Are High Limit Coin Pushers Real?

Are High Limit Coin Pushers Real?

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Are High Limit Coin Pushers Real?

Yes, there are high limit coin pushers. When a specific quantity of money is inserted, these are machines that are made to disburse coins. These gaming devices are typically seen in casinos and are well-liked by players. How do high limit coin pushers help casinos make money? In the arcade game known as a “coin pusher,” players attempt to push other coins off the edge of the platform by dropping their own coins into the slot.

Many people wonder if high-limit coin pushers are actual. The truth is that these video games are legal to play and can make you lots of money. In this article, we’ll discuss the legality of these devices, their stacking technique, and the volatility of these games. We’ll also examine how to earn money with these games. Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful information. But if you don’t believe it, keep reading!


You are not alone if you are wondering whether high-limit coin pushers are legal. The same goes for video poker machines. While most jurisdictions do not allow coin pushers, they are legal in some states. Therefore, the legality of high-limit coin pushers is a matter of state law. It is important to remember that these machines are similar to casino games, and you should check with your local government to determine the laws regarding these games.

While many states have made it illegal for high-limit coin pushers to be used in casinos, others have made them legal. In Michigan, for instance, a coin pusher that has a limit of $10 is legal. In addition, they can pay out gift cards and other prizes. Some states, including Tennessee, are allowed as long as they’re at least 25 years old. This is an excellent example of how a state has a gambling law that limits the use of high-limit coin pushers.

While a quarter pusher is not illegal in most states, it isn’t in Nevada, which allows them. However, in these locations, such as Las Vegas, a quarter pusher is still legal. While casinos have eliminated most of their old quarter pushers, you can still find them in arcades. These machines dispense tickets for prizes, but you’ll have to pay a high fee to play them.

Some states also do not allow high-limit coin pushers because they use real coins, so they are not pure chance. However, while these machines are not pure chance, their skill-based nature adds legitimacy to the games. For example, modern coin pushers feature a lever to guide the coin’s path through the machine. For this reason, legality is a significant consideration for any coin pusher. But even though they aren’t illegal in most states, the skill-based aspect of the games makes them even more appealing.

Stacking of coins

One of the most popular arcade games is Coin Pusher. Players add coins to a stack to push it off the edge of the machine. Stacks can be up to ten levels high. The higher the coin count, the higher the payout. The more coins a player pushes off the edge, the more the coin pusher earns. This game requires skill and many ways to improve your score.

Are High Limit Coin Pushers Real?

Another famous coin pusher is the Deluxe version, which features a video bonus game. By hitting the target, players can win extra coins, increasing their chances of winning. Coin pushers are often available in multiple variations, ranging from low-limit to high-limit. In some versions, players can choose to play on tokens or quarters. They may buy coins with money placed in the bill acceptor. They can push up to five coins at a time.

Some states have a law prohibiting coin pushers, while others have not. In Indiana, coin pushers are illegal regardless of where they are located. State gaming officials have seized more than 70 coin pusher machines. In Arizona, however, these machines are illegal. It would be legal in Utah but would be illegal in Colorado. Some say that the practice is perfectly legal, but Stearns says it falls into a gray area of law.


The volatility of a machine depends on its stack depth. Machines that tend towards shallow stacks have low volatility. Hits are more frequent, and payouts are minor. These machines also tend to have a low average payout, but the long-run expected return is the same for either type. In my experience, the Four Queens dollar machine has the lowest volatility, preferring to stack two coins deep. The volatility of this machine was far less than the four-deep dollar machine.

Earning money

While the game of Coin Pushers can be addictive and fun, it is legal to own only a limited number of machines. These mechanical machines are essentially slot machines that accept quarters. When you push the coins, they fall to the floor. The best part about this business is that it can be done from home. But, be aware that it can get expensive. Read on to learn more about how to make money with coin pushers.

The idea behind these games is simple. You’ll make money if you can get enough coins to fall over the edge. That’s the whole point of the game, after all. Coin pushers are addictive because they are so simple yet so addictive. If you’ve ever played one, you know how much fun it can be. The key is to stay focused and have a strategy in mind. It’s straightforward to get addicted to these games.

Many people like to watch these videos on TikTok, a video-sharing platform. Many popular video game creators are TikTok players. Some of them have won a thousand dollars on a single machine. If you’re new to the game, you can learn about it from their videos and follow their progress. If you want to earn money from coin pushers, there are many ways to do it.

One way to earn money from high-limit coin pushers is to work as a game dealer. These employees are casino employees that work in various casinos. They collect coins from players who play. You’ll earn commissions from every game in exchange for a few coins per game. While this is a lucrative business, it can be tiring. If you are not patient enough, it may take some time before you see profits.

Is it a big money maker for casinos

Many people don’t realize that high-limit coin-pushing machines used to make a lot of money for casinos. This machine is considered a gambling device and is legal only in some regions of the country, such as Las Vegas. However, these machines are not a huge moneymaker for casinos, which are now more focused on slot machines. However, arcades still have a few quarter pushers around. The machines dispense tickets for prize prizes. Unfortunately, the only videos we’ve found of these machines are homemade.