Which Real Estate Company Has The Best Commission Split | 10 Best

Which Real Estate Company Has The Best Commission Split | 10 Best

Which Real Estate Company Has The Best Commission Split | 10 Best

When purchasing or selling a home, the last point you would want to think about is how much commission you’ll have to pay your real estate agent.

Fortunately, some companies provide far greater commission splits than others, making the process of purchasing or selling much simpler on your budget and less stressful overall.

Which Real Estate Company Has The Best Commission Split | 10 Best

With that in mind, here are ten real estate companies with the best commission splits! You won’t believe how much they differ!

1) Keller Williams 

Keller Williams stands out for its unconventional training and mentorship. Instead of only meeting with agents once a month, Keller Williams trainers meet with new agents three to four times a week. 

Trainers are on hand to answer questions or provide one-on-one support at all hours, which cuts down on late-night calls or emails for help.

If that’s not enough to make a living, go somewhere else. If you want your hard work and sweat equity to translate into income potential, consider making Keller Williams your next stop in real estate sales.

A review by Business Insider found Keller Williams has consistently had among the highest average annual growth rates since 2001.

Their overall satisfaction rating was 7.9/10 based on a survey of over 5,300 agents conducted by their employees between June 2017 and May 2018.

In addition to their ongoing commitment to being an agent-centric firm, Keller Williams also donates 1% of each transaction back to local charities as part of their Helping Others Succeed program.

Over $5 million has been donated since 2011, helping nonprofits such as Meals On Wheels become more vital community partners who can assist people in need while creating greater awareness about how easy it is to sell your home with professionals like Keller Williams Realty, who are passionate about what they do!

Commission Split:

  • The company’s compensation structure is commission-based, as it should be, and only 3 percent of Keller Williams agents earn more than $100,000 per year.
  • Agents receive 45 percent of every deal.

2) RE/MAX 

If you decide to work with a RE/MAX agent, be sure to ask precisely how your compensation will work and whether or not you’ll have any control over it.

Some agents are upfront about their commission splits, but others are less transparent!

RE/MAX has taken notice of competitors that offer more attractive commission splits, so to stay competitive, they’ve introduced new policies for 2018. 

These include giving customers as much as 100% of closing costs covered by RE/MAX.

This makes it easier for sellers to take advantage of lower offers from competing companies without taking on additional risk by covering these costs themselves.

For buyers who prefer lower offers from competing companies, RE/MAX also announced a new program that would cover 100% of buyer concessions in exchange for giving up its standard 1% rebate on customer referrals.

We recommend reading our complete analysis here before making a decision on which company is the best.

Commission Splits:

  • A typical commission split between a real estate agent and a seller is 50/50, which works out to 2.5% of whatever price you negotiate.
  • RE/MAX agents, however, typically earn higher commissions because they’re expected to pay some of their commission back to their firm through pre-determined monthly quotas and other schemes.

3) eXp Realty

Exp Realty’s commission split is 40/60: eXp Realty’s split differs depending on whether you’re licensed or unlicensed.

It means you can make money off transactions even if they don’t go through eXp’s platform.

And there are other ways to do so, such as by providing buyer and seller agent services in addition to what is accessible through eXp’s platform.

That being said, eXp may be a wonderful choice for you if you’re searching for an online brokerage with great features that allow you to run your business from anywhere at any time.

But suppose in-person interaction is essential to you, and not all brokers are willing or able to work remotely. Within this scenario, you should search elsewhere.

Commission Splits:

  • As a real estate professional, you’ll earn 40% of eXp’s total commissions as your cut of each sale.
  • As an affiliate, you get 60%. Regarding real estate agents, eXp Realty will pay its licensees and affiliates 25% on any transaction where one party didn’t opt for its DRE service (meaning they purchased their own DRE).

4) Move, Inc

The company’s new business welcome bonus gives $500 to agents who bring in customers who buy or sell at least $250,000 within 180 days of receiving their agent ID number.

Agents who do not reach at least $10,000 in sales in any given year get their commissions held until they meet that threshold.

Recurring bonuses are also available monthly to agents who have met both volume and activity requirements.

Commission Splits:

  • Move, Inc. has commission splits for every agent ranging from 15-35%, depending on volume.
  • There are several options for splitting commissions, and agents who sell homes can pick from one of two options: a 5% commission split with full non-recurring closing costs coverage or a 7% commission split with no closing costs coverage.

5) Redfin 

This commission makes for a fairer, more transparent system for everyone except real estate agents.

Redfin’s special commissions are one of many reasons it was voted America’s fastest-growing tech company by Inc. Magazine three years in a row.

A company has also been named one of Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.

With its innovative approach to real estate and its dedication to its employees, Redfin is undoubtedly a company worth considering if you’re looking for your next home or career move.


There are some exceptions where fees may be higher than 3%, such as where there is no listing agreement between a Realtor® (or another licensed agent) and client or when only part of a property is being sold (e.g., only some rooms in an apartment building).

These fees may also be higher when there are unusual circumstances, such as multiple competing offers or complex negotiations.

Commission Splits:

  • The standard commission split in real estate is 3% to both buyer and seller, with an additional 1% paid to any broker representing either party.
  • Redfin, however, offers a two-tiered commission split model: sellers pay just 1% of their sale price, and buyers pay 3%.

6) McEnearney Associates

They follow their rules, which has helped them grow into one of DC’s most profitable real estate firms.

More importantly, their model is suitable for agents looking to succeed in commercial real estate sales: 50% revenue sharing leads to evenly distributed results between both parties, something clients love.

Agents working with McEnearney Associates get paid more than they would elsewhere while delivering top-quality service.

If you’re looking for fair compensation and an experienced team, give McEnearney Associates a try!

Your salary (the company pays you weekly) and commissions (the money you earn when a sale closes).

For example, if your salary is $40K per year and there are 52 weeks in a year, then each week represents $840 per week or $4,080 per month.

The other source of income comes from commissions which will vary depending on whether you close any deals. 

So let’s say that over four months (the equivalent of 16 weeks), you close six deals totaling 1 million dollars worth of property.

Commission Splits:

  • They have a hard and fast split 50/50. While many real estate companies use a standard 50/50 split.
  • McEnearney Associates is one of those rare gems that stick to it.

7) Charles Rutenberg

Their commission means agents never have to question whether their loyalty will be rewarded, making them more likely to go above and beyond for clients, knowing they’ll reap the rewards too.

With Charles Rutenberg Realty, you know your success is always number one. The key to making money as a real estate agent is finding a way to stand out from other agents.

The best way to do that is by having good relationships with your clients and ensuring they enjoy working with you.

Many brokers like Charles Rutenberg offer top-notch service and reasonable commission splits.

They understand how meaningful long-term relationships are for any successful business, especially regarding real estate.

At Charles Rutenberg Realty, agents don’t have time limits or strict requirements for listing properties or showing homes.

Commission Splits:

  • Charles Rutenberg Realty, an Atlanta-based real estate company that has been in business for over 25 years, is proud to offer one of the most competitive commission splits in town.
  • Agents at Charles Rutenberg earn a flat 20% commission on every sale.

8) United Country

United Country offers optional insurance coverage for its customers at no extra cost.

It also has several online tools that allow you to market your business more effectively and help you close deals faster.

For example, United Country’s website allows you to customize a real estate search based on your clients’ preferences and automatically email them when properties matching their criteria are listed in their area.

however, keep in mind that different companies will often negotiate with agents individually: even if one company has an average split of 1%, another might be willing to pay 1.25%

So if you want to make sure you get as much money as possible from each sale, always ask about any potential bonuses or perks when interviewing potential employers, and don’t forget to negotiate!

Commission Splits:

  • United Country is known for its generous commission splits (often ranging from 2.5% to 3%).
  • This company attracts primarily independent agents and tends to have lower overhead costs than other companies, allowing it to offer these generous incentives.

9) Clever

Clever Real Estate Company charges a $3000 listing fee or 1% commission on homes over $350,000, one of the lowest commission splits for full-service brokerage businesses.

It pays a buyer’s agent a 2.5-3 percent commission, saving you money over a conventional 6 percent commission rate.

While Clever assures full service, you must still pay extra costs for home staging and drone photography services. 

However, this real estate agency provides several advantages to buyers and sellers for a basic plan.

Commission Splits:

  • Free service connects you with reputable, local agents who negotiate client savings on their behalf.
  • Partners with full-service brokerage firms in the United States to provide the standard benefits.
  • The total commission cost is between 3 and 4%.

10) Chestnut Hill Realty

The only downside to working with Chestnut Hill is that they don’t handle rentals, so you’ll have to find clients on your own through referrals or marketing. 

However, for first-time real estate agents or freelancers looking for reliable leads, Chestnut Hill is worth every penny.

And if you’re an experienced agent who wants to increase their earning potential, consider using Chestnut Hill as your listing agent.

Your new business could get off to a great start by landing several listings from one company!

Plus, if you ever decide to leave Chestnut Hill and want to take your clients with you, they’ll pay up to $1,000 per closed transaction for each referral.

Commission Splits:

  • Chestnut Hill Realty’s 50/50 commission split is one of the best commission splits in town.
  • When a client books a property, Chestnut Hill pays you half (50%) of your net income after escrow fees and other expenses have been paid by Chestnut Hill. 


At first glance, there’s no doubt that real estate agents make good money. But a closer look reveals how challenging and demanding their work can be.

You’ll have to hustle for new business, book your appointments, deal with demanding clients, handle all sorts of paperwork and stay connected to your community.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get started in real estate, from buying an existing franchise to launching your own company. Consider whether you want a steady cash flow or prefer more freedom and personal control.