have I ever… watched porn videos before (just out of curiosity, don’t do it!)

Before you click away, hear us out: we get it; you’re a virgin. You’re not sure if you want to have sex yet, or maybe you’re just waiting for the right person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your friends!

Never have I been caught in bed by your parents before marriage (or something along those lines…)

Never have I ever been caught in bed by my parents before marriage. We had to practice abstinence to have sex in our house, and my mum and dad were very strict about it.

So, when I was caught in bed with my boyfriend by my mom, it was a bit of a shock. But she didn’t freak out or anything; she just calmly asked us to get dressed and come downstairs so we could talk about it.

Now let’s go to the list of Never have I ever questions for virgins:

39 Never have I ever questioned virgins

  1. Never have I ever had sex before.
  2. Never have I ever been kissed before.
  3. Never have I ever been to a nightclub or bar.
  4. Never have I ever gotten drunk before.
  5. Never have I ever smoked a cigarette or marijuana before.
  6. Never have I ever tried a recreational drug before.
  7. Never have I ever had an STD or STI before.
  8. Never have I ever seen a porno movie before.
  9. Never have I ever masturbated before.
  10. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping before.
  11. Never have I ever watched pornography before.
  12. Never have I ever slept with a person from my own sexual preference.
  13. I have never had sexual contact with someone of the same gender as me.
  14. Never have I ever sexually used food.
  15. Never have I ever engaged in oral sex.
  16. Never have I ever participated in a threesome,
  17. and never have I ever taken nude photos of myself.
  18. Never have I ever sexted.
  19. Never have I ever sent a dirty text message.
  20. Never have I ever cheated on my partner.
  21. Never have I ever fantasized about cheating on my partner.
  22. Never have I ever faked an orga*m.
  23. Never have I ever pleasured myself.
  24. Never have I ever masturbated in public.
  25. Never have I ever experimented sexually.
  26. Never have I ever experimented sexually.
  27. Never have I ever met someone online and met them offline.
  28. I never wanted to sleep with my best friend’s significant other.
  29. Never have I ever wanted to sleep with my best friend.
  30. Never have I ever flirted shamelessly.
  31. Never have I ever given another person a sensual massage.
  32. Never have I ever given another person a sensual massage.
  33. Never have I ever been asked out by someone at work.
  34. Never have I ever hooked up with someone from work.
  35. Never have I ever hooked up with a stranger.
  36. Never have I ever hooked up with someone who was seeing somebody else.
  37. Never have I ever hooked up at a party.
  38. Never have I ever done anything inappropriate while sober.
  39. Never have I ever tried making love.


We hope you enjoyed our never having questions for virgins ever! Whether you’re a v-card holder yourself or just looking for some fun and naughty questions to ask your partner, these are sure to get the job done.

So get ready to blush, giggle, and maybe even squirm as you find out just how much (or how little) experience your friends, family, and significant others have had.