15 best weapons in dnd 5e Ranked

Best Weapons 5e

15 best weapons in dnd 5e.

The most powerful magical weapons in dungeons and dragons are likely to take over the whole world.

Here are the 15 best weapons in and 5e and include;

  • Crenshinibon:

Drizzt Do’Urden might be the most famous character in the Forgotten Realm due to different famous novels that transpired in his expeditions. His first adventure happened in the book called ‘ The Crystal Shard’, a title which referred to a powerful magical artifact recognized as Crenshinibon known for having fallen into the trap of a wizard who tried to use his power to take over the world hence anyone who wields Crenshinibon can create a magical tower called the Crystal Tirith because while inside the tower, the bearer of Crenshinibon is immune to all kinds of damage. Crenshinibon needs sunlight to be able to use its powers and when it is fully charged, it provides the bearer with the potential to cease any evocation or enchantment spell as though they were on the 18th level spellcaster. The power of Crystal-Tirith would enslave the intellects of those around it, inclusive of the bearer of Crenshinibon that was taunted into performing more violent acts. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the power of Crenshinibon could easily be caused the bearer to take over the world if it had been in the hands of the right villain 

  • Cyrinishad:

A cyric was one of the most dominant gods of the Forgotten Realms as a result of the fact that his vocations included aspects of lies and violence. There were numerous books written on cyric rise to power and his strategies to take over the lands of Toril. It should be noted that Cyric came close to earning world dominations when he established a powerful artifact, a Cyrinishad, that would entangle the senses of others. This magical book whirled everyone that read it into a devout worshipper of Cyric, however, the power of Cyrinishad worked on the gods themselves like Mask almost lost his mind while reading the book. It was also active even when reading aloud therefore if Cyric’s plan succeeded, he would have turned every character in a Forgotten Realm as one of his servants.

  • The Orbs of Dragonkind:

If you ever want your dungeons and dragons to be the best character like several other weapons you will be allowed to become the Khalees in your campaign world. There are various kinds other orbs of the dragon in existence with each one of them conforming to a distinct type of dragon and the bearer of one of the orbs can take over the minds of the dragon whose kind adapts to the colour of their orb as if they had been cast in the ” dominate person” spell upon them. The orb just like some other weapons makes one immune to the breath weapon of that kind of dragon and awards you admission to particular spells that are different for each one hence anyone that retains multiple orbs of dragonkind can become one of the most feared beings in their world since very few people oppose the power of an ancient dragon.

  • The eye and hand of Vecna:

As much as Kas wasn’t able to defeat Vecna during the pivotal battle, he was able to slice off Vecna’s left hand and remove the eyes of his eye. The strength of Vecna is such that his disembodied limbs became influential and powerful magical artifacts. The only downside to their application is to remove a corresponding character to access their powers meaning that your character has to cut off your hand and pluck off an eye. This weapon gives its users an amazing spectrum of arcane spells that they can call upon at any time and hence using both pieces is more valuable in the 2nd edition of dungeons and dragons as it provides a 70% chance to ignore the spell in the game.

  • The Talisman of pure good/Ultimate evil:

There are two weapons in the dungeons and the ability to instantly destroy several creatures in a game with a single action. The Talisman of pure good has the potential of making the ground swallow that any evil divine spellcaster that its wielder can see, therefore if a person using this device is pious, then the target of the Talisman doesn’t get any saving throw although the Talisman of absolute evil has the same effect, it targets good divine spellcasters

  • The sphere of Annihilation:

In the dragons and dungeons, many spells provide power to wipe away from existence. These spells are usually contentious as players don’t want to utilize them against their enemies who may have cool weapons that they can salvage yet dungeon masters don’t want to utterly destroy a character with a single failed saving throw. An artifact is present in dungeons and dragons that exhibit the pure power of devastation known as the sphere of Annihilation and a dark orb that acts as a miniature black hole therefore anything that comes into contact with the sphere is utterly demolished and only the immediate intervention of God can save you. This effect was however toned down in later editions so that you can basically lose the body parts that come into contact with the sphere. The spellcasters take advantage to try and move the sphere through sheer force of will and failing the check could cause the sphere to move towards them.

  • The Regalia of Might:

Magical points that raise stat points are some of the most prized and sought after fortunes in each dragon and dungeons campaign since increasing one stat point makes you hit harder while making it harder for you to be hit hence why spellcasters are fond of boosting their stats as it gives them more spells whereas making their magic more difficult to withstand and making it highly prized.

In addition, there is another regalia of might each of which correspond to numerous alignments. It should also be noted that each regalia is a set of three times: a crown, an orb, sceptre hence maintaining any of these items will give a bonus to your stats and access to various powerful spells and carrying all the three will give you a +4 to every stat and make Celestial/infernal beings more willing to serve you if in case you call upon them for assistance in a battle.

  • The Ring of Winter:

If you want your dungeons and dragons character to be combined with the powers of Elsa from frozen and iceman from the X-men comics, this is the weapon for you t because the Ring of Winter grants one of the greatest range of magical abilities of any artifact in dungeons and dragons. It also prevents one from ageing allowing them to cheat death for as long as they prevent themselves from getting killed. It further gives lasting protection from scrying effects making it impossible to be tracked by magic however their tremendous powers are in their ice-based abilities as it enables you to freeze the enemy from wherever they are standing and to break in a single hit. You can as well build golems made of ice while continually spamming dominant ice spells like ” Otiluke’s freezing sphere.” Whereby only a fool would challenge the wielder of the ring of winter in combat.

  • The sword of Kas:

The sword of Kas was once a trusted right-hand man of Vecna since Kas was given a powerful magical blade by Vecna in compensation for his services and hence named the Sword of Kas. However, this blade had an evil will that tempted Kas to betray his master resulting in him losing one eye and a hand. This sword still lingers on in the world of Oerth where it is still striving to complete the job and slay Vecna. Even Though, it still gives extraordinary strengths to anyone brave enough to wield it since it is one of the few +6 weapons in the game and grants a +10 to the strength score and keen/vorpal traits which instantly destroys most opponents when it lands a critical hit.

Furthermore, the sword of Kas offers its wielder free access to different unique and powerful spells such as blasphemy and slay living.

  • The rod of seven parts:

The main artifacts of dungeons and dragons barely appear in the published pilgrimages and campaign modules due to their unbalanced powers, however, the rod of seven parts has an entire campaign built around discovering all its pieces and opposing those who would use the power of the rod to end evils.

From its name, it suggests that it has to be collected from seven numerous pieces whereby finding the seven parts is an exploration into itself since the pieces tend to report away in case it is attached incorrectly to each other therefore the rod gains powers from each of the seven rods making a complete rod award its wielder access to some of the most powerful cleric and druid spells in the game for free including control weather and whirlwind which can be used once a day. It is also a powerful weapon that provides the wielder feats for free to better be used in combat.

  • The Wand of Orcus:

This is one of the many Demon princes of Dungeons and dragons cosmology who have ruled over the various hellish layers of the Abyss. l and one of the most fleshed-out demon princes as a result of the fact that that they appear in numerous destinations hence one of the players are most likely to encounter in battle since Orcus wields a powerful magic wand in battles which functions as a mace in some editions of dragons and dungeons giving rise to it one of the first-ever artifacts to ever appear in dungeons and dragons supplement and it being a doozy.

The wand of Orcus has a 50% opportunity of annihilating anything that it touches except for demon princes and those with divine powers.

  • The staff of the Magi:

Magical staves and wands are some of the most significant items for spellcasters in dungeons and dragons as they let you cast spells that consume the charges within the item instead of the spellcasters own source of magic. Due to their limited number of functions, they can be relied on forever. This weapon also provides the user access to a wide range of spells among them are high level and one of the best aspects of the staff being the ability to absorb spells that are cast at you and converting them to charges for their potentials. It further provides a high degree of spell resistance to its wilder and having one of the most devastating retaliation attacks in the game since breaking a fully charged staff of magi over your knee is likely to deal with 400 points of damage to everyone within ten feet of you.

  • The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd:

This is the fastest way of ending a fight on dragons and dungeons by scoring a critical hit in doubling all of the damage you have to deal with in a single attack this is because one only scores a critical hit by rolling a twenty on twenty-sided dice, followed by rolling again to confirm the hit. However, the invulnerable coat of Arnd is an element that makes you immune to critical hits while reducing the deterioration from most kinds of attacks. The invulnerable coat of Arnd adds an extra +5 to armor class making one immune to critical hits and sneak attacks by taking 10 points of damage off every hit and 20 points off of acid, cold, electricity, fire and sonic damage. A Cleric or paladin that wears a coat will have their class abilities work as if they were four levels higher which might be the best suit of armor in the whole game depending on the edition of dungeons and dragons that you are playing.

  • The philosophers stone:

This is one of the best motivations for an adventurer in dragons and dungeons campaigns which is the desire to seek treasure this is because the monsters and villains tend to keep highly valuable stuff for themselves hence why they have a date with the end of adventure’s blade and an adventurer in a Dungeon and dragons campaign won’t realise how poor they are until they start buying land or ships. These kinds of entrepreneur explorations are enthusiastic in seeking out philosopher’s Stone that will provide prosperity beyond their craziest dreams this is because a silvery substance that exists within a philosopher’s stone offers an arcane spellcaster the potential to transmute five thousand pounds of iron into silver or one thousand pounds of lead into gold, additionally, the philosopher’s stone offers almost timeless wealth even though you have to keep an eye for Voldemort.

  • The Deck of many things:

The deck of multiple things is a magical deck of cards where a player can decide to draw up to four cards from the deck with them exerting exceptionally powerful magical abilities. The deck of many things has severally emerged in a couple of Dragons and Dungeon campaigns as much as it comes with a notice of warning because it can undo years worth of game time but the game can end fast as a result of some bad shortcomings from the deck. The reason why these weapons come last on the list is because of their possibility to harm the players but a good draw from the deck can grant free castles, character levels and even variations of advantages of the “wish” spell.

A weak drawback from the deck can cause stat points to drop and hence being trapped beneath the earth or leading the soul to be torn from the body and be trapped on another plane of existence.

Other best Weapons in dnd 5e

Besides the above-discussed weapons, other weapons can still be considered powerful in DnD 5e and include;

  • Bloodthirsty Battleaxe
  • Rogue Bow 
  • Earthquaker
  • Krakentooth
  • Scream steamer
  • Commander’s hammer
  • Thunder star 
  • Moon song.
  • Rakish Rapier
  • Scream hoarder
  • Scimitar
  • Long sword
  • Maul
  • Flail
  • Light crossbow
  • War harmer
  • Lance
  • Great axe
  • Short sword
  • Glaive
  • Rapier
  • Javelin
  • Longbow
  • Greatsword