If I Block Someone on WhatsApp will they Know

If I Block Someone on WhatsApp will they Know

If I Block Someone on WhatsApp will they Know

There is no direct way for Someone on WhatsApp you’ve blocked to know they’ve been blocked. Like they can never find out directly as you have blocked them. So WhatsApp will not send them a direct notification that you have blocked them.

Like there will not be a screen saying you are blocked. WhatsApp is the largest messaging app through which people connect with their loved ones. But somehow, it is necessary to block some people to get rid of them. Cutting off will be pretty straightforward as nobody will get to know that you have blocked them.

WhatsApp allows users to block people in their chats to stop receiving new messages from that contact. However, the person who has been blocked is not notified of this. WhatsApp has provided a few methods for determining whether your WhatsApp number has been blocked by a specific person/contact. You can no longer see a contact’s last seen or online status in the chat window.

You are not n when a contact’s profile photo has updated. Any calls you attempt to make will be unsuccessful. If you see all of the above indicators for a contact, the user may be blocking you.

There is no way to ensure that the contact has blocked you or is experiencing a connectivity problem. According to WhatsApp, this is intentionally ambiguous to protect users’ privacy when they block Someone. Therefore, WhatsApp will never inform a blocked contact directly.

When you block Someone, your online status, Last Seen, status updates, and profile picture changes will be hidden from the blocked contacts. Furthermore, you will not receive any calls, messages, or status updates from the blocked contact because they will not be delivered to you.

Do you know what it means to block Someone on WhatsApp? Or perhaps you’d like to find out if you’ve been blocked on WhatsApp. While WhatsApp is a fantastic way to communicate, the wrong person can sometimes use it to harass you.

No two ticks

When you send a message on WhatsApp for sent, there will be one gray tick, and for delivered, there are two gray ticks. If Someone has their read receipts, the gray ticks will be blue. So when you block Someone, your one gray tick will never be two.

What will they see on their mobile phones?

No profile Photo

Contacts can’t see your profile photo if you block them on WhatsApp. If they try to enlarge the photo area, they will see the message “no profile photo.”

No audio or video Calls

WhatsApp blocks incoming calls (voice or video) from the blocked contact. A blocked connection cannot contact you on WhatsApp unless you unblock them. They can’t make an audio or video call. They will always see the screen calling and not ringing when they call.

Last seen Invisibility

When people open your chat window and look at the Last Seen time, they can see when you last used WhatsApp. By blocking them, WhatsApp users will be unable to see your Last Seen.

Status Invisibility

A blocked contact can never see your status. Therefore, your status will be invisible to them.

Your Bio

A blocked contact cannot see your Bio And about as well.They will see null there when they want to see that.

Let us talk about the group chats

Above all doesn’t apply to group chats. If you have blocked Someone on WhatsApp and you and them share the same WhatsApp group. You both can still receive each other’s messages through the group. This is a drawback.

However, despite the above discussion, there isn’t any direct way, as I previously said. Still, there are ways to find out which are mentioned above. However, there is one method from which it can be confirmed by the other party that you have blocked them. Like all, if these signs are okay, they can think that you might have disabled your account, as after disabling your account, the same things can happen.

So they might consider that you have disabled your account, that’s why your profile is invisible, their messages aren’t delivered to you, etc. If they want to find out that you have blocked them, they need to create another account or can borrow a phone from Someone. And send a message from their phone to you to check out if it is delivered. If your phone is connected to the internet, you can find out instantly that message has been delivered. And this is certain that you have blocked them.

Blocking Someone is very important when it comes to harassment. Sometimes you need to block Someone to avoid harassment.

Perverts and stalkers are increasingly using WhatsApp to harass their targets. Suppose you don’t protect your privacy settings on WhatsApp. In that case, you may receive random video or voice calls from strangers or be added to any random WhatsApp group, which can be out of hand sometimes. Then some save WhatsApp profile pictures or status updates of women to harass them after modifying the images. Here are some WhatsApp settings to avoid perverts like these and stalkers, and other harassers.

WhatsApp Harassers

Avoid WhatsApp calls from unknown persons. When Someone calls you or messages you. Ask them their details. If you find something fishy. Block them right away. If Someone adds you to any group, leave it right away.

Avoid calls other than your country code unless your relatives are living in any other country. Restrict the settings of your profile picture and Bio to only your contacts or trustworthy contacts.


When you block Someone, they can’t find out directly. However, there are ways from which they can find out. WhatsApp protects your privacy. They can send you a message in a group. However, Like common groups, if you guys are sharing some groups. If Someone is harassing you, block them. Make sure your privacy settings are updated. And Someone isn’t using your photos for the wrong purposes.