Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant for a Technical Audit?


Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant for a Technical Audit?

We all thought that a SEO consultant is only there to improve your Organic search performance but that’s just not true.

SEO is more than that and the companies or agencies that provide SEO Audit services have more things to cover than you think. While there are other things your SEO consultant will look after, the most important element of SEO is technical audit and you need a consultant for that.

Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant for a Technical Audit?

 The SEO consultant that you will hire for technical audit will not only optimize your website but the content inside it as well. So you provide the best experience to the user visiting your website.

Here we will be discussing some of the reasons why we need an SEO consultant for technical audit services.

Page Loading Time Under a Professional

One of the technical things that an SEO consultant can do for you is have your page load time reduced. Why does it matter? Well it does, because having your website to load fast is a key element of your SEO strategy.

 For instance, if your page doesn’t load in 4 seconds after clicking, the majority of the users will simply click away. This will lead to Pong Sticking and higher bounce rate as well. Another factor that affects the page Loading speed would be the use of different templates as different templates load at different times.

 The pages that load quickly get the Google ranking boost as well. So a technical SEO consultant will check for elements such as image size, broken code etc on the page to look for the cause of slow page load time

SEO Consultant Helping You with Designs

Making your website user friendly and attractive is an extremely important job for better SEO ranking. Dwell time, the time a user spends on your website is an extremely important factor for search algorithms and it is for sure that if your design is  good, people visiting will  stay.

 Having a SEO consultant will do this technical job with ease and they will make sure that the design of the website is crawl-able. The SEO consultant will make sure that there is crawlability on your web as incase of no crawls, there will be no indexing which means no ranking on organic search traffic.

A technical SEO consultant will ensure that your website can be effortlessly navigated and has a decent looking design as well. They also make sure that the images have appropriate names and alternate attributes for the search engines.

Mobile Design Under an SEO Consultant

Since so much is being done on mobile, Google encourages websites to provide the users an amazing mobile experience, in exchange Google gives out ranking boost to mobile friendly sites.

Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant for a Technical Audit?

 As technology advances, web traffic is increasing on mobile and now plays a vital role in how search algorithms rank websites. This means that your website must appear in the right way regardless of what device it’s being used.

 Though a technical SEO consultant won’t likely be able make your website responsive mainly because that’s the part where your developers and designers come into action. Rather a technical SEO consultant will point out the pages that are not mobile friendly so the rest of the team can fix them

Indexation and Content Duplication can be Fixed by the Right Consultant

Having the right consultant can do you a lot of good. Another thing is that it can make your content indexable when a bot scans through it. Since some forms of media like headings in images are invisible to the bots that scan the website making the content not so indexable.

 In other cases content duplication can also generate the same content on multiple URLs and on multiple pages. Search engines then have to go through all the content mess that is there which will then result in reduction of your ranking.

 The solution lies in hiring the right technical SEO consultant as they will make sure that the content is in the right place and there are no duplications and it can be indexed just right.

Meta Tags can be Tricky

Why Do You Need an SEO Consultant for a Technical Audit?

Every website has meta tags that basically sums up the data that the site has to offer. The meta tags include description, title and robot meta tag.

 The description contains a short teaser of information that users see in search engines before clicking on your site. A technical SEO consultant will help you write these snippets in a way that they will use relevant keywords and will also increase your click through rate as well.

The title contains the name of the piece of information that is offered. Having your title with keywords is extremely important and yet a technical SEO consultant can do that for you with ease.

 Lastly, the robot tags tells the search engine how to index your page and if they want to index it. Certainly every page isn’t supposed to be indexed as it leads you to lose ranking. So an easy way out is to leave it to the technical SEO consultant who knows all about it.

Is it all Really Worth it?

Having a SEO consultant for a technical audit can really help you out in many ways and you can certainly measure the return of investment through the following factors that are discussed below.

Better Ranking

Technical SEO consultant provides a strong base for your content. As the technical elements that are on your website are optimized according to SEO, you get a better ranking and an amazing boost in your audience.

More Time

With attractive pages, less page load time and amazing structure people will spend more time on your website. you will get a lower bounce rate and the chances of pong sticking are quite low as well. All thanks to an SEO consultant

More Customers

At the end of the day, having more customers is all that matters. With everything else perfect you will get more customers eventually and you will find having a technical SEO consultant worth it.

Final Words

In this article, we covered why it is really important to have an SEO consultant for a technical audit. Though the initial investment of having SEO Audit services can be a bit costly but the output in the end would be fruitful and totally worth it.