5 Best Online Business Courses For Elevating Your Business Skills

5 Best Online Business Courses For Elevating Your Business Skills

5 Best Online Business Courses For Elevating Your Business Skills

Online courses have certainly taken over the world, especially after the global pandemic when everyone was caught up with isolation, people learnt and grew. Nonetheless, now that time is gone but the trend of online courses certainly hasn’t.

 If you really are interested in learning then famous universities like Harvard and Yale have their courses available online on edX, coursera and other online educational platforms as well. 

Though these Business Development Courses will have a life changing impact and will help you achieve a better and a sustainable career ahead

 So here we will be discussing five best online business courses that will not only provide you with the correct knowledge but will also help you in evaluating your business skills.

 Keep in mind that all the courses that are discussed are free yet, if you want to get a certificate on completion of the course then you have to pay for that and the prices of certificates vary depending on the class.

The Best Business Development Courses Out in Market

1- Collaborative Working in a Remote Team

It wasn’t long ago, when we all had to move to remote working because of the global pandemic. But unfortunately for some business managers this was their first time in managing teams remotely and certainly was challenging for many.

 Though everything is coming back to normal now, a skill to work with a team remotely can come in handy because of various reasons like if the team members are from all across the globe or a member is unable to come to the office and rather wants to work from home.

 This course will help you in learning all the ups and downs you could possibly face while leading a team remotely. Furthermore, it will also have the slightest of details on how to manage the remote team effectively and efficiently.

 The course is currently offered by the Institute Coding on Future Learn and is offered by University of Leeds as well. The duration of this course is pretty reasonable, that is two weeks, in which you only have to give the course two hours per week.

2- Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

Having a course that helps you out with project planning and management is a skill that you might want to invest on especially in 2022. The objective of this course is to ensure that the future projects that you plan on doing run smoothly and efficiently. The course revolves around development and designing of a project plan, basically everything from scratch.

 It will enable you to identify risks of the project while planning and at the same time the course will also help you out by teaching you on how to assess those risks without hesitation. Lastly, the course will also include budgeting and how to set and spend on a budget without spending too much.

Currently the course is offered by University of Virginia on Coursera and Future learn. The duration of the course lasts for four weeks, in which you have to dedicate two hours per week.

Courses Related to Entrepreneurship

3- Becoming an Entrepreneur

If you are someone who wants to start their own company but lacks ideas or just doesn’t really know where to start. Well then this course is the perfect pick for you. The course is from MIT and is currently being taught by Laurie Stach, the director and founder of LaunchX.

 Alongside Martin Culpepper, the professor of mechanical engineering teaches about the basic elements of starting a new business. This includes doing market research, pitching ideas and of course identifying new business opportunities.

 The course is currently only offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and it’s on edX exclusively. The duration of the whole course from scratch is six weeks, in which you have to decide one to three hours per week.

 Self Improvement Skill Courses

4- Public Speaking

If you can’t communicate to your audience properly, then won’t buy it. When we talk about business skills, one of the most crucial skills is the communication skill that involves one to one conversation and public speaking.


Though one to one conversation can be done, public speaking requires a lot of courage and more importantly skill. Many people find it terrifying but fear not as the Rochester Institute of Technology has the perfect solution for you.

 This course covers all that you will ever need for public speaking and will put an end to your anxiety and shaky legs once and for all. The course is available in edX and is only three weeks long in which you have to dedicate four to six hours per week to it.

5- Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Having negotiation skills is extremely important especially in 2022 where it’s all about getting the best deal for yourself. It’s true that no business can survive without a profitable contract and if we talk about negotiation skills within a company, it’s required for your career advancement.

 The course comprises four steps that are Prepare, Negotiate, Close, Perform and evaluate. Once you have successfully completed all the four steps you will have the ability to negotiate though getting to the level of perfection will take time but practicing will help you get there in no time.

 The course is offered by University of Michigan and it’s on Coursera and on edX as well. The duration is of seven weeks, in which you have to dedicate two to four hours per week to the course.

Final Words

Here we discussed 5 of the best business online courses that will enhance your skills. Though online courses require a lot of dedication and self motivation, once you know the final outcome of it, the rest is then just a piece of cake.

 The courses that we talked about in this article will help you in different fields, so make sure you opt for the courses that will help you cover your weak points and help you become a more skillful business leader.