Harrah’s Resort Southern California Elects Jane Lynch as New Mayor

Harrah’s Resort Southern California Elects Jane Lynch as New Mayor

Harrah’s Resort Southern California Elects Jane Lynch as New Mayor

Author, actress and comedian Jane Lynch was formally inaugurated as the third celebrity mayor and first female mayor of Harrah’s Resort Southern California. 

Lynch will be succeeding former mayors David Hasselhoff and Rob Riggie. She was sworn into the office by the resort’s management and with unwavering support from the people of Funner, California. 

According to the resort’s general manager and senior vice president Jill Barrett, Jane Lynch embodies all the ideals of Funner.

“Lynch is the prime voted official to become the newest Mayor of Funner, California. She possesses the unparalleled ability to share Funner’s state of mind with all. 

A Brief Overview of Harrah Resort SoCa

Harrah SoCa is one of the leading casino operators in Southern California. It is a tribal casino under the wings of Caesars Casino. The establishment has made a name for itself through its novel marketing strategy, which included creating Funner, the newest city in California. 

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What Lynch Had to Say 

During her induction ceremony, Jane took the stage making the remarks that she never anticipated ever adding “politician” to her resume. According to her, this new position marks one of her favorite career roles in her life. 

Mayor Lynch is really inspired and driven by the dream of the people of Funner. Jane is determined to spread the good word about her city near and far. Being the first female mayor to represent the people of Funner, the inauguration ceremony concluded with her being handed the key to the city. 

The key symbol signifies the start of her official tenure as the newest city mayor. Jane is eager to implement the Funner state of mind. Her initiatives include overseeing premium entertainment at the Events Center. She’ll also be launching the resort’s new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant later this summer, promoting new spa offerings, collaborating on new beverage offerings and menu items, and more. 

These initiatives will ensure that everyone gets a piece of the Funner experience customized to their unique tastes and preferences.

“Wow, I’m greatly humbled and thrilled for the opportunity to serve my favorite city in the world. If you are not ready for 100 percent fun 100 percent of the time, do I have some sorry news for you?

 Funner counts as more than just another place – it is a state of mind. It’s essentially an oasis and a reprieve from the daily mundane, where every person is welcome. You will all be in for random surprises from all corners. It is my wish and official duty that I lead the people of this city to join us and follow their own Funner,” commented Mayor Jane Lynch. 

A Nose Dive into the Culture 

Funner is the city that shelters Harrah’s Resort Southern California, and they have now ushered in a new mayor. Jane took office on Monday, May 16, succeeding David Hasselhoff and Ro Riggie. 

The celebrity mayor’s post began after the rebranding of the casino and taking up a new expansion strategy. Part of the effort included naming the 40-acre property Funner and having it recognized as a new city and GPS destination. 

The mayor of Funner is not the typical electoral political candidate with voters’ support and opposing political campaigns. The position does not require the elected mayor to perform any official city obligations or government duties. 

However, the process of becoming a Funner mayor requires the same old rituals like the presentation of the key to the city and an inauguration ceremony. 

The celebrity mayor is elected by the casino’s internal marketing team. The winning candidate is then expected to help lead the casino in several promotion campaigns around different offerings including cocktail menus, spa treatments, and food items. 

Since Lynch does not indulge in alcohol consumption herself, she worked with the casino to create a new mocktail menu with drinks like “A Toast to Mayor Jane!” This beverage is made with raspberry syrup, hibiscus herbal tea, raspberry foam, mint, and lime. Lynch is also vegan and already working with the casino’s kitchen to craft vegan dishes

Tribe Gets Mileage Out of Funner 

According to reports, the Rincon Band of Luiseno Mission Indians has been receiving a bang for its buck with the Funner schtick. Following conversations, Funner is now recognized on freeway signs and neither the tribe nor Caesars opposed it. 

Instead, they have all embraced Funner and all its marketing perks. Harrah’s Resort SoCa is just one of roughly 70 tribal casinos in California. Among this group is Harrah’s Northern California located in Ione. The latter is owned by the Buena Vita Band of Me-Wuk Indians. 

In total, Caesars boasts of farming out the Hurrah’s brand to six different tribal casinos across the United States of America, including the already mentioned California pair, two in North Carolina, one in Indiana, and one in Arizona. 

Hurrah’s Venerable Name in Own Right 

While Funner and its famous celebrity mayors have dominated the market share, Harrah’s brand is deep-rooted in the gaming industry’s history. The name traces its origins to 1937 when William Harrah founded the eponymous bingo hall in Reno, Nevada. 

The company would later go public in 1971 and was later acquired by the Holiday Inn hotel chain in 1980. Harrah’s eventually became the parent company of Caesars through a $10.4 billion takeover in 2005. However, extra corporation actions saw Caesars become the parent company in 2010. 

Currently, Harrah’s name appears on 17 casinos operated by Caesars inclusive of three in Nevada. However, the operator has been considering pulling the brand from New Orleans and replacing it with Caesars Palace. 

The operator is also bringing Harrah’s name to South Florida by renaming Isle Casino Pompano Park later this year. 

The Kicker 

For factual accuracy, Funner is a real city near Valley Center, California. The town’s origins date back to 2016 when the Rincon Band of Luiseno Mission Indians was looking for a unique marketing campaign that would help set it apart from other tribal casinos in Southern California. 

The Funner concept triggered a variety of enhancements and additions to the casino hotel, with the tribe devoted to the idea. The leaders of the tribal council voted to make Funner the city that houses the integrated resort and Hasselhoff was proclaimed mayor.