Remarkable facts about Kenpachi Zaraki in anime

Kenpachi Zaraki

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Remarkable facts about Kenpachi Zaraki.

Kenpachi  Zaraki is a support character in the Japanese manga and anime series, Bleach created by Tite Kubo in 2004 and it has a total of 15 seasons. He appears in the chapter 65 of the manga and episode 20 of the anime. 

What to notice about Kenpachi Zaraki.

  • He is the captain of the 11th division with in the Gotei 13, Soul Society and acquired this position after defeating and killing Kenpachi Kiganjo who was the former Kenpachi with just a single blow.
  • His hair as commented by the creator Tite Kubo is the most challenging to draw in the whole series and this is because of how it is styled into liberty spikes with bells at the tips. He loves taking baths and that way it’s easier for him to style his hair the way it is. 
  • Zaraki wears an eye patch on his right eye. It’s considered special with the ability to drain his energy when he wears it. He weakens, using it to his advantage to have the fight last longer. It’s important to not that though he has an eye patch, his eyes are perfectly fine. Once taken off, Zaraki can full access to his spirit energy in a single moment, gaining excessive pain.
  • It’s noted that his personality is equivalent to his wild and aggressive appearance. He is also known to be a very violent fighter. 
  • His first lieutenant was Yachiru Kusajishi and later changed to Ikkaku Madarame. 
  • On his face, is a scar caused by Retsu Unohana during his childhood. The scar is easily noticeable as it runs down the left side of his face across the left eye.
  • He enjoys fighting. He puts in a lot of effort to make it enjoyable to him to an extent of holding back so that the fight goes on for a long period of time.
  • He believes that the result of a good fight shows through injuries and death 
  • He usually stops a fight if his opponent is severely injured and go on with the fight with the excuse that he can’t fight weaklings who can’t fight anymore but he won’t hesitate to kill if the opponent is too stubborn to end the fight and this is seen with opponents like Kaname Tosen and Nnoitra Gilga. It’s because of this trait that you can see Zaraki in a new light as he considers the other fighter’s wellbeing.
  • Zaraki owns a soul cutter sword termed as a Zanpakuto which he stole from a random dead soul reaper, taking it as his own. In the chapter of Unohana’s sin, he will learn it’s  name, Nozarashi from Unohana before being killed by him.
  • His enormous power is amazingly incredible to an extent that even his eye patch, he can fight two captains level opponents with ease, whether they release their Zanpakuto’s bankai or not and if you are to remember, the eye patch is supposed to drain his powers. Another way to show his powers is during his face off with Ichigo Kurosaki in episode 36th of the Bleach anime. Zaraki destroys multiple buildings in one slash, creating earthquakes during the attacks. His spiritual energy is visible and transforms into a yellow skull. He also has an ability to stand mid- air by using his reiatsu.
  • Zaraki being a Shinigami, he has a Reiatsu which is a physical pressure or force. His reiatsu is golden yellow and shaped like a skull. It’s beneficial to him in terms of control, damage resistance , shock wave and energy wave. 

It’s too strong to a point that it paralyzes anyone miles away including his enemies. Zaraki can use it as a shield to avoid injuries, it makes his skin rough and this was episode with Ichigo, Ichigo was inflicted with wounds on his hands when he tried to swing his sword at Zaraki but failed.

Despite his reiatsu being unruly, he is able to release his energy in the form of a shockwave that enables him to cause a huge damage in case he uses both hands. He does this by focusing to control it. 

Kenpachi Zaraki has few fight scenes but most of them show how incredible of a fighter he is. There are some fights that I consider to be really touching, tragic and funny. Let’s look at two of his unique fights.

Kenpachi Zaraki’s fights 

Ichigo vs Kenpachi 

Ichigo is the main protagonist of the series and the one with the most fight scenes in the book. Episode 36 sees their first encounter during the ryoka invasion. This episode is known to have one of the most horrifying fights in the whole series. Zaraki loses the fight and though Ichigo wins the fight, he doesn’t consider himself a winner and this could be because of how powerful and violent Kenpachi is. This episode also marks their last fight but not Kenpachi’s desire to have a second fight. Ichigo rejects the offer because he sees Zaraki as a friend who doesn’t agree with the friendship with the claim that he needs Ichigo alive when he and another group go to save Ichigo regain his stolen powers.

Unohana vs Zaraki 

This is a tragic fight and it’s really heart-breaking for both characters. The moments leading to Unohana’s death are worth the read because of the intensity between them. The fight happens during the Quincy Blood War. There is a moment he ruminates on Unohana’s about not using her knives because he didn’t let her do so in the past. He soon finds out that during his previous fights, nothing was thrilling until he met her to a point that he sheds a tear when it downs on him that he won’t be able to defeat her. Unohana doesn’t hold back showing her fighting skills till he is almost passed out but that’s short-lived because he soon wakes up and regains his powers surprising him too. In the end he is able to kill her and gain excessive power and also learn the name of his Zanpakuto, Nozarashi. Her death is so devastating for him and he cries out for her not to die. You need to read the whole episode to get the idea of the feelings it arouses.