How To Keep Birds Off Porch, House and Balcony | Home Remidies

How To Keep Birds Off Porch, House and Balcony | Home Remidies

Protect Your Porch, house and balcony from Birds. How To Keep Birds Off Porch?

Birds are beautiful creatures to look at and listen to from a distance. Still, they can be highly problematic when these pesky birds decide to make their home near your porch. When this happens, you will always be there to clean up after the birds, making noises, and some birds even peck at you. These smelly droppings in the porch will harden over time, and your porch will lose its color as well. These droppings have high acidic content, so you have to clean them up before the color on the porch starts to fade away. But here, we discuss some ways so you can get rid of these irritating birds from your property.

Ways To Keep Birds Away From Your Porch

Peogens, crows, and sparrows can give you headaches due to pecking and smelly droppings that your porch has endured. You have to find ways to get rid of them before it affects your households and social interactions. So here we discuss some of the ways to get rid of these pesky birds.

  • Using Irritating Lights

Birds get irritated when they flash in the eyes with light, especially during the bright beams of sunlight. Here we discuss some reflective measures that you can use to irritate birds.

  • Reflective Tape

You can use reflective tapes that are metallic and super shiny and can make noise in the wind. Moreover, you can hang the pieces of this tape like ornaments or string it out like streamers or garland. Additionally, you can also use it because it is pretty effective and provides an audible, visual deterrent. There is a stimulus in the deterrent, the greater chances for its effectiveness.

  • Twisting Spiral Rods

These are the same as the wind chimes because they turn or hang in the wind, but they do not have the noise component. Hang them up alongside wind chimes. Remember, more stimuli will always be better. These rods are super reflective and can move, making the birds hesitate to land as they are shiny and startling. 

  • CDs

If you have an extra collection of old CDs, give them a new purpose as a bird repellent. They can twist and turn when hung on a string or wire and are too shiny. 

  • Pinwheels

Metallic pinwheels can be an effective method if you place them in the right places. They are light in color and can be mounted easily and set wherever you want. The only downside for its working is that you only need a good breeze. So you should go for silver ones if the wind is quiet to provide reflectiveness still. 

  • Mirrors

If you have a bunch of mirrors, then you can hang them on your porch railing, or you can also attach them to your siding. These mirrors serve the same purpose by blasting sunlight back out. If a bird catches its reflection, it will not come back because they think it may be a potential competitor. It has cool frames, then using them might be a cool method and a more visually appealing option.

2. Decoys

Putting out decoys is the best way to scare off the birds. Statues of birds are among the best options, such as owls, hawks, foxes, snacks, or cats. Set them on your deck or hang them. Make sure to do some variability. These pesky birds will get used to these decoys after some time when they will realize that they are not in real danger. So for effective results, make sure to move around your decoy to different spots and cycle through a variety of them. 

3. Noises

Noises may not be as irritating as the decoys or reflective lights because visual stimuli are more dominating than audible. Noises are easy to ignore when they perceive no threat. But if you will pair an annoying noise with an annoying light, it will greatly increase your chances of getting rid of those pesky birds.

  • Tin cans

Clicking the tin cans could be annoying to birds. These cans can be personalized and decorated, and it is also a fun display of your kid’s work. Hanging tins cans could be a new way to get rid of those pesky birds. 

  • Windchimes

The random bursts of the noise of these wind chimes can be startling to a bird. Suppose you want to keep this stimulus novel. In that case, you have to periodically change these chimes for different kinds of sounds and also change their location.

  • Ultrasonic

They are using ultrasonic sound sources that drive birds away. Short waves with a specific frequency are emitted from a box when the motion sensor of these ultrasonic devices is tripped. These ultrasonic sound waves are very unpleasant to the birds and cause them to fly away. Humans are unable to hear that ultrasonic sounds. 

4. Bad smell

No one likes a bad smell, so there might be a chance that birds are also bothered by these unpleasant scents invading their nostrils. You can buy any bird repellent from the market or make your own. You have to reapply the spray every week or after it rains. 

  • Citrus

Using a lemon and water mixture will make your porch smell nice and keep the birds away. You can also lay out the slices of lemon as well in your porch. 

  • Chili pepper

Mixing the chili pepper with water and vinegar is another method to get rid of birds. It will not cause any harm to the birds, but it will help keep the birds away.

  • Garlic

Crush up some garlic cloves and mix them with olive oil. Let the mixture in the fridge for a few days, and then spray that mixture wherever the birds are.

  • Cayenne pepper

This method will not hurt the birds. It will just deter them. You have to mix some cayenne pepper with dish soap and water, then spray it where ever you need it.


Suppose you are using spikes or other methods to control the activity of birds. In that case, you have to exercise some precautionary measures where you put them or who has access to them. Stray animals, pets, or children can harm themselves. Finally, using a combination of these methods and regularly switching them every 2-3 weeks will help you keep birds away from your porch.