How to keep birds from pooping on my porch and car?

How to keep birds from pooping on my porch and car?

How to keep birds from pooping on my porch and car?

Birds are one of the most unique and pleasant creatures on earth. These are warm-blooded animals with feathers on their skin, and they are an essential part of the ecosystem. The birds that usually roam around us are blackbirds, crows, sparrows, pigeons, and robins. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your balcony, porch, car, or whatever it is but the dropping of birds they left is unpleasant, and no one welcomes it. Are you worried about birds pooping on your porch and car? Are you finding a permanent solution to this problem? Fortunately, you are at the right place. This article will see various methods to avoid the birds pooping. I hope that you will find the best solution to your problem. Before jumping towards the remedies, let’s discuss the health hazards caused by the bird’s droppings. 

What health hazards can bird pooping cause?

Birds are an important part of our ecosystem. Still, various diseases can spread due to their feces, or they can be carriers. The common ailments caused by their pooping are Cryptococcosis, food poisoning due to E.coli, Candidiasis, Salmonellosis, and Histoplasmosis. The birds can also be the disease carrier; they can also carry parasites or other infectious toxins. 

An incredible guide to keeping Birds from pooping on your porch:

1. Make your porch less attractive to birds

There are some simple steps you can follow to make it less attractive.

  • Don’t leave food outside because it will work as a bird feeder. 
  • Remove all the containers, fountains, or any water source to attract more birds, specifically in summers. 
  • Tall trees will work as a house for the birds. Try to trim your trees and shrubs on time. 

2. Shiny things can deter the birds

Shiny surfaces can repel birds. Metallic streamers, old CDs, metal windchimes, Pinwheels, Hang mirrors can make birds anxious while blowing in the wind. 

  • Metallic streamers:

In the slow wind, they blow and make birds uncomfortable.

  • Old CDs:

Old CDs in your house can also work as a shiny surface to deter the birds. 

  • Metal wind chimes:

Its voice is pleasant for humans but a deterrent for the birds as this sound is unfamiliar for this tiny creature. 

  • Pinwheels:

It is usually used as a toy for children and can be bought from any toy shop. It is a cheap source and can meet our demand. When the wind blows, and the sunshine reflects, it produces noise that can scare the birds. 

  • Hang mirrors:

Mirrors are available in every house; there is no need to spend so much money on them. It is an easy DIY to hang some small mirrors. It will perform two tasks for you: first, its shiny surface deters the birds. Secondly, the birds will consider any other birds that can scare them or are frightened of the food shortage.  

3. Ultrasonic sound system

In this modern era, it’s pretty easy to buy a sound system. High pitched sounds cause discomfort for humans and birds. You can play the predator’s sounds that can scare the birds and show that the area is unsafe. The pricing of the sound system varies from 50-500$ according to their features. Even some sound systems are fully automated; they produce sounds of predator birds when they signify a bird around them. 

4. Floating or artificial pool predators

There is a tricky yet easy way to make birds scary and keep away from dropping. Examples of pool predators are snakes, frogs, alligators, etc. The birds will be frightened to see the deadly predators, and this trick will keep them away. However, your guest should be aware of these pool predators; otherwise, you will also scare them with your bait.

How can I keep birds from pooping on my porch? 

Including the above steps are additional ways to keep your car safe. 

  • Use of car cover

Try to cover your cars. It will not only keep your car safe from birds but also dirt, water, and sunlight. You can buy a car cover from local stores or online. It seems pretty tricky, but it will serve you in a better way. 

  • Try to park your car away from trees

As we all know, trees are the shelter for the birds. The birds usually chirp on trees, specifically in summer, so don’t park your car under a tree; otherwise, it will take a lot of your time to clean poop. s

  • Try to park in the garage

The garage is the sweet home of our car. If you have already designed your garage, try to park a car there. 

  • Motion-activated sprinkler

Until now, we have discussed the most accessible and most affordable solution to keep birds away, but this is the most expensive method. If you are worried about birds pooping, this method is best for you. This sprinkler detects the movement of the birds or animals and starts alarming and squirting water. There are some essential points that one should consider while installing it at your home, check the sensitivity of the sprinkler and try to check all the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, it will start squirting water even if there is no bird or animal in sight.

Final Thoughts

Bird poop is a very unpleasant problem, but many remedies are given in this post. You can use any of these remedies to keep the birds away. Only pooping is not the problem but inhaling is threatening to life. Their noise in the morning is another crucial reason to restrain them. If any of these methods work for you effectively, try changing the technique next week, so the birds don’t become too one method.