How To Keep Birds From Building A Nest On The Porch?

How To Keep Birds From Building A Nest On The Porch

How To Keep Birds From Building A Nest On The Porch?

Birds can be beautiful to see and hear from a distance, but they can be highly problematic if you decide to sit near your porch or patio. When this happens, you can find yourself in a noisy world, cleaning the birds and even more aggressive birds pecking at you. Luckily, there are a few ways to keep birds away from your porches. In this article, we’ll give you the best helpful tips on how to keep birds from nesting on your patio. You can get things done in no time, from allowing pets to installing wind chimes. First, let’s look at why birds like to nest on your porch.

Why Do Birds Make Nests On Your Porch?

Like other animals, birds stay in nests, rest, and take care of their families. Therefore, safety is a top priority for birds when choosing a nest. Birds can fly, so most choose high places like tall trees, poles, chimneys, and porches. Also, these places must be well hidden to avoid flying predators. In general, porches are ideal options for birds, as they provide good coverage and have a decent height. Also, if there are branches and dry leaves on the veranda, the birds will notice them quickly and find it beneficial to build their nests.

6 Best Ways To Keep Birds From Building A Nest On Porch

Here are the best tactics to avoid birds from making their nests. 

  • Allow Natural Predators To Scare Birds

Nothing can surprise a bird more than a cat. Birds will certainly not approach places that make them uncomfortable. So, by letting the cat roam the porch, you can prevent birds from making nests. Instinctively, cats notice and chase birds. Cats can be great “guardians,” but downsides to doing so. Owls are another bird predator. To scare the birds, you can buy an artificial owl and place it near your front door. Try to find one that looks as real as possible. The more realistic the replica seems, the more difficult it is for the bird to notice. Smart birds such as crows, crows, and jays may recognize fake owls and consider them harmless. So, be careful when choosing in the store and be patient when moving around frequently.

  • Use Citrus Repellent Sprays

Birds hate the citrus scent, so spraying it on your porch can easily upset them. You can fill your doorways with pleasant smells to keep those annoying birds away. You can use a mixture of lemon juice diluted in water or purchase a bird repellent. However, for a natural and non-toxic method, I would choose the lemon option, primarily since it protects birds flying into the driveway. Squeeze the lemon, add a little water, and then spray it like an air freshener. You can also improve the smell by placing lemon slices on your veranda. It also helps eliminate the bird-dropping odor left on the patio after cleaning.

  • Install Wind Chimes On Your Porch

If you don’t like the noisy sounds, I recommend using a pinwheel. They are an excellent investment and will help eliminate birds that tend to perch on your porch. Birds tend to be afraid of the chime whenever the wind starts to ring. As mentioned above, you can always buy a shiny pinwheel for a double effect.

Instead of using harsher sounds to distract the bird, it is better to use windchime sounds. It is also an effortless way to make your windmill using old CDs and other shiny surface materials. With sound-producing devices, birds can quickly get used to different types of noise in weeks or months. If they realize no danger, they will start ignoring the noise. The best way to solve this problem is periodically changing the volume, frequency, and sound pattern. For wind chimes, you can pick up different-sized bells to make different sounds. 

  • Use Visual Deterrents

One of the best things you can do is hang reflective, shiny objects on your porch. You can hang it on the fascia or under the cornice. It is effortless to find different shiny products designed to protect your home from birds. You can add a simple spiral bar to your veranda to chime whenever the wind blows. They will enhance the aesthetic appearance of the porch and add a soothing effect.

More importantly, the sunlight will reflect off the surface during the day and shine brightly. These will only add a decorative effect to the veranda perimeter. Shiny sticks or other shiny objects will distract this flying bird’s sense of direction. 

  • Trim The Tree Branches Timely

Ensure that you do not extend the tree branches next to the house structure in your yard. If so, that’s the main reason for birds to continue nesting on your porch and leave behind unsightly souvenirs. It is a way to get rid of birds on your patio, which will eliminate the smell that falls off after a few days. If they currently have nested on your porch, consider calling in a wildlife removal specialist to move the birds professionally.

  • Install Bird Feeders Away From The Porch

Feeding the birds not only makes them poop but also makes them come back. If the birds still don’t stop landing on your doorstep, place a bird feeder somewhere in your backyard where it can be less aggressive. However, this leaves bird droppings that need to be cleaned up later.

Some homeowners don’t worry about the hidden parts of the yard getting dirty as long as the porch is kept clean. To further distract the birds, install a new tub next to the feeder to isolate the birds in the same area. If you do not remove the food from the veranda, the birds will peck it, even with a separate feeder.


We hope you have already come up with an effective way to get rid of nesting birds on the porch. In conclusion, our six simple living hacks include sprinkling citrus juice, freeing cats, cloning owls, installing wind chimes, clearing feeders from verandas, and shiny deterrents. You don’t have to use all of these methods. Some are already useful, depending on the situation. Keeping your porch clean and bird-free not only creates a sense of comfort but also enhances your visitors’ first impression of your home. 

Whatever method you use to keep birds from nesting on your porch, ensure that it will not harm them directly. The point here is not to hurt or kill them but to drive them out. If your bird has already made a nest on your porch and you can’t clean it yourself, it’s a good idea to contact your local wildlife expert to move the bird.