Top 5 Flat Fee MLS Tennessee Companies

Top 5 Flat Fee MLS Tennessee Companies

Top 5 Flat Fee MLS Tennessee Companies

Tennessee’s Best Flat Fee MLS Companies If you’re selling your home as a for-sale-by-owner in Tennessee (FSBO), a flat-rate MLS service will help you enhance your listing’s visibility to potential buyers. You should engage with a full-service real estate broker if you want to sell your home quickly. 

The Flat Fee MLS Tennessee residents use, on the other hand, allows them to achieve the same goals while saving 6% on commissions. However, before you begin selling on a flat fee MLS, you must first establish which ones are the most effective, as this will influence your level of success.


Houzeo has upset the Flat Fee MLS industry since its inception, changing sellers’ viewpoints of real estate transactions and earning it the top spot for flat fee MLS brokers in the United States. The Houzeo procedure is completely online. You can upload your documents, accept offers, sign any agreements, make counteroffers, and communicate with purchasers, all from the platform. 

They provide live chat and telephone support to make the procedure even easier. Other features that distinguish Houzeo as the best flat cost MLS Tennessee residents may use include the option to choose your buyer agent commission and receive crucial closing help.

Pros of Houzeo

Changes and Listings 

Houzeo is entirely online. It’s simple to list and make modifications. So you can look into what matters: your sale.

Best Customer Service

Houzeo has received the best rating from home sellers across the United States on major review sites like Google and Trustpilot. It’s reassuring to know that you’ll get a live person on the other end of the line when you call.

Commission Savings

Houzeo’s plans are usually a one-time price. You save the buyer agent commission if your buyer is not represented.


Houzeo also includes useful social media sharing features. You won’t get this much exposure on any other platform. The most powerful real estate website is Houzeo. Houzeo Offers, IntelliList Listing Management System, Showings, Buyer Search, and Settlement Agent Platform are among the advanced features.

Sellers can get complete support, such as similar sales data to aid pricing and help negotiate with buyers and review contracts. Still, some packages charge extra for these services. Sellers are willing to pay a premium for having everything in one location. Before signing up for their TN flat fee MLS listing service, make sure they offer For Sale By Owner services in your desired location.


ResultsMLS provides a monthly payment option for Tennessee home sellers. Their Flat Fee MLS listings in Tennessee packages start at $99 for a monthly listing and $499 for a 12-month listing with up to 25 photographs. 

Pros of ResultsMLS 

  • Has a monthly payment option
  • A professional photographer will take photos of your house for your listing in both packages.
  • You will receive a complimentary comparative market analysis to assist you in pricing your home.
  • The broker will examine contracts and assist with negotiations for a fee.

Cons of ResultsMLS 

  • The listing bundles do not permit free updates to the listings. Five free changes are included in the basic listing, while ten are included in the Gold listing.
  • Only 10 images are included in the basic listing bundle.

Tennessee Flat Fee MLS

Tennessee Flat Fee MLS is a Listing company situated in Tennessee that offers house sellers cheap packages. As the company lacks technology, its website is not user-friendly and is not fully operational. 

They contain hidden costs that could cost you money for additional and crucial services when selling your house. The Tennessee Flat Fee MLS is ideal for cash-strapped sellers searching for a straightforward, low-cost listing. 

Pros of Tennessee Flat Fee MLS

Even if the packages are inexpensive, you still get the same basic services that expensive organizations provide. 

If you opt for the premium option, you’ll get a better listing on, complete with a virtual tour.

Cons of Tennessee Flat Fee MLS

You can change the status for free, not the listing content or photographs.

For Sale Martin Properties

For Sale Martin Properties is a Flat Fee MLS listing service for sellers in Nashville, Tennessee. The basic package includes a listing on the Tennessee Multiple Listing Service (MLS), with no additional services necessary to sell your house. Other services, such as pricing advice, are not provided by this Flat Fee MLS Nashville TN listing service.

They provide several packages for listing homes in Tennessee. Basic listing services, such as 10 photographs on the MLS and syndication to other real estate websites, start at $99 for a package.

Pros of For Sale Martin Properties

You can choose from three different listing terms: three months, six months, or twelve months.

You can add open houses to your MLS listing without paying an extra price with any listing packages.

Cons of For Sale Martin Properties

Only one free listing change is included in the basic listing package. You’ll have to spend more to get more.

The broker does not assist in determining the value of your property.

List with Freedom

Their basic package costs $89 and includes only one listing photo, a 6-month listing term, and listings on Trulia, Zillow,, and Redfin. This service is best for sellers already familiar with the real estate process and doesn’t need any help.

They only allow you to post one photo when listing, so make it your finest listing photo. It is best for Experienced vendors who know which services they require and which they do not.

Pros of List with Freedom

  • There is no cancellation fee for live postings.
  • You can pay a little extra for help with showings and open houses.
  • You can choose a less-priced plan and purchase the extras separately if you know what you need.

Cons of List with Freedom

  • In the base package, there is simply one photo.
  • List With Freedom has no built-in pricing support or house value.


However, Tennessee homeowners should read the Tennessee flat fee reviews for each option before listing their house on one flat charge MLS listings. 

Although a flat-cost listing service might work well in other places, it might not have enough syndication – or reach – in Tennessee. As a result, comparing opinions from Tennessee residents is the greatest way to gain a full picture.