The Funniest Far Side Cartoons of All Time

The Funniest Far Side Cartoons of All Time

The Funniest Far Side Cartoons of All Time

If you’ve ever read a Far Side comic book, you know how hilarious it is, but do you know the rest of the series? The far side of comic books is a whole other world, though. You can find comics with a snake pirate, a disembodied eyeball, elephants, ducks, and elephants yelling “Chicken!” in their mouths.

Comics featuring a snake pirate

Comics involving a snake pirate are not uncommon. They often depict a pirate with a peg body and one eye, literally a head on a single, tall peg. The pirates’ escapades are often set in deserts, featuring several strips featuring lost wanderers and local wildlife. The infamous snake pirate’s afterlife has long been a popular topic in comics.

Comics featuring a disembodied eyeball

Gary Larson’s single-panel comic The Far Side is a classic satirical cartoon that ran from December 31, 1979, to January 1, 1995. The strip featured talking animals, cows, and various stock settings. Larson’s witty, nerdy humor often focused on the natural world. His most famous cartoons included a disembodied eyeball.

Larson criticized the Freudian couch as cliche and feared it would break his readers’ suspension of disbelief. The comic strip featured a disembodied eyeball that was nearly undetectable in the newspaper version of the comic. Despite Larson’s efforts, most people would miss the cartoon, thinking it was a button on the couch. After the comic strip controversy, Larson briefly defended the cartoon and acknowledged that he should have chosen something a little more original.

Another comic strip features a dragon, which has appeared in many cartoons. Some of these strips include dragons that use matches to set sneezes on fire. Another comic strip features a dragoness who scolds her husband for eating in bed and leaving leftovers on the sheets. The “Ass In a Lion Skin” comic strip also features a lion in a hooded cardboard hood.

The best far side cartoons also feature a disembodied eyeball. One of the funniest cartoons in the history of comics is the black comedy pet death. It features a black comedy cartoon caption that mocks the cartoonist. The other far side cartoon involves a flock of ducks calling “Chicken!” and then ducking out of the way of a rooster.

Some comics are so far out that they would never have made it into print. One example of this is the infamous snake pirate. He has only one eye and a Peabody, literally a head on a single, tall peg. Another far side comic strip shows a human carrying a rifle and an anthropomorphic animal in a sling. Another far side comic features a crocodile housekeeper with emotional scars.

Comics featuring elephants

The funny far side comic strip of Gary Larson’s The Far Side is a popular one-panel comic. The comic strips are notorious for their wacky sense of humor. In its early days, the far side comic strip was right up there with Calvin and Hobbes as the newspaper comic with the most passionate following. But the Far Side has now gone online and has a dedicated fan base.

Elephants are often the target of animal-based comic strips. For example, in “Cape Buffalo Fear,” we see a cartoon about a movie that uses the animal as the villain. This play on the animal, coupled with the movie’s revenge tendency, makes the cartoon funnier. In this strip, Elmuh Fudd Syndrome appears and confronts a man who has shot at them.

Larson’s cartoon also made headlines in 1982 for its controversial depiction of cows. Larson poked fun at an outdated anthropological belief that cows can build low-tech gadgets. As a result, Larson received several letters and phone calls from confused readers. He was eventually asked to write a press release to explain his cartoon and its underlying message. Ultimately, he made it work.

Larson did not have The Far Side when he submitted his first sample to the newspaper in 1979. Still, the San Francisco Chronicle decision-makers were confident enough in his work to publish the comic strip. The advertisement even had six samples that Larson had submitted himself. While the San Francisco Chronicle has not yet published a new comic strip in the same time frame, you can still subscribe to the Chronicle’s flagship news podcast, The Far Side.

Larson’s comics often incorporate popular religious metaphors and ideas. For example, Larson’s cartoons frequently depict the wolf in sheep’s clothing. In addition to the wolf, Larson frequently depicts various stock settings, including heaven and hell. Furthermore, the comic is often based on a Christian story or teaching. This makes it particularly popular among cartoon readers. So, if you’re not a Christian, you might not want to miss this comic.

Comics featuring ducks yelling “Chicken!”

Suppose you’re a fan of the far side. In that case, you’ll likely recognize a couple of cartoons about ducks yelling “Chicker!” and the resulting drama. A rooster clears his throat and shouts, “WAKE UP, FELLAS!” before bursting out of his henhouse.

The ducklings jive out of the henhouse, sucking up the rooster’s attention and waking up to the call of their ‘cheese!’ The relationship between the two animals fails.