You Never Knew the Secrets About Hyunjin and Yeji

You Never Knew the Secrets About Hyunjin and Yeji

You Never Knew the Secrets About Hyunjin and Yeji | Fashion Insdustry secrets You Should Know

Before knowing some secrets about Hyunjin and Yeji, let us know what Hyunjin and Yeji are, who and what HyunJin and Yeji do because still many people do not know this. Hyunjin is a principal dancer as well as a lead rapper in the stray kid’s group. Yeji is a rapper, dancer, singer, and leader of the girl group itchy.

Why are we writing this article?

We are writing this article because there are many questions in the minds of many people, Hyunjin and Yeji siblings, and there are many more questions. We will clear those questions in this article and tell you some secrets. About Hyunjin and Yeji.

Why and when did these questions start coming into people’s minds?

These questions started popping up in people’s minds when Hyunjin and Yeji became MCs at an Asia song program in Ulsan. When they came to the performance, people noticed that Hyunjin and Yeji stood side by side rather than their way of talking. Their faces also seemed to be the same. Their Surname is also Hwang, and one more thing is that both of them had the same birth year 2000. Because of this, people started thinking that Hyunjin and Yeji were siblings. Still, in reality, Hyunjin and Yeji are good friends.

Are Hyunjin and Yeji siblings?

People believe that Hyun-jin and yeji are siblings because Hyun-jin and yeji are very similar to each other, but it is not so if any person’s face matches each other, then it is not necessary that they are Siblings.

Secrets About Hyunjin and Yeji –

  • The first secret is that both Hyunjin and Yeji have the Surname Hwang. Because of this, many people think that Hyunjin and Yeji are siblings, but only on the basis that both Hyunjin and Yeji have the same Surname. So, let’s consider them as brothers and sisters. It will not be right because only by matching Surnames can we not consider anyone as Siblings.
  • There is another secret about both of these Hyunjin and Yeji. The likes of both of them are also very similar. The colors which are favorites of Hyunjin and Yeji are quite the same.
  • The third fact or secret is that Hyunjin and Yeji both have pet dogs, and they are fond of keeping dogs!
  • The Fourth Fact and Secret is that both Hyunjin and Yeji are South Koreans but from different places.

For your information let me tell you,

Hyunjin is from Seongnae-dong, Seoul in South Korea, and Yeji is from Wansan-gu, Jeonju-is in South Korea.

 Why do people think Hyunjin and Yeji are Siblings?

 There are many answers to this question, why do people think Hyunjin and Yeji are siblings?

  • The first point is that both Hyunjin and Yeji have their surnames as Hwang, Hyunjin’s name is Hwang Hyunjin, and Yeji’s name is Hwang Yeji, so many people think that they are siblings, but as we mentioned earlier, we cannot consider any two people as siblings just by having the same Surname.
  • The second point is that the faces of both Hyunjin and Yeji match each other, so many people think that they are both Siblings.
  • The third point is they talk to each other like they are Brother and Sister. That’s why many people feel that these two are Siblings.
  • The fourth point is their birth date. Both of them were surpurisingly born in the year 2000, so many people also think that these two are siblings.


In this post, we discussed a topic that had a lot of doubts in the minds of the people related to the topic. In today’s post, we have learned many things about Hyunjin and Yeji, such as whether they are both brothers and sisters. And is there any relation between them, and we also got to know what their likes are and how much their likes match each other. We looked at some reasons why people think that Hyunjin and Yeji are Siblings!