30 Of The Best Far Side Cartoons Of All Time

30 Of The Best Far Side Cartoons Of All Time

30 Of The Best Far Side Cartoons Of All Time

The world of cartoons is not just limited to entertainment for children, it has grown a lot and participated in society’s good and evil indirectly. The age when a child starts taking interest in the cartoons and understands them is the age when he learns about society’s norms and regulations. The child learns about his actions that which of his actions shall not be accepted by society and which one’s shall be appreciated.

Till now we have a lot of cartoon categories working differently on the minds of children. Some affect negatively while others make them better human beings.  The far side cartoons were first created by Gary Larson. It gives us a surrealistic view of life, especially of uncomfortable, impossible, and awkward social situations. It includes giving human characteristics to nonhuman things or abstract concepts. Let’s discuss the far side cartoon category below in detail to understand its nature and effects.

30 Best Far Side Cartoons So Far.

1.Cow Tools

Cow tools were one of its most notable works of Larson. In the following one, there is a cow at the back of a table and there are some strange tools on that table. This cartoon was first disliked by the readers because it was not comprehensible even by far side readers. They called it notorious and quite confusing because tools looked like having no purpose at all. Later Larson faced the controversy and his explanation tried to show the difference between human abilities which are lacking in animals.

2.Jane Goodall Cartoon

Here we have cartoons featuring 2 chimpanzees. We see one chimpanzee finding human blond hair in the other chimpanzee. On this, the first one inquires about the hair. Firstly, jane believed that the cartoons are a kind of atrocity but later after seeing the cartoon, she found them humorous and interesting. Jane extracted the idea that all humans should remain in their place because they should. These cartoons got a lot of popularity and were painted on the shirts and their sales profit was given to jane’s institute.

3.The Thagomizer.

In the Larson’s cartoon thagomizer, we see a lecturer teaching about four spikes on the tail of a stegosaurine dinosaur. There is a class listening attentively to the prehistoric lecturer as they are finding it quite interesting. He firstly game name to it which was accepted by the scientists. This shows the importance given to comics at that time regardless of critics. Larson thinks one reason people are trying to remove far side comics is maybe that they don’t get it right. 

4.Chicken Soup

This one is one of the best far side comics in which we see two chickens. One is complaining about the soup that she doesn’t want to eat. She seems sick and has flu and the other one is forcing her to drink it anyway because soup is good in relieving the flu and secondly they don’t know anyone else there. There can be different interpretations about these, one is that they are totally dumb about their existence and the second is that they have to sacrifice themselves for their own existence.


Next, is the cartoon having 4 carrots grown in the ground. The elder one seems like the mother of three other smaller carrots. She was telling tales to her children carrots about the murderers. Here humans are referred to as murderers who yank them out alive from the ground, cook, and ate them. It is just like fish can’t live without water but water is being polluted by humans so in this way we can get the point.

6.The Breed Dog

Here we see a person shouting for help from the public bathroom. The second character is the good specialized breed dog hearing the voices but continued going forward. The main thing is that dog is having what the person wants. It has taken the toilet paper with it. This also shows the differences between animals and humans no matter how attached someone is to them.

7.Gorilla group

In the next one, we see five gorillas hanging out together and others are teaching the one how to shout in the right way. They are instructing him how to shout by beating the chest because he is unable to do so. This cartoon is actually giving us a deeper look at individuality. Sometimes we don’t go with the society’s traditions and customs because we have our own unique personalities.

8.A spaceship

Here we can see that a spaceship has landed on the earth. Some strange creatures are coming out from the spaceship. These creatures have one eye. Coming down the stairs, one of them fell to the ground. But instead of getting embarrassed, he is being proud that by this, we will leave a sense of awe on the earth.


Following is the picture showing two researchers having a torch and other research instruments with them. There is a den-like place in which people are without clothes. Researchers call them rattlers and asked their companion to give them a tong for taking them out. This may want us to look at the standards given because of getup and places.

10.Beware of Dog

We see the person trying to come out of the water with the help of a wood piece. The only destination or safe way he finds is the one which itself is full of danger. The danger itself is informing about it. We can conclude that there is no peace unless we are alive. Our journey of hardships never ends.

11. Brains No Service.

This picture features the owner of the restaurant who has made a rule for customers which is that the customer who doesn’t have a brain, can’t enter. On this customers are quite sad because they think they don’t have brains. But more deeply, if we look into the little details, the name of the restaurant itself doesn’t have correct spellings.

12.Frozen Food.

A woman buying frozen food is quite normal. It shouldn’t have to do anything with a comic because there is nothing special unless we have a deep analysis of the picture. It’s hidden in the woman buying that food. Because the woman is quite fat and hardly walks because of her weight, she is still throwing herself in the way of hardships by buying such things.

13.New Student

This far side cartoon shows four students sitting in the classroom. No one is looking special to the other. All of them are dressed in the same way. But still, the new student is taken as a brand new piece comes into the market. A new student is given extraordinary importance by both the students and teachers.

14.Stay off the dog

here we see the person shouting at the kids because of standing on the dog. He is scolding the kids for not reading the text or acting upon it. This shows that the kids mostly do what is opposite to being right.

15.I hate this horse

This one is one of my favorite far side cartoons because it shows our inner feelings and emotions and how we get over them in front of other people. We see the person hardly riding a broken toy horse but still, he is hiding his wish for the real horse in front of others by saying that he hates other horses other than his own.

 16.Who’s it gonna be

We can see some hens and a butcher. The butcher is searching for which hen to slaughter first. This shows the affection of human beings for animals. We can see that all the hens are quite the same over there but not for the person who makes them grow. It’s being quite hard for him to choose because all of them have their own place in his heart.

17.Kidney or the Game

We named the comic kidney or the game because sometimes no matter what’s the situation, no matter how professional we have become so far, there is always a childish nature hidden in us. Here we can a kidney stored in the air bubble sheet. We all are fond of playing with the bubble sheet no matter what our age. The person handles patients every day but playing with the bubble sheet is a chance.

18.Torturer of the mont

The cartoon over here shows how we remain happy in any situation. Moreover, sometimes our friends or companions make us forget anything negative about the negative situation. They congratulate us in every situation, no matter if it’s our turn to die. Just like in the cartoon we see two friends congratulating the one being there to get hanged and for being the best torturer.

19.The cow

We can see a lecturer has drawn a picture of a cow and is teaching about it. It is actually a double-meaning comic where one word is being used for multiple purposes. The student wants to question but the lecturer is already answering by saying there is a question in the back as the tail is not there in the back of the cow.

20.Bunny and Ass

Here we can see the bunny and Ass are giving us a different outlook on life. Thy is showing us how it completely depends on us and our love for someone regardless of their nature and looks.

21.Calling Death

The next cartoon shows a deeper reality that we are responsible for our own deaths. We call our own death by running something which is poisonous to us. We know it but still, we go for it. Here is the same thing explained by the person calling the death angel.

22.  Girls are being mad

Cartoons define personalities just with a single picture. In most of the movies, clips, and cartoons we have seen that girls get mad for so long. They are portrayed as stubborn and angry all the time because of unimportant matters.

23. Cheat VS life

following is the comic giving us a funny and foody nature of most of the people. Here we can see a hunter is there in the jungle hunting the deer in the early morning. But it’s the time of her breakfast so she is asking hunter for some time sh finishes her coffee. This shows the love for food is more than any other thing even life.


24. Deer hunting Time

This one is one of the funniest far side cartoons. This shows the happiness of all the deers at the end of deer hunting season. Hunters are there but as they are checking the time they must have gone late. Deers’ reaction to this is quite amusing.

25. Cheater

This one is so nice and humourous for kids. In the following cartoon, the squirrel is mad at the eagle for using a telescope to search for her. As we all know that it’s a competition between the eagle and mouse or squirrels so there shouldn’t be any kind of cheating.

26. Rules are rules

The reason we put the cartoon’s name rules is that the policeman is quite rigid about his duty. We can see the policeman is stopping the car driver because the car is burning. The policeman is surely going to find the driver who cares about the fire after all rules are rules.

27. Fighting for the egg

Here is the picture which adds to the biological knowledge of the children. We can see how the sperm is trying hard to reach the egg so that he is about to reach his destination.

28. Silverback Gorilla

This picture shows a person’s insecurities and wishes to look good in childhood. But as soon as they grow up, they start getting satisfied with what they have.

29. Dream come true

Here we have an interesting story about the dream coming true as the dog is happier to see the policemen taking the cat away.

30. Cold blood

This is quite interesting and a double-meaning word is used here. As we know that reptiles are cold-blooded, the crocodile is in the court scolding the lawyers that of course, he does it in the cold blood.

Final Verdict

Now that we have checked all the best interesting far side cartoons so far, it becomes clear that these cartoons are not just for entertainment purposes but they keep refreshing the mind’s capability to think.