How to Build a Home Bar on a Budget from Scratch?

How to Build a Home Bar on a Budget from Scratch?

How to Build a Home Bar on a Budget from Scratch? | DIY Tricks You Never Knew

The term “Home Bar” refers to a large cabinet with a bar top meant for entertaining and serving drinks in the home and includes storage for beverages, bottles, glasses, and bar accessories.

Even if the house bar is merely a tiny table with a handful of bottles, the word “home bar” conjures up images of luxury.

Apart from bragging rights, having options is a fantastic thing. It’s easy to get bored of drinking the same old thing week after week. It’s great to have a favorite beverage, but you don’t want to get sick of it, do you? It’s possible to have too much of a good thing. It’s excellent to have some variety, even just a few selections.

So you can’t afford a filled walk-in bar with purple velvet stools, a fully stocked wine rack, an ice-cold refrigerator, and a pink neon “bar” sign on the wall.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make a decent home bar or a lovely bar cart on the budget and in a bit of space. And while we’re in the area, let’s look closer.


A portable outdoor bar is a good option if you need to put up your bar quickly. If you want to build a better one on a budget, use this timeline and start from scratch.


If you want to take on this project, start by designing a bar counter. Think about how big you want your bar to be. Consider where you’re going to put it as well.

You’ll be making a genuine, eye-catching piece of furniture. Trimmed panels, robust wood bar-rail moldings, and a stainless-steel foot rail will all be part of the design. Prepare yourself for a project of intermediate difficulty!


  • Piece with a notch
  • Molding for bar rails
  • The top of the oak bar
  • Plywood foundation
  • Panel moldings on the foot rail
  • Stiles at the corners
  • 12-inch thick plywood
  • framing board 1 x 4
  • 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2
  • 12-inch oak trim
  • 14 railing
  • Lauan
  • 18-inch bottom rail

House bar stools, for example, should not be disregarded! Using a miter or round saw, cut the boards down to size. To secure the panels to the wall:

  1. Use glue and one-inch nails.
  2. Sand the wood and stain or paint the bar. If you want the bar to look vintage, go with a deep cherry red color.
  3. If you want to create a space with a modern feel, paint the bar white.


If you’re not particularly handy, you may make a portable outdoor bar out of dry bar equipment and a sliding table! However, there are various creative ways to create a beautiful and well-stocked bar in your own home on a budget.

Bar cart

Another inexpensive approach to set up a bar at home is to use a bar cart. It doesn’t require any tools or prior knowledge of constructing a bar. Instead, purchase a rolling cart and design it whatever you want for this project. Rolling bar carts are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to discover the right match for your home’s decor.

Bookcase Bar

Here’s a clever and entertaining way to make your drinks stand out! Can use an old bookcase. Most thrift stores and furniture consignment shops carry these. Depending on how you adorn it, it can seem rustic or traditional. To complete the look, place your home bar stools throughout the space.

Old Furniture

 Wardrobes, dressers, and cupboards are a few examples of furniture that may transform into home bars.

Liquor Cabinet

Let’s imagine you only have rudimentary home renovation skills and believe constructing a bar will be too frightening. So instead, mount a liquor cabinet on the wall.

It’s time to put the tools aside and focus on the enjoyable part. It’s finally time to stock up on the supplies for your new bar!

Your budget home bar requires spirits, liqueurs, glasses, and equipment.

Select your choice of hard liquor

Choose your poison. Is tequila enticing to you, or is the whiskey a clear winner in your book? If you buy any liquor, make sure you get this first. Don’t just choose spirits based on how you believe they’ll make your visitors feel. You can spend all your money on drinks you don’t care for and won’t touch again.

You’ll also get the opportunity to share your favorite spirits with your guests, exposing a fun and unexpected side of yourself.

Small Bar Collection

Don’t assume you must buy the whole liquor shop in one day. Instead, allow yourself to amass a substantial collection over time. Also, remember that you can request a variety of wines and spirits as birthday or holiday gifts. As a result, save your money and gradually expand your collection!

Known Spirits


When making your at-home bar, gin is relatively healthy, so ensure to include it. Julia Child even attributed her long life to this alcoholic beverage. You may use it to produce a variety of mixed beverages, giving you more bang for your budget. Gin is low in calories and sugar, making it a good choice for the health-conscious in your group.


Vodka is always a safe bet. It’s simple to combine with almost any juice or beverage. It’s also reasonably priced and powerful, with a 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). So make your own Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, Cosmo, or Vodka Tonic!


Bourbon whiskey is made from corn and produces a fantastic bourbon whiskey sour cocktail.


Scotch comes from the Scottish Highlands and is prepared from malted barley. For dedicated drinkers, it’s a must-have in your collection.

Save Even More

There is a lot of data to take in, and you’re probably thinking about how you will pay for these beverages, glasses, and garnishes. So here are a few additional methods to save money.

Check your local liquor store or petrol station for specials. Around the holidays, they might have a BOGO-free promotion. So it is the ideal time to stock up on supplies.

When possible, use coupons. Ask the company if they have any special offers for clients who adore their items in an email. For the holidays, request one-of-a-kind booze bottles. When buying specialty beer, make your 6-pack.


The benefits of having a home bar include saving money that would otherwise waste a bar. Pay a quarter of the price for a drink that’s double the size of one you’d reluctantly buy at the bar. In addition, making drinks at home allows you to hone your bartending abilities while saving money.