Did Hashirama die after Tobirama?

Did Hashirama die after Tobirama?

Did Hashirama die after Tobirama?

Hashirama was a skillful person, and that’s why his name is still in light in some areas of the world. But we can’t ignore the capabilities of Tobirama. Also, he was a professional and proper ethical person with much respect for his traditions and cultures. However, both were great when Tobirama and Hashirama died. Hashirama died after Tobirama. But there is a lot we need to know about both brothers. They showed up courage and determination, which is not common in everyone. What happened to Tobirama and Hashirama, we will discuss right here.

Tobirama and Hashirma: Overview

Hashirama’s Background

Hashirama was a great leader who took charge of the great Senju Clan and later became the founder of Konohagakure. He was a person of principles. He managed to take care of all those things that were not easy for a ruler and a leader.

On the other hand, Tobirama was a person who was an outstanding leader. He has extreme power as he was the best Shinobi than anyone other. Tobirama’s skills were beyond imagination that made him the best. He had less power but was also wise and great in person. He was a person who proved his powers with many techniques.

Tobirama’s Background

Suppose we talk about the death of Hashirama compared to Tobirama. Hashirama died after Tobirama because of a natural occurrence.

It was a good season in which climate changes were occurring. At that time, the age of Hashirama was about 40’s to 50’s approximate. Due to climate changes occurring, he fell very ill. That’s why soon after, in the same season, he died.

He was also able to regenerate himself, but due to all-natural incidences, he died simultaneously.

Tobirama and Hashirama Relation

Tobirama was the brother of Hashirama, and they were very close to each other since childhood. That’s why history still remembers their names together. They used to practice their skills and deal with all the problems they faced or faced with outstanding leadership and spirit.

They were high in motive as both of them followed the best personalities indeed. Their abilities were also beyond limits. They were spiritual, kind-hearted, and good in persons. But the changes that occurred made them more diverse in personalities. But still, a good heart remains good and always can accept goodness.

Tobirama Madness Towards His Brother

When it comes to the general discussion, we often hear that Tobirama was a little mad when his brother, Hashirama, tried to convince him about his strength. He got furious at him, so he pointed his finger upward. Tobirama was made to do so as he was sickened to listen to the thing that he was weak.

Many other times, Tobirama showed the same behavior that made him selfless mad.

The best choice among Tobirama or Hashirama

When it comes to choosing one among the both about being the best, it feels challenging. Both were best in the territory. The circumstances in their lives were not the same and in the same way. All the things they faced and coped with within complicated situations differed. If we say it, it’s not easy to choose between them.

Things that make a difference between them

Despite making an available choice, Hashirama is a better person than Tobiarama. Tobirama showed mad behavior in some situations and showed discouragement in some aspects.

Courage and determination were in Tobirama also that we neglected. Keen determination and the spirit for serving were in both of them.

Story Behind Tobirama Death

Both Hashirama and Tobirama were good in the fight. Still, when Hashirama died, Tobirama felt angry, but he could not do anything. He decided to go to the Ninja war, where great warriors were present. Tobirama was already not able to forget the death of his brother Hashirama. His brother’s death was a significant cause to break him from inside with sadness all the time. But when he comes to know about the Ninja war. He moved out of his zone and decided to face everyone and show talents that he learned in his life after doing so much hard work.

Moreover, he headed toward his destination with everything arranged in a proper cheerful manner. He was already a wise and keen thinker and tried to think. Still, when he started doing so, the emotional thoughts of his brother made him feel unhappy, sad, and lonely. Still, he showed his usual madness again that proved so harmful for him later on. The great Cloud Jonin was in his front. He was with some of the other Ninjas.

Furthermore, Tobirama attacked them and defeated all other Ninjas. He was seeing this Cloud Jonin headed a few feet backward. But he was a great planner and warrior. However, history doesn’t remember him in good words. Still, we can’t neglect his abilities and the qualities that made his character. Tobirama cleared all of the Ninjas.

Short time, a team of 20 more ninjas arrived. They attacked Tobirama. They were the friends of Cloud Jonin, and it was all the plan of Cloud Jonin along with class Shinobi Kinkakuand Ginkaku.

He took out his weapons that were his hand and eyes and started to use his tool, but Cloud Jonin attacked and killed him.


Hashirama and Tobirama were both excellent in-person and as human beings. They were both brothers who were very close to each other. Both of them were more than superheroes with different qualities that separate them. With time, things changed for both of them, which proved impactful for them. They were good-hearted to everyone, and this was typical quality between both brothers. When it comes to their death of them, then it’s clear Hashirama’s death and Tobirama’s death are not too distant.