15 best fighter spells in dnd 5e, that will amaze you

Best Fighter 5e spells in dnd

15 best fighter spells in dnd 5e

Today’s article will be about the most powerful spells in DnD 5e thus here are the 15 best fighter spells in dnd 5e and include;

  • Cure wounds 5e

This spell offers a creature hit points by regaining points equal to 1d8+ a spellcasting modifier.

This is the most important spell of all the other spells and essential in the game because no player wants to die hence a party without a healer is bound to lose due to the death of several other players while a healer with this power is guaranteed that the players will continue playing making it the most used spells ever due to the following reasons:

Its applicability is effective when:

  • the strongest players are cured first to continue killing the enemies
  • To give it a rest before healing the party whenever possible
  • To first stabilize those badly wounded by moving them out of the battlefield and providing them with a chance to escape


  • Magic Missile 5e

Its 1st evocation creates three magic darts that deal with a 1d4+1 force damage which hits a creature that you can see because the darts are struck simultaneously and you can direct them to creatures you want to eliminate. This spell is undeniably powerful and useful because if your spellcaster uses it during the first few levels of a game is a real challenge although having a missile that automatically strikes is vital as the caster can cast it at any level and without fail and hence a tool for automatic damage reduction. It is, therefore, best used when;

  • To neutralize enemy spellcasters who hide behind their fighters to do mischievous acts
  • It is an escape tool for instance wizards cast it to flee from their enemy since it is a one time action.


  • Time stop 5e

Its 9th level transmutation briefly stops the flow of time for everyone but the caster. Time is paused for other creatures as you gain 1d4 +1 turns in a row to enable you to move as normal. It could have made it top of the list but due to technical limitations. This spell is similar to the power of “the Flash” possesses by speeding time as well and therefore it is best used when;

  • As an escape tool and used by wizards as the last resort when they realise they are not winning.
  • It is also a tool for causing mayhem to allies. You are also able to do the things you have been restricted to do to cause hilarious confusion
  • It is used as an attack tool against lower-level multiple adversaries by putting a lizard in a comfortable position to deal with the dangerous targets.


  • Gate 5e

Its 9th level conjuration is a portal of 5 to 10 feet in diameter opening a specific plane of existence. The outlet can also be used to choose one’s plane of existence or to exit into the plane yourself and the surrounding allies. Wizards have the potential of creating a ” stargate” which is cool. This is because it’s like a gate to a new realm that wizards can use at their command, it can also use the same to “portal in ” someone else by putting concentration on that person.

This spell is best used when ;

  • Travelling to unknown and dangerous places instantly 
  • It locates and brings back allies or help to kidnap adversaries.


  • Gaseous Form 5e

Its third level transmutation turns a willing creature or oneself to carry into a mist. It can be fulfilling to be able to disappear into a mist amidst a fight a factor that can extremely be frustrating to the one fighting you and hence is essential when;

  • Used as an escape tool especially in battles that are impossible to win.
  • It can also be used as a spying tool to observe adversaries 
  • It can be used to turn enemies into gas to defeat your enemies without having to harm them.


  • Fireball 5e

Its level three 3 level evocation is technically equivalent to the magical hand grenade or a very well made Molotov cocktail. Each creature in a 20-foot radius sphere must make a Dexterity save and therefore a target takes 8d6 fire damage on a failed to save or half on a success. This spell can be by casters to throw it at a group of adversaries and watch them burn like a bunch of matchsticks hence why the majority of the players choose spell casters as you only need to reach the 3rd level to cast it and can be utilized in the following ways;

  • It can be used as a destructive and offensive weapon just like the magic missile
  • It acts as a defensive weapon by confusing the enemy however allies could be toasted hence should be used sparingly and only in urgent cases.
  • It is a source of heat for any other engine or machinery that requires this energy to operate


  • Animate dead 5e

This is the third level of necromancy and it’s the reanimating and control of a pile of bones or the corpses of a medium and small humanoid to develop into a skeleton or zombie respectively hence dragons and dungeons attacking a village or town without hordes of zombies is very different. These zombies are used in the following ways;

  • Animating zombies or skeletons don’t necessarily need to fight their enemies however they remain essential for several other reasons which include carrying stuff, building castles, protecting places and theoretical productions.
  • While an intelligent wizard can animate a recently dead person to convince authorities that he is not dead
  • Zombies are excellent test subjects for new spells, especially the fresh ones.


  • Find Familiar 5e

It’s the first level conjuration where an animal becomes familiar, obeying your commands as much as it is an independent creature possessing the appearance and statistics of the animal form you choose. It is therefore a useful ally that grows along with the creature to learn new spells and a variety of tasks that ordinary animals could never even comprehend. They are important in the following ways;

  • They become key allies to their creatures and are quite common in fairy stories since their lore is somewhat extensive and goes far and beyond the limited scope of dragons and dungeons 
  • Familiars also have their independent level and spell and can therefore use magical items consciously hence they can be animal, Fey, diabolic or elemental.


  • Levitation 5e

It is a fun 2nd level transmutation where a creature or loose object levitates by rising vertically up to 20 feet in suspense. It can be used best in the following ways;

  • It is used as a way of carrying heavy stuff without much effort being required.
  • It is used to escape from a dangerous situation 
  • Enables creatures not easy to  reach places like birds nests or wizard’s towers


  • Summon Greater Demon 5e

This is a fourth level conjuration where you summon a demon from the Abyss by choosing the demon. Of all the creatures, wizards find it interesting summoning demons however depending on the caster, the demons could either be a powerful demon or a terrible mistake and summoning demons in DnD is usually considered as an act of desperation of an evil mage in trying to destroy his adversaries despite demons need not be ” magic bombs” killing people plus they can be persuaded and interrogated to do certain things. They can best be used in the following ways;

  • As a source of information, demons or the dead powers are usually summoned to get a scoop on where a treasure may be hidden and the possible weaknesses of the enemy 
  • It acts as a guardian to stash loot and guard it
  • It can be used as a last resort choice in winning a battle.


  • Geas 5e

It is a 6th level enchantment where a command is placed on a creature that you can see in causing it to do or abstain from doing some action or activity that you decide. The command could be anything except something likely to cause the target to die. These powers are commonly used in fairytales and hence a source of all fantasy role-playing where heroic quests are cruelly caused by a certain witch or wizard who sends an innocent person into an adventure that can end or change their lives

These geas powers are best used when;

  • They are excellent at starting an adventure because one’s characters are compelled by powerful spells to finish up a given task and are unable to break the spell because it causes the damage
  • It is one way of redeeming adversaries by making them good. It is also responsible for ending an adventure against foes who can be charmed into becoming good.
  • Breaking the geas of an NPC is an interesting way of getting an adventure underway.



    Finger of death 5e

Finger of death or the 7th level necromancy and one has to choose a creature to make a constitution save and if it fails it takes 7d8+30 necrotic damage to incase the target dies and it was a humanoid, it will rise as a zombie permanently under your control at the start of the next turn. Therefore if you want to create an army of zombies under your control for eternity, this spell can make it happen for you or if you want to kill someone by just touching him since the power of death and life is in your hands.

This power is best used when;

  • One wants to make instant killings characters lower than the7th level with a7th level spell.
  • One can create as many zombies as one wants. if you command it, you can have over 30 zombies in 30 days hence nothing a fireball can’t fix
  • The name of this “finger of death” is found to attract a lot of players.

Dispel magic 5e

It’s the third level abjuration that chooses an object, creature or magic effect within a specific range. low level dispels magic can be used in several creative ways that are sometimes considered as multiple spells and because in the lower levels, it usually dispels off spells from other schools of illusion or necromancy.

Where can this power best be applied;

  • In spell traps and magic locks to disarm them and some magical effects like holding a person and sleep can as well be broken.
  • While magical weapons and items like scrolls and potions can be neutralized
  • And magical creatures can lose their powers.

Invisibility 5e

This is the 2and level illusion whereby everything you wear or carry becomes invisible. This power can be used on yourself or your target for one hour. Invisibility gives one the power to be a hero or a villain to take the latest adventures into a thrill ride. It is so useful in the following ways however at the highest level;

  • It makes a truly fearsome foe or a thief if they have a potion or ring or scroll of invisibility 
  • It comes second to the gaseous form spell as an escape tool
  • The invisible guards gain the initiative while spellcasters do not become visible until the spell is cast, hence preparing a spell that takes a long time can be done invisibly without penalty.


Charm 5e

It’s the first level enchantment with a humanoid that you can see must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or it becomes charmed until the spell ends or one of your allies gets harmed. Unlike the other powers, the charm spell is best used on people who are friendly or have an intimate relationship with or on  people whom you want to turn into friends hence it is best used when;

  • To make people who are neutral towards you or your character, personality more willing to accept your friendship or romance.
  • It can be used as a type of “confusion” to make enemies or change their minds on attacking you.
  • It also works excellently in political or social intrigues where the adversaries can be made to tell top secrets while guards can be made to let their guards down and kings can be convinced to give titles of land easily

Other Fighter Spells in dnd

According to today’s article, the above-mentioned spells are the best fighters, however, they are other spells that are powerful that did not make it to the list and they include;

  • Meteor swarm 5e

  • Mass heal 5e

  • Fly 5e

  • Project image 5e

  • Teleport 5e

  • Sunburst 5e

  • Psychic scream 5e

  • Wish 5e

  • Disintegrate 5e

  • Power word kill 5e

  • Arcane eye 5e

  • Simulacrum 5e


In conclusion:

The article has been about the 15 best fighter spells in DnD 5e which have been discussed starting from the most powerful to the least powerful.