How to use super potion in COC?

How to use super potion in COC?

How to use super potion in COC? | How to get it easily?

In Clash Of Clans, one of the most popular games on the planet, Super Potion is one of the most popular upgrades. Many gamers are struggling to make effective use of it. You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to learn how to use them correctly for maximum profit. Let’s get started on supercharging your troops in CoC without further ado.

In Clash of Clans (CoC), how do you utilize Super Potion?

You must first open the “Sauna” construction in Clash of Clans, which will turn a Troop into a Super Troop for three days. The Trader will sell it to you for 300 Gems. If you reach Town Hall 11, Clan Games will reward you. Instead of using 25,000 Dark Elixir, you can use Super Potion to transform a troop into their Super Troop equivalent for three days.

 When you reach TH 11, a new facility named Sauna will appear near the Trader’s tent. After you’ve updated your Laboratory, this is where you’ll find the Super Troops. A level of 8 or higher is usually required of troops. As a result, you must upgrade them in your Laboratory.

The Steps of the Procedure

So, once you’ve got everything ready, use Clash of Clans Super Potion by following these steps: 

  • Select a Sauna design.
  • Select the Troop you wish to become a Super Troop by clicking on it.
  • In a new box, you can choose whether to improve with Super Potion or Dark Elixir.
  • To utilize the Super Potion to help your troop, click on it.
  • You’ve transformed your regular troop into a Super troop, and you can boost up to two Super Troops at once.

Keep in mind that Power Potion can only raise your troops to the highest level allowed by your Laboratory. Make sure to update your Laboratory to the highest level possible with the help of your Town Hall to get the most bang for your buck. The issue with purchasing a large quantity of Power Potion is that it only sells for 10 Gems rather than the 300 Gems it costs to buy. Unless you get Super Troops as a prize in Clan Games, we recommend sticking with Dark Elixir to increase them and gain more value.

Super Wizard

 The Super Wizard is a supercharged version of a standard wizard. He reminds me of Clash Royale’s Electro Wizard.

To unlock Super Wizard, you’ll need at least a Town Hall 12 and an average Wizard level of 9 or higher.

The critical ability that distinguishes the Super Wizard from other wizards is a unique ability called Chain Magic Attack, which can do up to 10 damage to multiple targets around the original target.

Super Wizard can only target one structure at a time, but once it hits, the bolt divides and attacks all nearby facilities. The first bolt inflicts 100% damage, whereas the second only inflicts 60%.

Because this new Super Troop takes up ten housing spaces, you can only have 30 Super Wizards in your fully upgraded army camps.

The Ice Hound is the more powerful counterpart to the Lava Hound. He now has a 25% increase in hit points and ten more living spaces (40 instead of 30).

You must have at least a level 5 Lava Hound, which requires a Town Hall 12, to earn the Ice Hound.

After Lava Hound dies, deploy 18 Lava puppies. However, instead of 18 Lava Pups, 12 Ice Pups are launched after the Ice Hound dies.

Ice Pups and Lava Pups have the same health and damage, but Ice Pups are affected by the Special Ability.

The Ice Hound attacks adversaries and defenses and slows them down. The Ice Golem, for example. When he dies, he will also experience a 4.25-second freeze effect.

In your fully equipped army camps, you can have up to 7 Ice Hounds.

Update 12/2/2020

 Today, we learned about a brand-new spell called “Invisibility spell” today, ” which will be available in Town Hall 11 and higher.

When you get your Spell Factory to level 6 at Town Hall 11, you can use the Invisibility Spell. On the other hand, this spell is not for the faint of heart. Due to this double-edged sword, offensive strategies will be drastically altered.

The Invisibility Spell renders everything in the vicinity invisible. Units can’t be targeted while they’re hidden. The Invisibility Spell makes everything invisible, even enemy defenses. Siege Machines and Walls are the only teams that aren’t affected.

In the December 2020 update, five new levels for Royal Champion were added, bringing the total number of groups for Royal Champion to 25.

Game Play Changes:

If a Hero’s ability isn’t used at the end of a battle, the Hero will be healed for the amount of HP they would have gained if they had used it. The Hero’s downtime will be reduced by half, allowing them to be ready much faster!

Home Village Wall segments such as Buildings and Traps can now be swapped with other Wall segments when customizing your base.

The Lightning Spell will not harm the Clan Castle.

Winter Champion:

Another December update is now available. It has something to do with a new Royal Champion skin. The Royal Champion was first introduced to the game a year ago, as part of the 2019 Christmas update, and has never had a skin. Winter Champion, a new skin for the December Gold Pass, was released today by Supercell. It is the first time we’ve ever seen a skin for a Royal Champion.


 In cases where super warriors are necessary to finish, extraordinary troops, in my opinion, might be pretty valuable. You can also deploy significant troops to expand your army because you only have a limited number of attacks to gain the most stars in clan league fights.

You might even use a super potion to transform your troops into great troops and then give the rest to other clan members in need. Super potions can be used to upgrade troops into superb troops.