What to Scope Out in Casino in GTA Online?

What to Scope Out in Casino in GTA Online?

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What to Scope Out in Casino in GTA Online?

Visit a casino. The main entryway should be photographed. Go inside the casino. Examine the security options. Examine the casino further or leave the building.

If you’re planning on playing a game of casino rogue, you’ll have to figure out what to scope out in the casino. You should know the Points of Interest, the Security cameras, and the Safes. You can also look at the Drainage tunnel. These are the main areas where you can get information from. In addition, you should also check the CCTV and the Security cameras.

One of the most talked-about heists in Grand Theft Auto Online is the Diamond Casino Heist, and for good reason. The task demands careful consideration and unwavering assiduity, all the while making sure one is as covert as possible. Having said that, one cannot pull off a great heist without being aware of the circumstances.

On the GTA map, the Diamond Casino Resort and Casino is a well-known location that is frequently busy with travellers in search of nirvana. Lester would advise the player to first survey the primary entrance points and points of interest in the casino because looting a location in broad daylight is more difficult than one may think.

Players must pull up their planned board in the Arcade Basement and choose the square that says “Scope Out Casino” to begin the Casino Heist Scope Out objective in GTA Online. The player will then be able to visit the Diamond Resort and Casino and capture pictures of important scope-out goals for Lester.

There are a total of 11 access points in GTA Online. Seven of them are on the casino’s roof, two are on the first level, and two are farther away.

What to Scope Out in Casino in GTA Online?

Points of Interest

If you’re new to GTA Online, you might wonder how to find all the Points of Interest in a casino. You can find these points of interest in two different missions: the Casino Scope mission and the Vault Scope mission. When you’re solo, you won’t be able to identify POI until you’re standing beside them. The first mission will be a quick overview of the casino’s main features.

Drainage tunnel

If you’re looking for the most challenging scope-out point in the game, try the Drainage Tunnel. It’s located just outside the casino, toward the sewer. You’ll find a wide entrance leading to a pool of drainage water. To reach this objective, you’ll need to dive underwater. Pavel will comment on the situation, but once you’re in, it’s easy to reach the exit by boat.


The Vault Content and Casino Scoping missions in The Sims 4 include:

  • 11 POI.
  • An old camera on the roof and the terrace.
  • A security guard on the staff door.
  • An orbital camera.
  • A purple keypad.

These are all located inside the casino but are not the only areas that need to be scoped out. The guide also provides a complete list of all the locations. Once you’ve spotted these locations, you’re ready to go out and find all the safes!


When playing the slot machine game, it is imperative to watch the casino guards or the security personnel that patrol the slots. You can spot them in the mini-map. Look for their movements, and if you spot any of them, you can sneak up on them and take their loot. Of course, the next thing to do is attack the guards, who may be using a hacking device.