How much damage can a 5e Sorlock build do in dnd?

5e Sorlock

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How do you make Sorlock in 5e?

The Sorlock in dnd 5e is a Guide to the tormented divine soul with Xanathar’s Divine Soul(17)+Hexblade(3). The Sorlock 5e is an extremely powerful build involving spamming Eldritch Blast until you have beaten all the monsters. A Sorlock is a combination of the Sorcerer and the Warlock class. Frequently, the level range is Sorcerer-17 and Warlock-3, or what we will be using in the build is Sorcerer-18 and Warlock-2. It is not an overpowered spell. Nothing in the game is blatantly overpowered until you reach the cap. Multiclassing is also a variant rule that players do need to ask their DM about.

Why Sorlock and not others?

  • Joining Sorcerer and warlock is one of the most powerful builds in the game for direct damage, gratitude to the wonders of the eldritch blast.
  • You fundamentally excel at boss damage by having one of the most serious single target average damage per round.

The optimized build uses 5e Hexblade Warlock and Divine Soul Sorcerer, and dnd Shadow Sorcerer is also competitive with Divine Soul.

Sorlock pros & Cons explained.


  1. High AC 20-26 + Shield Spell
  2. Amazing single target boss damage | 8d10+8d6+88 | 160aDPR (One target per short rest)
  3. 4 Sorcerer points per short rest at level 8 you know the level 20 sorcerer ability?
  4. Amazing Utility through the Cleric Spell-list, Twinning Spells, and Calm Hypnotic Patterns
  5. Two official enemies only resist the damage you do.)


  1. Rakshasa & Helmed Horror are not your friends.
  2. You are a sufferer disadvantage on eldritch blast when enemies are in melee range of you.
  3. You are extremely effective vs. bosses and hordes but fairly average vs. a multitude of competent enemies.
  4. Converting spell-slots to sorcerer points is a bonus action. (Best done outside combat)
  5. As far as min-max builds go, this build scales throughout the game but are weaker than Great Weapon, Master / Sharpshooter builds in early levels.

How many Warlock Levels?

  • It prepares you a subclass, so its value depends on which Warlock subclass you take. Suppose you’re going to murder people with a weapon. In that case, this is barely Hexblade for both a charisma weapon and medium armor.
  • Doubles your short rest spell slots and unfastens invocations – probably Devil’s Sight and Agonizing Blast, with 5e Eldritch Mind and Repelling Blast as strong contenders.
  • Doubles your slots repeatedly, this time to level 2. It also gets you a Pact Boon, which may be a clutch – if you’re still interested in weapon murder, Pact of the Blade is now available, so you can bond with any magic weapon you find. Eventually, one of your invocations can have a Pact prereq.
  • An ASI and a cantrip, both of your invocations can have a Pact prereq.

Level 3 short rest slots, a third invocation, and two of your three invocations can have level 5 as a prerequisite.

  • You shouldn’t go past Warlock 5. 2, 3, and 5 are optimal if you want short rest spell slots to feed your sorcery points, so 1 and 4 are the least interesting numbers of Warlock levels to take here.
  • Monsters are not supported around multi-classing & feats, which make characters significantly stronger. If everyone is on board for it, that is fine. A GWM+PAM dice-rolled fighter can be doing 40/80 more damage per round than the rest of the party if the rest do not also take advantage of feats and multi-classing.

Charisma is your spellcasting modifier for both the classes – vital.

Constitution, Dexterity, along with Wisdom, are the most common spell saves.

Intelligence and Strength are the scarce common spell saves.

You require 14 or 16 Dexterity for the +2 or +3 to Armor Bonus

Constitution is to sustain concentration and is a common spell save

Wisdom is a standard save and governs perception.


Half-Elf (Drow)- There is no point counting anything else +2Cha and way to the Elven Accuracy Feat, +1 to two other stats.

Drow may give you Faerie Fire(The best spell in the game) & Darkness on long rest at a very annoying cost.

If you need to play another race, first question yourself, ‘Does this race offer me a triple advantage?’ if the answer is no, play half-elf.

If Elven Accuracy is forbidden or you don’t want to be a half-elf, other good races include.

  • 5e Aasimar (Protector, Fallen) Aasimar with innate resistance, a free cantrip, healing, and flying with bonus damage is a great choice.
  • 5e Tiefling Bonus spells are always nice.
  • 5e Yuan-ti Pureblood Magic Resistance and Poison Immunity with additional spells are a bit ridiculous.
  • It is Fun changeling abilities but not all that valuable outside of the conversation. You may not be a rogue.


  • Perception- an essential skill for all characters.​
  • Persuasion – a necessary skill for all characters.​
  • Stealth – an important skill, but only if stealth is utilized liberally in your games.​
  • Deception – Not as indispensable as Persuasion but has many advantages​.
  • Intimidation: It is Not as significant as Persuasion or Deception but still serviceable​.
  • Investigation: Even though you’re mistaken at this, the investigation is extremely valuable. It provides loot rolls and traps checks.​
  • Arcana: Even though you are bad at this, sometimes you will be expected to use it as the spell caster in the group for it still.​
  • Acrobatics: It is useful for avoiding grapples. However, misty step 5e fulfills the same job.​

  • Athletics​
  • Slight of Hand​
  • History​
  • Nature​
  • Religion​
  • Animal Handling​
  • Medicine​
  • Survival​

Sorlock Build

Using the Point-Buy System Without Racial Modifiers With Racial Modifiers
STR: 8 (-1) STR: 8 (-1)
DEX: 13 (+1) DEX: 14 (+2)
CON: 15 (+2) CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 8 (-1) INT: 8 (-1)
WIS: 12 (+1) WIS: 12 (+1)
CHA: 15 (+2) CHA: 17 (+3)


Start Sorcerer

Starting Sorcerer gives us constitution saving throws, subclasses listed below.

Hexblade Warlock 2

Baleful Curse

The fundamental reason we pick Hexblade Warlock is for Baleful Curse​

  • Critical on 19-20.
  • Add proficiency bonus to your damage rolls.
  • The baleful Curse damage bonus acts with every beam from the eldritch blast.

Hex Warrior​

The second reason Hexblade Warlock is amazingly stacked is that Hex Warrior gives us medium armor and shields.

How much damage can a 5e Sorlock do?

At level 5, if you have enough sorcery points, you can activate your first EB then cast another, collecting a total of 4d10 plus 20 damage in one turn. At level 11, this enhances 6d10 plus 30 damage per turn. At level 17, you have the potential to deal out 8d10 plus 40 damage per turn. The dnd 5e sorlock spell slots are interchangeable when casting. However, they recover based on their mechanics. Unlike spell slots from multiple classes with Spellcasting, they do not merge into one pool. They remain separate besides when you are casting out of them.