Is there anything related to Yeji and Hyunjin in Stray Kids?

Is there anything related to Yeji and Hyunjin in Stray Kids?

Is there anything related to Yeji and Hyunjin in Stray Kids?

Stray Kids have been one of the most famous boy bands with almost 19 Million Instagram followers formed by JYP Entertainment. Fans have assumptions that something is going on between Yeji and Hyujin in this show. 

Let us take a detailed review and find out if there is something related in between these two members.

How did it all start?

They met when they were both trainees at JYP Entertainment. Both have been able to debut with the company’s most recent groups, Stray Kids and ITZY, since then.

When Hyunjin and Yeji were the MCs for the Asia Song Festival in Ulsan, they created a big splash. Viewers couldn’t help but notice how similar their smiles and visuals were when they were standing next to each other. They were both 2000-liners, with the surname “Hwang” in common. As a result, they’ve earned the moniker “Hwang twins.”

Even when the main camera wasn’t on, Hyunjin and Yeji showed off their close friendship, just like siblings.

Fortunately, the fancams captured some special moments in which Hyunjin proved to be a true gentleman to Yujin. 

Hyunjin and Yeji Special Moment

Once MCing was done, Yeji had to run off to begin her performance. She had to leave her microphone and cue cards at a random location because of the time constraints. 

Hyunjin noticed this and went over to take care of her belongings. To prevent the microphone from being broken or lost, he would keep them until she finished her performance. Hyunjin’s thoughtfulness towards Yeji has been praised by fans and left them with some questions that something is related between them.

Is Hwang Yeji and Hwang Hyujin related?

No doubt both of them are very adorable when seen together. They have been dubbed as the “Hwang Siblings” in the show. The die hard fans have captured some moments and hints that has left their fans unanswered as to how they are related to each other.

As it is prominent that they have the same surname and look alike but the community says that they are not siblings at all. They are just friends, and do not have any blood relationship, it is just a coincidence. However, there are still some fans looking for some obvious hints.

Yeji and Hyunjin have the same surname and belong to the same clan (in Korea, surnames belong to different clans called bonkwan). 

Moreover, it is assumed that they must be from the same generation, if not a close one (according to the Chinese character or Hanja of his name, he could be a 22nd generation descendant). 

Unfortunately, no one is sure about Yeji because she doesn’t use the generational character anywhere in the industry which leaves no prominent clue of blood relation between Yeji and Hyujin). So, Yeji and Hyujin do have a remote ancestor in common, but they are not related.

Hyunjin MAMA performance Blunder

The Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 (MAMA 2021) were held at CJ E&M’s Contents World in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on December 11 at 6 p.m. (KST).  The show started with one-of-a-kind dancing performance that enchanted up the atmosphere of the occasion.

Later on, six models, namely Hyunjin (Stray Kids), Yeonjun (TXT), Yeji (ITZY), Karina (AESPA), and Heeseung (AESPA), Wooyoung (ATEEZ) performed on the stage with stunning performance. Their collaboration was called ‘BlooM the Sound,’ and it was billed as a crucial stage for global audiences to hear this year’s show’s key theme, 

‘MAKE SOME NOISE.’ Karina (aespa) became a hot topic on Korean forums after the performance due to some harsh reactions during the performance. Although Karina is incredibly gorgeous, many people have observed that her aura and body proportions are equally attractive, but her body movements are not very expressive.  

Because Karina’s performance was compared to that of other groups’ lead dancers, viewers were able to see her flaws in her dance at MAMA.

Pann users have recently begun to point out that another idol, Hyunjin, did not fare well in this solo dance . Knetzens were attracted to a post headlined ‘Hyunjin’s astounding dance skills,’ which re-uploaded the male idol’s performance at MAMA 2021. Hyunjin’s hand and foot gestures, according to viewers, were unsightly and unnatural. 

In the comments section, Knetizen then separated into two groups. Some openly say that Hyunjin isn’t a particularly gifted dancer, nevertheless he is praised, whilst Karina is constantly chastised. 

Furthermore, many netizens claimed that Hyunjin not only lacked real talent, but also was involved in a bullying controversy involving his classmates. They believe Karina isn’t deserving of harsh criticism if Hyunjin isn’t targeted.

Some Knetizens, on the other hand, fans from both sides believe that even if personality issues aren’t addressed, Hyunjin still beats Karina in his dancing skills. 

As a result, Hyunjin has long been known for his dancing abilities and has plenty of popular fancams. And that including Hyunjin in the controversy would only serve to remind the public of the aespa member’s bad dance skills. 

As people have mixed reviews, still Hyunjin hasn’t affected the secret relation between him and Yunjin. The bond between them is very strong and it indicates that they must have something in relation with each other. While the majority fan following say they are just good friends but some moments between them have left them with a question mark. 


We have discussed in detail about Hyunjinand Yejin relations and the special moments captured by the media. Moreover, some moments off camera have also proved that whatever relation Hyunjin and Yeji have, Hyunjin is a true gentleman. 

Even after all the blunders and controversies, it hasn’t affected the relationship between them at all. What is your opinion about the MAMA performance and the relation of Hyunjin and Yeji? 

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