Do you fish a Chatterbait on the bottom?

Do you fish a Chatterbait on the bottom?

Do you fish a Chatter bait on the bottom?

Of Course, I do it as an enticing, and you can do fishing from any spot you want, from bottom or top, fast or slow-moving. Various methods are present to chatterbait a fish. Different types of lures are present, like spinnerbait or jig. There is an important announcement for you. If you still don’t know how to use the improved chatterbait, then I must say that you are missing out, and you even don’t know that. 

Why should you use this chatterbait more than the other?

Chaterbait is an upgraded-designed jig that will help you catch a versatile lure from your desired spot. Most importantly, it has a blade and skirt attached, making it unique from other jigs. The blade trembles in the water; it produces sound and attracts fish. It has both slow as well as fast fish moving properties.

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, it can work in any state of water though it is a dirty, clear breeze. Secondly, it works effectively with Texas rigs. Get ready for your next fishing trip. It would be an essential medicine in your tackler’s bag to catch big bass.

Perfect time to fish Chatter bait

Before learning chatter bait fishing, there are some favorable conditions that you can consider.

1. In the State of Water

●        Presence of weeds and grass

As already mentioned, chatter bait is blade jigs designed to float through thick vegetation that will grab crankbaits and spinners.

●        Breeze with Dirty water

The wisdom and the rule of thumb is to use chatter bait in dirty water to work as a spinner.

●        Clearwater with less temperature

It works excellently in dirty water and performs well in clear water, even below 60°C. 

2. According to Season

Besides the state of water, you have to focus upon another condition, such as season. Fall and spring are favorable for the grabbing of bass. But in summer, jigs performance depends upon the fish mood. If you are not willing to use crankbaits in the pre-spawn season, chatter bait is a good option for you.

●        Spring

After a long winter season, the sun shines brighter in the spring. After a considerable time and taking a long nap, fish come out, and yes, it’s the best time for the chatter bait to shine and trap fish. Above all the benefits of the spring season, you should consider some crucial points while chatter bait a fish.

The best trick is to slow down the chatter bait in the bottom and vibrate it, so the fish have attraction toward it. If you feel that the vibration is slowing down, it might be possible that the bait has stuck in the thick vegetation. You have to do the rapid pop to the trick and make it accessible. One more tip is that the shoreline is the best spot to trap a bass. Unfortunately, you don’t have any fish sensor or finder than the sunny fish is an excellent indicator that will give you information about the presence of big bass.

●        Summer

This summer, chatter bait is not the only aspect you have to consider, but the fish’s mood is also imperative. It looks pretty humorous. The movement of the chatter bait, slow or fast, relies on the fish’s aggressive or calm behavior. In thick vegetation, many fish are present because it provides them with plenty of oxygen. When the chatter bait vibrates near the thick grass, it mimics the big bass and traps them.

An ideal place to fish a Chatter bait

1. Shell beds

In summers, bass larger in size do not counter with the chatter bait. If the crankbaits are not working for you, then use a chatter bait; it will help to grind the shell.

2. Docks

Its efficiency can be increased in docks by attaching trembling jigs with it in the presence of thick grass. However, chatter bait is not very familiar for Docks.

3. Wood targets

Inwood targets bladed jigs work effectively. You can also deal with the crankbait if you know how to deal with the crankbait.

4. The mid-depth and shallow grass

Chatterbaits work perfectly in the shallow grass and mid-depth, specifically when the grass of length 1-6 is underwater. In thick vegetation, these blades float on the upper side of the weeds.

Tips and tricks on fishing a chatterbait

At this point, you have enough knowledge of what chatterbait is, why it is superior to others and what features it has, and what factors you should consider fishing chatterbait. There are some simple tips and tricks that will help you learn how to use it.

1. Pick a perfect spot for chatterbait

Luckily, you can bait everywhere you want, lakes or rivers around you. As described earlier, the two facts are essential: the state of water and fishing season. The choice of bait depends upon the color and clarity of the water.

2. Slow down the chatterbait

It is not a problem to buy a chatterbait, but how you use it is tricky. When you sink the bait, wait a while, have the confidence that this bait will robotically work for you, and bring bass for you.

3. Work actively and confidently

It is time to take action; when the jig is sinking, it will produce vibration in the water that attracts the fish. Even the bass in the down has a slow presentation, but this tactic makes you king. These tactics save the anglers time and surprise him with big bass.

Four common mistakes to avoid using chatterbait

  1. Try not to avoid the clear water
  2. Don’t be cranky with the hookset
  3. The tip should not be broken and don’t behave like a zombie
  4. Don’t overthink for chatterbait color

Final Thoughts

Other baits work effectively for the bass, but chatterbait is a game-changer. While using the other baits, you have to put more effort but get less in reward. Using the chatterbait with the blade, you have to wait with confidence, and in return, it will give you a big bass from the bottom.

Hopefully, all these tips and tricks will prove effective for you and encourage you to use improved designed baits rather than the older ones.