What is the male version of Karen among Frank/ Greg/ Chad?

male version of Karen

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Is Frank the male version of Karen?

We’ll call Frank a male version of Karen. Stoner deadbeat dad. Wears white wife beaters, loose, baggy jeans that reach at least half their bottom, a cap with the lens facing forwards, sunglasses, and a hat with the visor facing in any direction other than forwards.

Deeply homophobic and racist. Hates everyone who isn’t him. Potentially anti-vaxxer. Suppose they were concerned enough about their children. They will utter unprompted commentary about minorities, how football and baseball are losers. How immigrants are the banes of the world, and how Millennials are selfish twats who only care about themselves and want everything given to them (while they were born around 1990).


They drive the largest SUV they can find, modified to oblivion. And they carry a full-loaded gun rack because the measure of a man’s masculinity is his car and guns.

They’ll often be hunting in the woods and gathered in packs when they aren’t modding their cars. Chernobyl looks minor because of the number of beer bottles left to trash it.

Like their female counterparts, they will start spitting out profanity as soon as things get out of control. Although firearm-inflicted damage might not be included in the threats, it more often is.

Richard, unlike Karen, would not be able to care less about their children if he tried. Richard will feel relieved when Karen takes the kids. He would if only he could come down from his high enough to notice 1) Karen was gone, 2) that the children were gone, and 3) that he even had kids.

Is Greg the male version of Karen?

Greg is Karen’s husband. Greg owns a Ford F250. Greg doesn’t use it except to haul groceries. Greg would love to drive a Chevy Colorado, but Greg doesn’t know-how. He finds it too complicated. Greg may be cheating on Karen with a naive girl from the street because Karen’s body has changed. Greg is doing the same thing to Karen.

Greg doesn’t like Karen, but he knows he cannot divorce her. He would die if he received alimony. Greg is just as entitled as Karen. Greg doesn’t like his pepperoni pizza too spicy. If it is, Greg will shout at you. Maybe you’ll get into a fight with the waiter.

Greg believes his daughter is an angel. She’d never shoplift, do hard drugs or get in trouble with the law. Despite showing track marks, the daughter is well-known by the police.

Greg wants his child to be the top pitcher on the high school team even though the child can throw only refuses or knucklers.

Greg believes that going out to Crab Rangoons is an “exotic” activity

It refers to a negative stereotype of a female.

Let’s explore the details of it all to see just how far this rabbit hole can go.

Stereotypical Karen

  • She considers that she is entitled to what she wants
  • She believes herself to be more critical than anyone she is inconvenienced by
  • Talk to people who are incontinence
  • They have never experienced what it’s like to be on the other side.

It is possible to think that a homemaker with a husband who takes care of everything at home. She is a lady who has never worked in her life. She may expect everyone to treat her like a queen.

You might expect her to be apathetic towards working people, the difficulties she causes them, and the stress she creates around them. She might be used to bullying and getting her way.

Karens are not made from wood. They are MADE.

You might see the reason why this term could be used to refer to the stereotypical female.

Why is it that there are so many women who might find themselves in situations that could put them at risk of becoming wild Karens to ruin your day? What happens when you are busy working? Who should be encouraged to look for others to care for them?

It means that not only is the term manly, but its existence could also be due to high social standards.

All that is not to say men can’t become a Karen. You’d expect them to be not quite as frequently exposed to circumstances that would promote such behavioral patterns.

For what you might call the “male version of Karen,” try “Chad” it’s been around for something similar to a male Karen.