The Triangle With Circle Inside Meaning

The Triangle With Circle Inside Meaning

The Triangle With Circle Inside Meaning

This is a sign that denotes the Halloween season. The circle represents the resurrection stone, while the triangle stands for the invisibility cloak. What is the Triangle with a circle inside meaning? A circle represents infinity, divine perfection, centering, unity, and feminine energy. It is also a sacred symbol and involves a deeper meaning and connection. Symbolizing a circle within a triangle helps us to see the bigger picture and focus our consciousness. It brings about illumination and unity. This symbol is also a good choice when seeking enlightenment, as it can lead to many different positive benefits.

The Triangle With Circle Inside Meaning


The circle inside a triangle is a common symbol in many ancient texts. This symbol represents divine perfection, encompassing infinity, centering, unity, and feminine energy. It can be associated with many different esoteric movements and beliefs. For example, in the Kabbalah movement, it is said to represent the goddess Binah, an aspect of the Supernal Triad. This symbol can be a powerful tool in raising consciousness and creating illumination.

In Christianity, the Triangle symbolizes the Holy Trinity, the three-dimensional representation of God. The Holy Trinity is comprised of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is also used to represent the Eye of Providence, a trinitarian representation of God. The eye is surrounded by rays of light, indicating that it is all-seeing. It is also used in Paganism as a symbol of the three-dimensional nature of God.

Aside from this symbol’s metaphysical meaning, the Triangle has many other ramifications. A triangle with a circle inside is often a symbol of a strong foundation or power. A triangle is often a precursor of synchronicity in your life. It may also be a spiritual sign, conveying a message from the spiritual world. For example, a dream involving a triangle may represent hidden mysteries, harmony, or transformation.


The Triangle with a circle inside meaning has many interpretations, including the three domains of existence, the divine, and creation. It can also represent the threefold nature of the Divine, as creator, preserver, and destroyer. It can also be symbolic of the human soul, and the circle can represent the spiritual essence of the person. Here are some of the common meanings of the Triangle with a circle inside. Read on to find out what these images mean to you.

In Chinese symbolism, the circle represents sanctity, perfection, and enlightenment. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the circle is a sacred symbol representing the heavens. While other cultures, the circle represents serenity and the unity of mind and body. The Triangle, in turn, represents the Trinity. In the Christian tradition, the Holy Spirit is the third element. And it also represents the threefold nature of man.

Regardless of the religious significance of the Triangle with a circle inside, it is essential to remember the different meanings of these shapes. For instance, the Holy Trinity represents the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In Hinduism, the holy Trinity represents the Divine in its threefold nature, and in Paganism, the triangles represent the mind, body, and spirit. They are symbolic of the past, the present, and the future, which is why they are the ultimate symbol of completion.

The symbolism of the Triangle with a circle inside

The Triangle with a circle inside is a well-known occult symbol that has strong connections with Satanists and Freemasons. While some debunk the symbol’s meaning, others say it represents nothing more than a circle. However, the symbolism of a triangle with a circle inside is not new and has been used for thousands of years. Listed below are some of the most common uses for this symbol.

It is also a common spiritual symbol, representing the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Triangle represents the three distinct parts of our being: spirit, mind, and body. Symbols such as the Triangle with a circle inside are also commonly used by occultists to invoke spirits or as protective rituals for a person’s body. The meaning of a triangle with a circle inside depends on its orientation, but in general, it represents stability and the ability to direct energy.

The equilateral Triangle is one of the oldest shapes and has symbolic meanings in various ancient civilizations. For example, the Egyptians used it to represent a god, which they believed represented a trowel. The Egyptians also interpreted it as a symbol of perfection. Today, a triangle with a circle inside is associated with Satan, the Illuminati’s God, whose name is often attributed to him. A triangle shape of a D or an L imply change and heat.

Symbolism of Shatkona

The Triangle with a circle inside has several symbolic meanings. For Smarta Hindus, the Shatkona symbol represents the union of males and females. This shape has many uses as a magical symbol and a decorative element. It is also referred to as a hexagram, a symbol of two interlocking triangles. It is similar to the Jewish Star of David and is one of the Hindu yantra, a visual representation of the mantras.

A triangle with a circle inside is a sign of feminine energy. It represents the sexual organ of a woman, as well as the supreme source of all creation. Its pointy end represents spiritual aspiration. When the Triangle points upward, it represents the sublimation of nature to higher planes. A downward-pointing triangle is known as a Shakti KONA.

Throughout the ages, people have used the symbol to symbolize things of the sky, earth, and other elements. Many other cultures have also used the hexagram of the Star of David. The Hindus call it the shatkona. The upward Triangle represents Shiva, and the downward Triangle, Shakti, symbolizes Shakti. The Hindus have also used this symbol to represent the union of earth and heaven.

Symbolism of Tetractys

The mystical meaning of the Triangle with a circle inside is layered. The circle, as one of the oldest geometric shapes, represents wholeness and infinity. In ancient Greek culture, the circle was thought to be the perfect form of the cosmos. This symbol is associated with many philosophies, including astrology, theology, and religion. The Masons, however, have adapted this ancient symbol for their use.

In occult symbols, the Triangle with a circle inside represents the Trinity of the Godhead. It represents the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all three of which are present in the one God. In other cultures, the Triangle symbolizes creativity, balance, and the union of the mind and body. The meaning of the Triangle with a circle inside is subjective, however, and there are many interpretations.

The Triangle with a circle inside is also known as the “Thaumaturgic Triangle.” Satanists refer to this symbol as the “Thaumaturgic Circle” or “the Symbol of Creation.” The mythical snake Nehushstan is said to be a bronze serpent and refers to the Ouroboros, an ancient representation of the God of the Illuminati.

The symbolism of Lucis Trust

The Triangle with a circle inside symbolism of Lucius Trust can be deduced from its founders’ name. This trust was founded by Foster and Alice Bailey, who were occultists and were influential on both Adolf Hitler and a young Joseph Stalin. The Lucis Trust also has ties to the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission. However, what exactly does this symbolism mean?

The LUX symbol represents the dividing line between the physical and emotional planes. The Triangle has three sides, with the base of the letters gaping away from the bottom vertex, leaving the letters dangling in the air. The Triangle represents the seven different emotional centers, ranging from the most primitive to the most advanced. It also represents the influence of Christ on Humanity in the Piscean and Aquarian Ages.

Symbols have a spiritual effect on human beings. Lucis Trust understands this and published an “Age Symbol” on its website. The logo includes a symbol designed by Foster Bailey, the late freemason and Alice Bailey’s husband. The Lucis Trust symbol is a white symmetrically-correct cross inside a blue star. It also contains a yellow triangle with a circle inside. The Triangle is surrounded by a blue field and is framed by four gold bars.

The symbolism of Deathly Hallows

The Triangle with a circle inside of Deathly Hallow’s symbol is similar to the thaumaturgic Triangle, a symbol that is used to control a demon. This symbol is similar to the Deathly Hallows symbol in the film adaptation of Harry Potter. The symbolism of a Triangle with a circle inside of Deathly Hallows depends on the orientation of the Triangle. When it is oriented up, it represents a firm foundation.

The three objects in the Hallows are the Elder Wand, invisibility cloak, and Philosopher’s Stone. This symbol is based on the three most essential items in Harry Potter’s world. In addition, it is the letter “A” in Dumbledore’s signature. It is also a pendant on Xeno Lovegood’s necklace. In The Tale of the Three Brothers, the symbol is also used to refer to the three magical items in the halls: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility.

The Triangle in the center of the Deathly Hallows cloak represents Death. Common invisibility cloaks fade with age and can be destroyed. On the other hand, the Deathly Hallows cloak is indestructible and remains perfect through the centuries. He acquired Harry Potter’s deathly hallows cloak as an heirloom. Another symbol of the Deathly Hallows is the Resurrection Stone, a magical ring that can bring the dead back to life.