Bucky X Reader Protective And Possessive

Bucky X Reader Protective And Possessive

Bucky X Reader Protective And Possessive

Bucky Barnes has always been highly protective and possessive of his friends. Still, he took it to the next level in the latest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War (henceforth known as Civil War).

Bucky proved he’s the most protective and possessive Marvel character. Please note that there will be spoilers ahead! So, if you haven’t seen Civil War yet, stop reading now and watch it so you can be adequately jealous of your non-movie-going friends!

1) The Winter Soldier

In Civil War, Bucky is mainly responsible for keeping Steve safe. Though Natasha likes to insist she’s his protector, she doesn’t have much pull with Captain America.

But when everyone wants to arrest or talk to Cap, Bucky steps in between them with that patented trigger finger. It doesn’t matter if he agrees with what Steve is doing; Bucky will still risk everything to keep him safe.

It also helps that Steve views him as one of his closest friends, and given how few people he considers close friends, it says a lot about how important Bucky is to him.

2) Civil War

In a movie that saw relationships tested, few were as touching (or hilarious) as Steve Rogers’ love for his best friend, Bucky.

The Winter Soldier has long been in Cap’s corner, from when he was a brainwashed Soviet assassin to later when he was reborn as Cap’s closest ally.

That friendship was tested during Captain America: Civil War, where Steve vehemently opposed having Tony Stark detain him. In proper friendship goals form, Steve rescued Bucky with all of his might… but at a high cost: both their lives were taken captive by Zemo.

3) Ultron

You love James, right; No, You don’t want to spend your life with him. That’s fine, but he could be a precious asset to us. I can help you protect him. Then, in exchange, you help me understand humanity better.

I see we have a lot to talk about. You’ll be most effective as an agent if you’re not distracted by emotions. Let me do that for you. -Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), directed by Joss Whedon.

Plenty of other characters have proven they are protective of their loved ones. For example, Tony Stark/Iron Man is highly protective over Pepper Potts, his longtime girlfriend, and personal assistant.

In Iron Man 3 (2013), Tony had developed multiple Iron Man suits after hearing the news that terrorists were targeting his girlfriend, Pepper Potts.

4) Infinity War

Thanks to Thanos, Bucky’s been through a lot. From brainwashing at Hydra to being made into The Winter Soldier as part of HYDRA’s plot against Captain America. 

And, no matter what he’s been through, a few things haven’t changed about him: his unwavering loyalty, incredible fighting skills, and protectiveness over those he cares about. 

5) Endgame

To say that fans were devastated by Bucky’s death in Infinity War. While Steve survived, we still grieved for his best friend and a fellow hero who gave his life for his friends, and he did it without hesitation.

But does that mean it’s time to move on; Not so fast! We may not have seen him in Endgame yet (at least, as far as we know!)

But these five times prove why we should never stop hoping that somehow, someway, Barnes will come back from The Snap. After all, if anyone can do it, it’s Captain America.

Five times Bucky proved he was the most protective and possessive character in Marvel

  1. When Bucky saved Steve’s life by taking a bullet in WWII, It took a lot of guts for Bucky to jump into that HYDRA vehicle knowing full well that they might kill him.

But even more than his fearlessness, what showed how much he cared about Steve was when he put himself between HYDRA and his best friend. Even though he knew they could kill him, all Bucky wanted was to protect Steve.

  1. When Cap told Wanda Don’t you dare hurt my friend! In Civil War, there wasn’t much love lost between Cap and Iron Man when Tony called up a bunch of other heroes, including Wanda Maximoff, to fight against Cap and his team of rebels.

But no matter how many punches or lasers she threw at him, Steve didn’t care because he knew that Wanda wouldn’t hurt her brother.

And while we don’t get to see much interaction between them in Infinity War, it doesn’t change anything: Bucky is Cap’s family, and he’ll always have his back.

  1. When he made sure Tony understood just how important Natasha is, You don’t touch her!

During Avengers: Age of Ultron, after Vision accidentally hurts Natasha during their battle with Ultron, everyone starts arguing over whose fault it is, except for Bucky.

Instead of blaming someone else or getting defensive as everyone else does, Bucky jumps right in front of Vision and says You don’t touch her!

  1. When he protected Nat from Rumlow, I’m going to rip your arm off and beat you to death with it!

Near the end of Winter Soldier, Bucky is captured by Hydra agents, including Brock Rumlow. Once Rumlow takes off his mask. However, things take a turn for the worse. 

As soon as Rumlow sees that it’s Bucky under that mask, he pulls out his gun and tries to shoot him. Still, before pulling the trigger, Bucky uses one hand to grab Rumlow’s wrist and another to hold onto his gun barrel.

Then using all of his strength, Barnes rips both weapons away from Rumlow before throwing him across the room.

  1. When he threatened to break Tony’s face in Civil War, If Cap was willing to throw down his shield for Bucky, then it’s safe to say that he’d also be ready to throw down with Stark.

That’s precisely what happens in Civil War when Cap tells Stark that he’ll break his face if he touches Barnes again. Whether it’s a threat or a promise, we’re glad Cap was willing to defend Bucky even from his former friend.


Despite his cold, distant exterior, Bucky repeatedly proves that he’s deeply devoted to his friends. Whether they’re family or not, it doesn’t matter; if anyone is being threatened or hurt by someone else, then he has no problem taking care of business.

With so many superheroes in today’s society, it’s easy to find someone that reminds you of yourself or even a personality trait you like best about yourself; Captain America was definitely on to something when he said Bucky was one of a kind. If only people knew who he was. But at least now we understand why everyone loves him so much! After all, he has a heart of gold!